The Underground. Where humanity moved after the climate crisis. No, not the one where the polar bears were dying, glaciers were melting, and the world got flooded. The second one. After the End of the Beginning, humans were transported to Mars, where an artificial atmosphere was created to sustain life. But then we screwed up that planet, too, and with nowhere else to go, the only option was down. After months of planning and years of digging, humanity managed to survive in the depths of the Second Earth. Life went on as usual, except for one strange side effect: radiation from the planet's core seeped into our bodies, and the Souls Era began. You see, in our world, the future isn't as far away as it seems. The radiation went down to our very essences, and now our Souls are forever cast in front of us, acting as a sort of fast-forward, performing our actions before we decide them. Fate isn't an option anymore. The only downside is that we can't see our own Souls, only that of our Soulmate. Dating doesn't exist in the Underground, for the one you are meant to be with eternally is the soul that you can see. When you find your Soulmate, your futures become entwined, and you can see each others' and your Souls. It seems like a pretty sweet gig, right? Not when your Soul is stuck Above.