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Mr Milton's Monday afternoon senior study class was meant to be studying; but no one was bothered with even keeping up the façade of studying. While the guys were goofing off, the girls' attentions were focused solely on the gossip magazine, Insider, which featured the year's favourite hot topic; twenty one year old Hollywood heartthrob Rhys Manning, his face gracing the cover of every magazine as publicity for his new movie "Double Life" grew.

Savannah Lorraine Miller was the only girl in the class not analysing the article and interview in the magazine; the only person in the class who was actually studying. Her copy of the magazine was between her History and French textbooks, long forgotten as she continued to translate French texts. Giving up, she leant back in her chair and sighed; running her hands through her long wavy auburn hair.
"He refuses to confirm or deny reports he is currently dating co-star Eva Lee." School 'Queen' Nichole Green whispered; reading the article out loud. "And look, he grew up here and still calls it home. I didn't know that."
Cedar, Los Angeles which is where Savannah called home was a small town about twenty minutes outside of Hollywood. It was a town that managed to escape most celebrity hype; unless you were a girl at Cedar Senior High School.

Savannah scoffed at the trivial interests of her classmates and went back to her week. Nichole and her shadow LeAnnah James glared at her before continuing their discussion. To them, Savannah was a beautiful girl, one of the most beautiful girls in the school, but she wasn't competition for them. She was no one to them. The girl didn't socialise and kept everything in her life a secret. Despite living in Cedar for eighteen years the only thing anyone really knew about her was that her parents went through a nasty divorce while they were in elementary school.

The tinny PA system crackles and no one paid attention.
"Sa…Savannah Miller, you have…uh…a visitor." The normally straight laced receptionist Mrs. Egan actually sounded flustered. Everybody in the class turned to stare at Savannah. No one was allowed visitors at school, so it had to be something pretty important for Mrs. Egan to announce it. Savannah threw all her books in the bag and left the room aware that all eyes were watching her with curiosity. As she walked through the open halls of the school towards reception a small smile formed across her cherry red lips. As she got closer to the office she broke out in a slight jog. There was only one person she knew who could make Mrs. Egan flustered. She pushed open the doors at a run and jumped into the arms of the waiting man who didn't miss a single beat in catching her without falling himself.
"Hey baby." He laughed as she kissed him excitedly.
While Nichole Green and LeAnnah James were whispering about Rhys Manning in study class she was kissing him and had him calling her baby.

Rhys led her out of the office to the waiting SUV just outside. They both climbed into the backseat as Rhys's bodyguard Adam drove away. Now that they were sitting down, Savannah could properly look at the face that was plastered over every magazine. The one she hadn't seen for the better half of the last month.
His piercing blue eyes had dark bags beneath them and there was stubble growing across his jaw line. She glanced into the storage behind them to confirm her suspicions. His two suitcases were still there.
"Rhys." She scolded at him lightly. "Please tell me you didn't just come from the airport." He had been in Europe for the last three weeks on a promotional tour. He avoided the question by kissing her neck softly.
"I haven't seen my beautiful, sexy girlfriend in three weeks." He kissed her again, hitting all the right spots. "So I'm sorry if I came straight off the plane."
A small moan emitted from Savannah's lips. How could she possibly be mad when he was kissing her like that?
Pulling up in the garage of their gated home, the car had barely stopped before Rhys was carrying Savannah up the staircase towards the master bedroom.

Later that evening, the two of them were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie which neither of them could actually name nor tell what was going on. While Rhys was playing with a few strands of Savannah's hair; Savannah was trailing a finger across his perfectly sculptured chest.
"Rhys?" Savannah's voice was quiet. She had never been insecure until she started dating Rhys and she hated it.
"Yeah baby?"
"You and Eva Lee didn't do anything in Europe…did you?" She could barely look at him in the eyes; letting the tabloids get to her was depressing.
He chuckled lightly before lifting her face up so he could see her.
"Of course I didn't you silly girl." He kissed her lips reassuringly. "We were so busy on that tour that any spare time was spent sleeping or missing you." Savannah smiled but it didn't quite reach all the ways to her emerald green eyes. She hated it when she doubted Rhys; when it looked like she didn't trust him.

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