Two roads. Three options. One choice. That's all that's left. Two roads. Three options. One choice.

Two roads. One leads to a happiness I cannot begin to imagine. It leads to a place where nothing can go wrong, where all is well. That road leads to the place I've been trying to find for so long now. That place is the somewhere I've been looking for all my life.

The other road leads to my own destruction. Turmoil, unhappiness, and pain lie down that road. Unimaginable suffering. Lost love. Broken hearts. No friends. Emptiness. Eternal solitude. That's all that waits down that road.

The only problem is this: I don't know which road leads where.

Three options. Go down the road that leads me to the greatest happiness I could wish for. Go down the road that leads to suffering and a living hell for my body and soul. Or go back, leaving everything as it is and doing nothing to change anything. I could do any of them, but I wish for change, so I cannot take that final option into consideration. I would take the road that leads to the happiness, if only I knew which of the two it was. They are identical unmarked paths, each as welcoming as can be. I have little idea of how I can decide.

One choice. Once choice determines my fate. Eternal solitude, or eternal love. Those are the stakes for this one choice. If I should choose wrong, I will be led to the hell. Should I choose correctly, I will be led on to love.

Or is it the other way around? I need to choose which is actually better for me: Being alone? Or being tied to a single anchor, unable to leave. Unable to drift away like my spirit demands that I do.

Two roads. Three options. One choice.

I've made my choice.

I just don't know if it's the right one.

I will never know.


a/n: another monologue. is it okay? i'm starting to debate now on which monologue i should do for the fall auditions next year and which i should do for our competition. any ideas? leave a comment in your review on which monologue, Fade to Black or this one, Three, Two, One, is the more likely to get me into my senior fall play. remember that it'll be my last chance to act in high school, and i need the best chance possible to get in. tell me what you think of this monologue and which one i should audition for my most important role with if you review. thanks all!