A/n: My first crack at a Cento, which means there are lines in here that were not originally mine. Try and guess where they're from! Or, if you like to cheat, they're at the bottom of the yes, I did borrow a bit from Lewis Carrol or whatever his real name was, but nothing literally from him. So that's more of an allusion. Anyhoo, enjoy.

Inside the Looking Glass

Mirror, Mirror,
Tell me your tale,
of all you have espied
In your limited omnipotence
You "eye of a little god,"
Whatever you see,
Is "swallowed immediately".
Imagine of the ages you could tell,
"Had we but world enough and time"
Of faint lover's sighs and age's motion,
Blighting wrinkles, coursing tears,
And the dulling of her bright eyes.
And "Coyotes' hysterical chatter far away."

Silent witness on the wall,
You see her at the start of each new day,
"Daring to go out and
disturb the universe."
In you, "she has drowned a young girl,"
And in you,
"an old woman rises up, day by day,"
Each morning, a little more of her
slips away
Into your silver screen.
Into Wonderland where such youth belongs.

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock- T.S Elliot
To His Coy Mistress- Andrew Marvell
Mirror- Sylvia Plath
Lust- Susan Mirot