Introducing the newest and hopefully best version of my Rose stories... I hope you like these lil teasers.

By the way- This is not like the other versions, if you've read them. Sure, there are some common elements, but this an interesting mix of almost everything... and Dan is not a Christian (yet), and Bekah is far angrier though at the same time softer.




The wind sent her freshly-cut, shoulder length, dark tresses into a frenzy about her head, and Rebekah giggled as she leaned over the cold, metal rail to return the gaze of a glowing ball of reflected light. Not far from it, the dashboard of the red Jeep sat aglow beneath the parking lot lights, which illuminated golden letters printed against a black backdrop: Holy… Bi… Bible? Snorting out loud, she tilted her head along with the arching of her back and shivered as her coatless arms erupted in goosebumps.

Too bad she wasn't like Superman- not feeling the bite of the cold even while in flight. At least with the alcohol in her system she was slightly impervious to the heartache and the chills, and felt sort of like she could…rise up off of this terrace and float to the stars.

Her laughter died as she scanned over the silver moon glow and the red and orange leaves upon the rustling trees. Ah, so romantic… but no one desired romance with ole 'Cheap Rose', and that was A-OK with her. Romance was for idiots who loved getting their hearts stomped on.

Behind her came the scuffing of dress shoes, and she bobbed her head in unison with the nearby branches, which dispatched some of their dying leaves in the onslaught of cold wind.

"Hey!" A man yelled, and the booming from the gymnasium increased and then became muffled again. Oh joy! Some of her peers were leaving… or…they were just out 'having a good time'!

Stupid school "mingling" fests. Stupid, ice-breaking nerd fests. Goody-goodies.

With the footfalls she'd heard a few seconds ago growing in volume, she turned to face the curious, mystery man, and cupped her hands around the cold metal behind her. The man came to a halt about two feet away and stooped to squint at her through the dimness.

"Rebekah Rose?" Tugging his tie, he took a few steps closer and bent to reveal wide, chocolate orbs that flashed under the terrace lights. "Why the hell are you out here, freezing your buns off with no coat?"

Surveying his black suit jacket and pants, her voice rolled out heavily as she replied, "You don't have one, either."

He stared for a moment before cocking his head in a way that allowed the wind to shuffle through his thick, dark waves. Shaking his head then, he removed his jacket and drew closer to wrap it around her shoulders; but she swatted it away and started off with her arms folded and the wind playing peek-a-boo with her legs as she walked, lifting and lowering the loose, shabby, black dress she'd pulled from her closet. No sense in dressing up when she'd no date to dress up for.

"Hey, where are you going?" Her teacher jogged up beside her and stilled her by grabbing her arm.

When she opened her mouth to reply, the sound that erupted from the very pit of her stomach seemed to reverberate off of the outside walls. For a moment, Bekah stood with her mouth agape, and then as the sound of her belch faded in her ears like a distant gunshot, she pursed her lips to contain a snicker. To no avail. The laughter broke loose, and she hugged herself to keep from falling over.

The roundness of her teacher's eyes and the curl of his thick brow reminded her of the 'lunatic story' her father used to tell, about a man who'd lost his finger in a bar quarrel and, in a drunken rage, set out after his attackers with a paintball gun.

"What the…" He bent and his nose twitched as though he were sniffing her frosty breath. "Are you drunk, Little Girl?"


A/N- The first five chapters will trick you, and may seem a little slow, but action will pick up at chapter six, so hang tight. I plan to smooth out the first five chaps later, make them a little faster moving, but right now I just want to march onward.

Note to fellow Christians: My characters are human. They sometimes curse, lol. It will happen less and less as the story progesses, so bear with me.

Thanks! :)