Prologue—My Story

When I was a child there was one story that always made my smile at Christmas. It was the story of the Nutcracker, that brave wooden soldier who with the help of Clara, managed to defeat the mouse king. Little did I know that that was nothing but a story, a faerie tale made up long ago and it was nothing compared to what happened to me. In my story there was no godfather Drosslemeyer. There was no Land of the Dolls, and certainly no mouse-king. But there were mice and faeries and me, Clara Daniels. There also was a Nutcracker and a whole other world that no one knew about. And perhaps, most importantly, there was a love story there that was more powerful than Romeo and Juliet, or Tristan and Isolde. It is my story. I would not give it up for anything…

Author's Note: I've always wanted to write a Nutcraker story. Like my main character it is my most favourite story of the Christmas season. But unlike other versions I wanted to change it, and update it. And thus this story was born. I started writing it after Christmas 07 but never finished it. This year I dragged it from the bowels of my computer files and have spruced it up. I do hope that you enjoy this modernized version of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King I know that I have enjoyed writing it.

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