By: Paul Wyatt

"Here it comes…"

I whispered it through her hair into her ear. She turned with a small smile and tears in her eyes and looked into my watering eyes. I gave her a final kiss.

Why? Because this is the last day we have together. The last day before we all become molten ash.

The news came around a week ago. The government tried to keep it quiet, but some amateur astronomer saw the rock coming at us and told some local TV station. Once the news got out, the government had to come clean. That was a week ago.

When we left this morning, the city was nearly empty. All we could see were the occasional crazy vagabond or family who couldn't get out of town in time. All of the nice stores had there windows broken out, and when we looked inside, they seemed to have nothing in them.

We wandered around the empty city for a couple of hours. I took her to her favorite places one last time. Together we walked around in buildings that were normally restricted. We kissed on top of a couple of the tallest buildings, all the while staring at the darkening sky.

At 8 p.m. the meteor was said to hit. One day left to live. It was a strange feeling. Knowing what was going to happen tonight, I took my baby to see all she could. We even went to the only vineyard nearby. It was a hell of a walk, but was well worth it. Our car was working, but most of its gas was siphoned by some desperate bastard trying to get as far as they could from civilization. It broke down about 3 miles from the vineyard.

When we reached the vineyard, I promenaded her around, showing her all the presses and whatnot. All the while, giving some silly explanations of what they were. After a full tour of the facilities, complete with a premium wine tasting, we took the finest wine that was in the cellar, and hopped into the one of the owner's cars. We took the Mercedes, after all, was he ever really going to need it again?

We drove around for a while longer, just relaxing in the luxury car. I looked at the dashboard clock, 5 p.m., perfect. We headed home.

We were running out of time, so when we got home, my love stayed in the car as I ran back up to our apartment. I grabbed the basket I already had packed and prepared, then went back to the car.

I opened up the large basket and ruffled around for a minute. Then I told my wife to close her eyes for a minute. In that minute I blindfolded her and she sort of giggled. I told her to relax, that she would see why in a couple of minutes, and she seemed content.

I drove us to the woods. I led her out of the car and we went up the now dark trail. She stumbled a couple times, uttering a couple expletives, I think, I chuckled whenever she would whack her knee against something, then I would get down, in the dark, and kiss whatever it was that she hurt.

We walked for about 30 minutes before we reached our destination. I pulled off her blindfold and she gasped. She looped her arms around me and gave me a kiss. We were at the overlook of the city where we had our first date.

I opened the basket and pulled out a blanket and two wine glasses. She helped me lay out the blanket then sat on it. I got the wine from the car and sat down next to her. We popped it open and I poured us both hearty glasses full.

She leaned up against me and I kissed her hair. We stared off at the dark city, the only thing illuminating it was the stars in the sky.

After we finished our wine, we neatly laid our glasses in the basket. We both lay back on the blanket. Her head was on my arm as we starred into each others eyes. After an eternity of the ecstasy her beauty, she asked me what time it was. I took a quick look at my watch and realized it was already 7:55.

We sat up against the car, my arm around her and her head on my shoulder. We stared into the sky.

We were here together, where our life started together, and where it was going to end together.

"Here it comes…"

I whispered it through her hair into her ear. She turned with a small smile and tears in her eyes and looked into my watering eyes. I gave her a final kiss.