A parent's love is never ending.

An unspoken and spoken love that will always be there.

In good times and bad times, through thick and thin.

Friendships may come and go but family will always be by your side.

A parent's love can't ever be measured.

The love of a mother as she holds the newborn in her arms.

The father's pride as the child speaks for the first time, and falls into his arms as the short legs take their first step.

The joy they feel as the young child they once knew grows into a young adult.

Yet, memories of the child that always came to them for comfort will always be there.

Proud and tall the father will sit as his pride and joy walks through the stage to the sound of the graduation song a diploma in hand.

Tears of joy as the priest calls for the groom to kiss the bride.

Love and warmth illuminates their faces as they cradle their newborn grandchild.

Even in death, their hearts will and shall always be full of love.

A parent's love is and will always remain true.

Now and forever. Forever till the end.