Note-age from Ben: Random thing that popped into my brain during class today and I typed it up, did a shitty proof-read and posted. Eh, I'll probably take this down.

Two worlds on a catalyst
They both go out.
Stare at the stars with you
but they all fall down.
Tonight we might sleep in
just dreaming out loud.
And I may have fell for you
but it's just out of sound.
One day you hope to scream,
to let me know how you feel.
Forget what is "right" to you
just tell me what's real.
Don't walk away from here, please,
just scream it out.
I can't watch you fade from me
with that cloud of doubt.
Came home without your love
laid down in the bed.
I want you here with me,
but I know what you said.
Just want to be with you
but somehow I can't.

MOAR Note-age: This was originally between the words "doubt" and "came" (lol xD) But it didn't seem to work for me. Anyways, look down and that's what I took out.

Someone found you dead

just breathe it out.

Laid you in the ground but

the tears keep falling out

Ohm originally each part was two lines and the second line ended with "out." I thought people might have found that stupid though…so I removed that too.