Savannah had taken refuge in the kitchen under the guise of cleaning the mountain of dishes that had eventuated from the very eventful Manning Family dinner.
"See, we're still alive." Rhys's muscular arms wrapped around her waist; she breathed in his signature scent and relaxed into his chest, his statement was a gross understatement.
"You owe me." She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. "So much."
They were still standing like that when Grandmother Russo entered the room; the two of them let go of their embrace and jumped apart from each other as if they'd been kids who were caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
"Rhys Anthony. I need to speak with you. Alone." The woman was definitely not one to beat around the bush.
"Of course Grandma, we'll go to my study." He led the elderly woman out, and as they left Savannah expelled a breath of air that she hadn't even been aware that she was holding.

"Your family is impossible." Savannah was getting ready for bed that night when Rhys emerged from the bathroom with only a while towel to cover the lower part of his perfectly toned abdomen; his hair was glistening from recently being washed.
He chuckled; she looked cute in her white cotton tank top and grey shorts that she'd chosen to wear since his mother and grandmother moved in.
"What have they done this time?" Savannah flung herself into bed as she watched Rhys get dressed for bed.
"No matter what I do they just choose to believe those stupid magazines. They don't even listen to you."
"That's not entirely true." He sat down next to her slightly amused. "That's just my mum, grandmother and sister."
Savannah rested her head on Rhys's shoulder letting her auburn curls fall over his shoulder and the scent of her strawberry shampoo inhale up his nose.
Together, they sat there in silence as the sound of his grandmother's raspy snores filled the second floor of the house.

Savannah could not unfortunately avoid returning to the hell of school, even if it was just to arrange for her departure and on Wednesday when it came to a choice of unforgiving, cruel teenagers or the unforgiving, cruel Russo/Manning women, she chose the teenagers.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" Rhys had been unwilling to let her out of his sight that morning so as a compromise Adam was by her side and he looked so menacing with the bulge on the side of his pants that was with out a doubt a gun that no one, not even the few remaining paparazzi approached them as they walked to the front office.
"It was either this, or I stay at home." He had met the Manning Family; he knew exactly what she was talking about.
"Miss Miller." One of the younger receptionists was there today; she blushed visibly obviously she had read the magazines.
They were only there an hour, but by the time Savannah left the school grounds for the last time ever, Adam shielding the younger girl from the photo camera lenses she felt like it had been an hour too long.

Driving up the long tree lined driveway to the house that was invisible from the front gate, Savannah was surprised to find Rhys sitting on the front steps, an unlit cigarette in his hands; Savannah's normally kind emerald green eyes darkened and narrowed at this sight.
"Rhys Anthony, tell me you're not smoking again." He had started smoking when his second last movie was being filmed to deal with the stress but he had told his infuriated girlfriend that he would quit; he now jumped at the use of the two names by the one person he'd believe to never use them.
"I was thinking about it." He admitted guiltily throwing it away into the bushes. "Now that you're back though..."
She sat down next to him, knowing full well why they weren't heading inside. His Grandmother could be heard through her heavy wood front doors.
"You and I are going out tonight." Rhys suddenly announced, cutting through the relative silence. "I need to get out of this house and you're my girlfriend." He kissed her cheek softly despite the anger evident in his voice from their unwanted guests. "After two years I should be able to take you out on one fucking normal date." Savannah nodded giddily as she kissed him back, thrilled that she was getting a proper belated first date.

Savannah could feel eyes and camera lenses focused on her and Rhys as they sat in a local restaurant eating their dinner.
"Just ignore them." Rhys took a large swig of his beer, uncharacteristically, his second one for that night. Savannah reached out across the table and took his hand, suddenly very self aware of her red silk dress and appearance.
"I know where I want to go." She smiled cheekily at him, with a glint in her eye. She wanted to get rid of the cameras for her real first date and she knew it wouldn't' be that hard to lose them.

Savannah was sitting at the beach watching the black clouds rolling in from across the horizon. The weather announcer on the radio had told everybody that a large storm was rolling in and to stay inside and to secure anything loose outside.
She had been intending to stay inside and read a book with a nice cup of hot chocolate while listening to the storm outside; but that idea was ruined now. Her mother had to ruin it though didn't she; her mother came home at six in the evening when Savannah was on the phone with her friend Lylianna who had moved across the state a couple of months before.
She had been so deep in thought remembering her drunk mother and the many nights she could spend with Lylianna and her family before they'd moved, that she didn't realise that it had started to rain; big droplets of water falling on her and soaking her jeans and hoodie.
She cursed herself; great now she was wet. She thought about moving to shelter or even returning home, but then that again brought up thoughts of a drunken mother.

"Do you need help?" Savannah looked up, she hadn't even realised she was crying until she did and now believed she looked like a complete basket case.
"I'm fine." She sniffled burying her face into her knees. She didn't want to deal with some egotistical jerk even if he had a nice large black umbrella that could easily shield both of them.
"You don't look fine." He sat down in the wet sand next to her; she didn't bother replying to him.
"Do you want me to take you home?" She scoffed at his offer.
"Do you want to come home with me and have a nice warm shower?" She had been taught to distrust guys who offered her a ride, but right now anywhere was better than her house.
"Sure." She took his hand smiling softly.

"I remember this." Rhys grabbed her up in a hug; they had successfully ditched the paparazzi and were now standing on the edge of the beach where the grass met the sand.
"It was raining and I looked a mess." Savannah reminisced with him, "And you for some reason decided to talk to the crazy crying girl who was sitting at the beach in the storm."
Rhys sat down into the sand and pulled Savannah in with him, together they sat there in silence staring out at the black horizon.
"Savannah?" Rhys's was kissing Savannah's neck softly.
"Yeah?" She wasn't paying attention; daydreaming off in the horizon.
"Marry me."
She froze; for a second she thought she had imagined him saying that; but then she twisted to face him and saw that he was watching her, waiting for answer.
"I want you to be my wife so much." His eyes glistened even in the dark; he fished one of his hands through his pants pockets and came out with a diamond ring. Taking her left hand he swiftly slid it onto her finger; kissing the skin just above it.
"It's a perfect fit."


The house was dark when Savannah and Rhys pulled up after their date; it was late at night as they'd spent a lot of time just sitting and talking at the beach, and now they assumed that Vittoria and Grandmother Russo had gone to sleep.
"Sshh." Savannah giggled as they made their way up the staircase. "You're gonna wake them."
"Wake who?" Someone, who was definitely not Rhys, answered. Savannah screamed, she couldn't help it and out of nowhere a weak beam of light originating from a torch appeared at the top of the staircase where Vittoria was standing wrapped up in her thick blue dressing gown.
"It's midnight." She scolded them. "It really is an inappropriate time to be returning home."
Savannah hid her left hand behind her back so the light didn't reflect off the diamond; the last thing she wanted was Vittoria's opinion at this time of night.
"Mother; this is my house." Rhys was reminding her. "You and Grandmother Russo are guests, can you please remember that." Losing his temper at his mother would not do anyone any good; in response Vittoria allowed them to go past into their bedroom without a single comment escaping her lips.

Savannah Lorraine Miller, the eighteen year old girl that has seemingly captured twenty one year old Rhys Manning's heart has finally been spotted out and about in her home town of Cedar, Los Angeles with her boyfriend actor.
Dining at Nicholson's; a local restaurant, she appeared at ease while normally composed Manning seemed very tense.
A public statement released by his rep the following day revealed that that night Manning proposed to Miller who is four and a half months pregnant with the couple's first child.