Okay no appologies here. I have recently run out of ideas of poems to write so I wrote my story in poem format. What else am I meant to do whilst sitting alone in the freezing brake room.

The Poem of G.'s Adventures.

GC was an idle lad,
Rarely deserving merit.
Spending days down the pub
Talking to the spirit.

But then one day a man arrived,
From the future he claimed to be.
Researching authors from the past
And GC was the interviewee.

But a time machine mistake was made
And the researcher arrived too soon,
This mixed with some alcohol poison
was what led to the poor mans doom.

But before he died he let slip words,
Because of his drunken state,
Of a book GC was to write
That would offer a rich filled fate.

Three weeks in which to write a story
That was supposed to stop a war.
It's content; Shadyland folk and places,
That and nothing more.

So GC ventured beyond his village
For the first time in his life,
With the brave but simple Dam
Who would help him through his strife.

The first encounter of their journey
Happened in the Dezzert Bog,
Where they met Henry and Henryetta,
The minds behind a three headed dog.

Then they aided a cowardly wolf
Who warned them to take the 'wrong way.'
This lead them to some words so thick
They could barely see light of day.

This was the renowned Fungus Forest
Where all creatures burst into song.
It was the Queen of this musical place
Who sent them to find Lord Allrong.

Along the way the trouble arrived
Of a rabbit with a shotgun
And if not for a young rabbit slayer
Then away GC would have run.

Then there's the part
That I'll only just mention,
And we'll move quickly on
To the Rivydell mansion.

Rivydell was a beautiful building.
Oh Sash what a beautiful sight,
Clara Toft Cript Stormer
Wearing hot pants far too tight.

She took them to a conservatory
Wear was a mighty gathering.
There aim was to stop two authors
From continuing their destructive writing.

They planned to use a magic quill
To write critical reviews
But a gift from Mr. Lightfoot to Allrong
Brought them only bad news.

Instead of containing an enchanted pen
That would stop the writers tyranny,
The Queens undying love was revealed
In a big card for all to see.

So the gathering all went home
And onwards went Dam and GC,
Until they found a spot for lunch
Where they dozed in tranquility.

But before lunch was ready
They were startled by a cloaked man
Who unfortunately failed to see
He was about to slip on Dam's frying pan.

The clumsy stranger; a supposed magician,
He gave them a mysterious warning.
"If the end of the book is what you seek,
Then follow that road till morning.

"But if your dare stray
from the path that I stated,
Then trouble for you
Is what is fated."

But the path was dull concrete
And boredom quickly consumed GC
And despite Dam's opposition
He turned off at the first opportunity.

This new path led to pirates
But it aint all that bad,
For they owned a pub in a pond
And it's sight made GC glad.

In the morning the police turned up
And a huge battle took place,
And with GC's huge hangover
It was more than he could face.

So reluctantly they returned
To the concrete path,
But now with a store of alcohol
That wasn't going to last.

And where did this path lead?
Perhaps to riches and glory.
If you want to find out
Then you'll just have to read me story.

I know it doesn't really read smoothly but it is the best I could do and filled my free time. Hee hee.