Colleen looks at him and thinks

Really, does this have to be so hard?

Unwanted hate and unneeded suffering run

So much of her life right now.

He's everything to her, and she's nothing to him.


Little does he know how much she can

Offer him. How much love and care she can give.

Very little has he ever cared about her, and yet

Everything she does is centered on him.


Little does she know that he

Offered his heart to her once.

She didn't see it there, and

She missed out on everything.


Never again will either

Offer anything to each other.

Many think they hate each other,

Oh, but in

Reality, they're both just sick of thinking

Everything would be better if we were in love.


Reason says he doesn't love her, and she doesn't love him.

Everything else says they're crazy

About each other.

Love is funny like that. She thinks he hates her, but

In the honest truth, he

Thinks about her so much more than

You could ever realize.


Colleen looks at him again. She still can't see the

Real reason they aren't speaking.

Understanding just that would make life

So much easier, but life just

Has to be a bitch. Always.