Inspired by Graham Colton's Whatever Breaks My Heart.

The radio is killing me, singing all our melodies, why did we say goodbye?

I miss you.
I miss you.
I miss you.

The thought drills deeper and deeper into your head. You can't get rid of it. It's like a parasite, slowly eating away at your sanity, waiting for you to crack.

You can still feel his breath against your ear as he told you that he was leaving you. You can still taste him against your lips as you gave him a parting kiss. The sight of his disgusted face is permanently etched on your eyelids. You can't release this memory.

You flip on the radio, hoping to calm down. Music has always calmed you down before. Music was your only love before him.

Even your first love betrays you. The sweet release, the drug-like high that music gives you, turns bitter on your tongue, as you recognize the familiar beats, the hypnotic chords. This was your song. The song that played when he first held you in his arms. The song you left on repeat when you couldn't stop thinking about him.

The irony pounds through your veins with each heartbeat as you fervently wish you could forget him, but the music brings him back clearer than before.

You throw back your head and scream in time with the pulsating rhythm, in a heartrending symphony that liberates all emotions at the same time.

And when you're out of breath, you're out of time.

All that's left is your hollow shell. Empty.

Dunno. I've been in a weird mood lately. Like, super emotional and numb at the same time. Anyway, review please!