A/N: Written AS it was happening.

I was smacked on the thigh.

"What kind of bottle is that?"

My friend pointing at the sprite green shit, as I type this story out. I hear the constant sound of gum chewing and the small essence of mint in the air.

"Ugh, your too lazy to turn on the Wii?"

And I just like totally didn't reply.

"Eww, your gunea pig died."

And I just chuckled.




While my friend throws a pillow and it lands on my abdomen but didn't cause that much pain. He soon grabs one of my books and just throws it back, clearly unimpressed by my choice. HE soon is engaged to look at the labels on the bottle of spite, and yeah.

"Dude shut up."

He says annoyed at me for thinking out loud.

"Dude, we should join bowling!"

"Ugh NO!!"

"Oh my lord, literature club is the gay!"

"Whoa this is necessary!"

My big fat friend came in and destroyed my piece of shit. And now I don't know.

"Someone smells -"


That was statement out of nowhere.

"Oh my lord, let's do something."

My friend stands up and grabs my alligator dollar and starts playing with it on my shin. My friend lightly cleans his glasses because his video game addiction is like the deadly.

"Oh my good, it didn't even break."

My fat friend said looking at the shit he broke.

"Hey did you cut your hair?"

My other friend asks, but my fat friend only replied with silence.