Someday Never Comes Unless You Start Now

Students, like us, dream of what we want to be when we grow up. An engineer, a teacher or a doctor, perhaps, whatever we want to be, we need to work hard for it. Ask your parents, if they just wished to be in the positions they are now, a well-known doctor or president of a company? No, they are not. They worked hard to be what they are today; they went through college and took post graduate degrees. They strove hard to get their dreams. "Someday" is like that.

It is something like a dream you desire. It's a wish you'd like to happen, a desire or it goal for yourself. Whatever it is, you need to work for it. Desire and goal are two different things. Desire is when you want something and goal is a desire you are working hard to get. The inventors, who created the light bulb or television, might have never invented them if they just sat around and wished that someday, someone might make something to improve their lives. No, they did the exact opposite. They dreamt of something to improve their lives and worked hard to get it. People might have laughed at them because of their crazy ideas but they did it just the same.

The freedom of our country might have never been, if our heroes just wished for someone to give us our freedom. They worked for it and finally got it. Someday will never come to you. You need to go and get it. Someday will never come if you won't do your best. So, work hard and do your best and you best will be rewarded. You can count on that.