Starlight and Dewdrops Chapter 1: The Concert

Ava was walking through the crowded music festival alone. Well, alone isn't exactly the word to describe it. People she didn't know were pushed up against her on all sides as she tried to walk through the crowded area. Ava knew why it was so busy. The Plaid Pandas were coming. Whoop-de-doo. The frown on her face and the sarcastic voice in her head had nothing to with any dislike she may have for the band. Quite the opposite really. She was unable to get tickets because she was flat broke. Her college savings, a whopping five hundred dollars, was locked up in a bank that she was unable to use. Besides that, she had a whole ten dollars to her name.

Needless to say, she was slightly less than happy as she waded through the ocean of people surrounding her. She finally reached her destination, The Head Trauma concert. She knew she shouldn't be unhappy with this band. Although it wasn't the Plaid Panda's, the chance to see the Head Trauma concert was amazing and she was lucky enough to be able force her way up so that she was actually, decently close to the band.

They started their first song and all of her thoughts of her missed shot at seeing the Plaid Pandas was taken from her mind. About thirty minutes into the concert and the lead singer dedicated a song to Midwestern Girls.

"This song goes out to the girls here today. Because Midwestern girls are hip!" She screamed and jumped like her life depended on it. This song is dedicated to me! I'm a Midwestern girl! They started singing one of her favorite songs. She sang along, of course. At the end of the concert the drummer threw his drumsticks and she was so close to getting one she could almost feel it. Then the guitar player comes to center stage and she could've sworn he purposely threw it right to her because the pick landed right in her hand. They said goodnight and walked off stage but Ava was still floating on the after concert, post-catching-the-guitar-players-pick, high.

She walked to the exit, humming her favorite song and smiling. Right before the exit she saw another band playing. The music sounded familiar so she headed over. The closer she got, the more she saw what was going on. Across the concert grounds, were middle-aged women dancing on tables. That wasn't the worst part, she saw one woman in particular that made her fall into a fit of giggles. Her best friends mom was shaking her groove thing up on a table. Poor Lynn.

She headed to the back exit, shaking her head on the way. She had to get out and walk about a block to the shuttle waiting area. This was the transportation in small part, for the unemployed high school students whose parents couldn't afford to buy them cars. But it was mainly for the people who knew they were going to consume too much alcohol for them to be driving home on their own. Tonight, she didn't notice a single drunk person. At first she assumed she was too happy to notice anyone like that but then, as she looked around, she gets a bad feeling.

No one is there. Uh-oh, did I miss the last bus? She was about to pull out her cell phone when she saw some gates being opened in the back and a huge, shiny tour bus pulling out. She glanced to her right and noticed a large traffic jam by the back exit. Some of the people too drunk to be driving decided not to jump on the shuttle and instead chose to drive there. Two in particular got into a fender bender and were holding up traffic. She couldn't help but chuckle as she saw the huge tour bus waiting. Poor famous rock stars, can't leave yet. They sat there for about a minute while she tried to figure out who's bus it was, when all of a sudden she noticed a familiar boy walk up to the front of the bus.

Her jaw drops open immediately. There, talking to the bus driver not even twenty feet away from her was William Lewis, the lead singer. He had been on her top ten singers list since they were just a little indie band from Chicago. He had long, black hair, dark skin, and big dark eyes. She tried to control herself, no one likes a fangirl after all, but apparently she wasn't the only one who saw him. Swarms of fangirls poured out from vehicles in front of said bus. They knocked on the side of the bus, yelling for autographs. In all there were probably about forty five young girls and one, rather tall, teenage boy there wearing a Plaid Pandas shirt. This was the back exit, so it was surprising how many people spotted them in the dark like that.

They, being the upstanding gentleman they are, came out of the bus and signed autographs for every person there. She debated on whether or not to go over. She had no paper or even a pen. All she had was her sharpie which she carried everywhere. She was debating on whether or not to ask them to sign her shirt when she heard someone say "Hey you!" rather loudly. She glanced up from her feet to see no other than Craig Lane, the drummer, smirking at her. Fifty percent of the female population was in love with this man, and it was rather easy to tell why. He was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. His short dark hair was always disheveled and he had dark, piercing brown eyes.

She makes sure to wipe any betraying emotions off her face before calling back "Yes?"

"Want an autographed picture?" He asks, holding up a picture of his band mates and him. It takes some serious control to walk over and say "Are you famous or something?"

He splutters, and him and the other two guys gawk at her open-mouthed. Not used to being turned down Mr. Lane? "We played at the ampitheatre tonight." William replies.

"Oh really? Thats must've been awesome!" Ava smiles. After looking at them innocently for about thirty seconds She brakes down laughing. "I'm sorry. It's just you guys look so surprised that I didn't know who you are." She says, still giggling.

"So you do know who we are?" Nick Lior, the lead guitarist, asks. He has always been her favorite band member. His curly, light brown hair and soul searching blue eyes coupled with his amazing guitar playing have created a slight school girl crush she has yet to get over.

"Yep, most people know who the Head Traumas are." They look at her odd and she sees William opening his mouth to correct her before she collapses into giggles once again. "I'm sorry. I couldn't resist." She says, trying to catch her breath. "I had way too much Mountain Dew." She catches her breath and holds her hand out. "It's very nice to meet the Plaid Pandas in person."

"Did you see our concert tonight?" William asked, while trying to sign the picture. Apparantly he carries around a stack of photos in case this happened, but he doesn't sign them in advance and his felt-tipped pen appeared to be out of service.
Ava holds out her trusty sharpie and says "Nah, you guys charge too much. I saw the Head Trauma concert. Thats probably why they were the first band I thought of when I was joking around earlier."

He smiles at her when he takes the marker and she can't help but blush. He's so cute.

Lawrence Wert, the final member of the band and the bass guitarist, is obviously not used to people complaining of high ticket prices so he says some kind of apology. His blue eyes, blonde hair, and his height, over 6 feet, made him stand out from the rest of the band.

"It's fine." She smiles at him. They all sign the picture and they say that it was nice meeting her. They are headed back into the bus when she remembers her problem. "Shoot!"

She quickly pulled out her cellphone and dialed Lynn's number. "Come on. Pick up. Pick up the phone Lynn." She said under her breath, as the phone rings in her ear.

"Hello, this is Lynn. I'm out right now having fun without you. Leave a message after the beep."

"Dang you!" She said, closing the phone and sitting down on the ground in a huff. What should I do now?

She looked up and noticed Nick's head poking out of the bus window. "Whats wrong?" He yelled to her.

"Nothing!" She yelled back. Really, what could they do? I can't expect them to drive me to my house, this isn't a fanfiction after all.