Doing the same things every day

Wondering if it has to be this way

Everything repeats over and over once more

Can't help but longing for something more

Day turns to night and night turns to day

My mind is sure I can no longer stay

The world keeps on spinning round and round

It's time I got off of the ground

Won't be stuck in the same routine

Hidden no longer its time I was seen

Got to break free got to leave now

No time to question when or how

Who will I be where will I go

Only one thing I truly know

This life is not meant for me

I have to choose my own destiny

Running and flying away from here

Fleeing my sorrow rage and fear

Leaving all my doubts behind

The world is waiting who knows what I'll find

My life is ripped apart at the seam

Leaving conformity to follow a dream

Can hesitate no longer for freedom is mine

It's time to soar it's time to shine