a/n: dedicated to my friend maximusrexmundi (check out his work!) because he's the one who said to me in a review of something, "Love and hate are two sides of a coin… the only way to make the feelings stop is to throw the coin away." i liked that, and it inspired me to write this. thanks!


Love and hate are two sides of this coin,

Where you find one, the other will join.

To make the feelings leave, I say

You have to throw the coin away.

But this coin is too hard for me to let go,

And he hates me now, now that he knows.

I can't live with him, and can't live without,

I told him I love him, and now there's no doubt

That he could never love me, not if he tried,

And now he's the one for whom I refuse to cry.

There are two sides to the coin, the love and the hate,

I'll let this coin's flip be left up to Fate.

I know he doesn't love me, and I shouldn't love him,

But somehow I always still smile at Tim.

He laughs at me; I don't know what to say

Except "To make the feelings leave, throw the coin away."


Tim, even though I hate you… I still love you. I can never throw you away. Because I love you. Don't ever forget it, you stupid, immature idiot. (xoxo)