Too Many Masks

I could feel the pulse

Could feel the blood circulating purposefully

I wish I could make it stop

Not so that I could die

Far from it

I wanted silence

Quiet peacefulness

I wanted escape

Escape from bright colors

From my loud pulse

From the delusional mask of pleasantries

No one really was like how they acted

It is just a cover from the burning pain

Underneath the mask

The story was different

Kind of like me

Masks cover my expressions

Masks make it impossible for me

To show my true colors

Masks make it impossible for me to discern

Friend or Enemy?

Too many masks

Shroud the world in darkness

Then again,

Why do I care?

Darkness is peaceful

There are no shadows to spook you

To intimidate you

You are strong in the darkness

Oh, that's right

Masks hide your true self

Too many masks