The final dimming,
The day's last glow-
When mountains blend with melting clouds
When warmth escapes through portals blue
Then must arise inner comfort,
Gleaning light from lanterns wafting;
Those obscured by piney branches
Hued to grey and lesser colors,
Seeping from stark mountains westward
Spreading from the sea abysses
Streaming from their astral sources.
Finally a black night rises-
Gems of white the only skylight
As the waves reflect their off'ring,
As the hillsides cloak their voices
Then the boughs release their lanterns,
Such may be the golden spirits
Dreaming now of dark-wood places,
Lightening the realm of nightshade-
Land-bound stars reflecting nightskies
The two realms merge, intertwining;
Our dreams take on an astral tone.