Frog's T-rated m/m One-shots

The Substitute

Robert is only taking Jack out because Kendra flaked on him, isn't he?

"Jack blushed again. He peeked over at his date. Robert was smiling. Maybe even a little smugly. As if Jack was not the substitute, but the one he really wanted on his arm."


Bazyli, as the mayor's son, gets whatever he wants. And right now he wants that handsome mercenary.

"Haakon sat against the smithy door, his head in his hands. He was still covered in blood, even all this time later."

Reciprocal Love

I love you. Please talk to me. Please forgive me.

"I want you forever, as long as I draw breath, as long as my heart beats, as long as I live."


I have a special reason for taking by break at 2:30, and it isn't the coffee.

"Sometimes his undershirt lifts high enough to expose his smooth, white stomach before gravity, too quickly, hides what may be a belly button ring."


Cody needs help getting his sister to her school concert. Armen — Mr. Andrade will help, won't he?

He changed enough that Cody noticed. Even though no one else seemed to. He invited Cody over whenever Cassie came to visit. He talked to Cody as if he were an equal, as if he were an adult. He asked Cody to call him Armen. He couldn't have meant anything by it. He was simply being polite to a grieving child, but… that's not how it felt.

Behind the Closed Door

While hanging out with his friend after Alex's latest breakup, Julian gets talked into telling a story, which get's away from him quickly. Alex calls him My Jul. You'd think he'd realize how Alex felt about him by now.

Vision, or A Thousand Years in Paradise

Vishtani had visions of a beautiful land and a wonderful lover, but sometimes giving in to what you desperately want is not the best way. "The night always ended the same, Vishtani filled with exhaustion, falling to sleep against his lover's chest, before he woke cold and stiff on the shrine's dirt floor.

"The cold marble beneath Vishtani's knees faded, replaced by warm grass beneath his legs and back. The sun was low in the sky, filling the world with oranges, pinks, and yellows. And the man came up the hill towards him. The familiar man, who had even seemed familiar in Vishtani's first vision, when he was just a child."

Love Thine Enemy

A prince is being seduced by a man who is out to destroy the country. He knows this, yet he can not control his thoughts and feeling. It started with looks and innocent brushes of the hand, but now it's kisses and hands against his chest.

"I let him in and allow my tongue to be sucked into his mouth. Allow? Who am I fooling? Not even myself. I can't get enough of him, the way he tastes, the way he smells, the way his fingers glide across me and his body presses against me and his tongue within me."

Not Even a Sidekick

Gavin can't do anything. At least his sibling seem to think that. But maybe he can win a Mage for their Quest. Maybe he's the only one who can.

The Mage laughed and stood up. "You don't believe me. Come in and I'll show you; Cappellians are the best lovers in the world."

The King's Companion, part 1

I thought watching over my prince as enough. It wasn't.

I tucked Elnathan into his bed and stepped into my assigned corner. Elnathan lay so still in the sheets that I feared he had followed his father. I touched his cheek and his fingers clenched around my arm. He needed me, not just as a guard to watch over his room, but as a body to warm his bed. He needed me and I knew what I wanted. I wanted to hold him, to comfort him, to take him in my arms and never let him go.

The King's Companion, part 2

I would lay any plans, do anything to keep Henrik beside me. If only he'd notice.

Henrik is a rock. He is the boulder that sailors grasp during storms. He is the stone I cling to, my foundation. I was a puddle of water before I met him. He is the pitcher that molds me into the perfect shape. Since the day my father brought him home to me I have loved Henrik, loved him with the fierceness and determination that only a neglected child can. I didn't know what love was then. I only knew that without him I was nothing.


A hermit scholar's journal after he opens the door one night and turns around to find a handsome, blood-covered gentleman among his bedclothes.

Robin woke me with a breath against my neck. My body reacted before I knew what I was about, hardening as if I was a youth. He laughed stroking my cheek. I bristled and pulled away.


Take your chances because life is short and so is this story.

Running Together

Vic and Luke are finally almost really dating. When Vic is up for the weekend, so Luke is going to make good use of their short time together.

He brushed his fingers against Vic's. "I missed you."

"And I you." Vic turned his hand palm up. "All day and every night."

Moving in

The guys help Vic move into his new place (Rick's old place). Now that Luke is eighteen, he's ready, willing, and able to spend the night.

Vic liked his friends, and he was very grateful for their help today, but all these couple causally touching and kissing each other only made Vic more aware that they had a five year head start. How soon would Luke react to Vic so easily, now that Luke was finally eighteen?

Too May Mattresses

A retelling of The Princess and the Pea.

Bohdan's mother gave a little smile. "In Devadarshan, Rana is the child of the king, which you would know if you had paid attention while we were at court. A party from Devadarshan were due to arrive just after we left. They have come to marry a daughter to one of King Reinhart's sons." Her eyes sparkled. "Anala must be one of those princesses. If she is, court life, here we come."

Starting Over

The man who walked out on Scott, walks back in on him just as suddenly.

Kalle stood on the doorstep, beautiful as ever. His hair was still white blond and his skin sun-kissed. His muscles ripped as he adjusted his bag over one arm. The years since they'd been together hadn't left their mark on Kalle although they'd torn Scott apart.

Royal Wedding

Eurwyn understand men, but women like Princess Chasina are a mystery. Luckily Bevan has a plan.

"Now," Princess Chasina stroked her fan across her ample cleavage. "We have shared gossip, talked trade, and have a treaty of sorts. Gentlemen," she paused dramatically, "all we are missing is a wedding."

A New Day

Nathan wakes up from from where his was born, but in the first place that feels like home.

Logan was what Nathan had always wanted to be. He pranced around and giggle instead of laughed and he spoke almost like singing and waved his hands and had all those gestures that Nathan had been teased for.

And he smiled at Nathan like he was the best thing ever.

— Claimed

Moved to Along the Silk Road, so it could be next to its part two

War Bride

Raziel's mother gets a visitor that might change Raziel's life forever.

Talitha doesn't mind getting mud on her clothes or dirt in her hair. She's the prefect daughter, everyone agrees, because she can do a man's job, or as much as anyone her age can, but no one is going to drag her off to war.

I am not a perfect son.

Bedroom Diplomacy

The adults weren't getting much done, so Pazi took matters into his own hands.

Pazi squeezed his hands together behind his back. "I am fairly certain Ehren is not carrying my child."

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After the Wedding

Zach and Garret's parents are getting married, but that doesn't stop them from falling in love.

What was all this about? But Garret didn't have long to wait. "On the night of the wedding, my mom and your dad will leave for their honeymoon. Alex and Hunter will go to stay with my grandparents for the two weeks and I'll move in with you."