Chapter 1- Legends in Creakwood

I've always wanted to write a Werewolf story, so I am going to explore my imagination and try a little. Hopefully, it will turn out well and everyone will love it. This isn't to say you can't say bad things about it. Though, I very much hope none of you will have reason to. So, please read and review!


The Lob Omen Café smelled of cinnamon bagels and varieties of coffees, their scents wafting about the shop and mixing in a sweet, delicious cloud that enveloped everyone who came inside. The walls were a rich light brown, and the hard wood floors resembled the dark, luscious color of syrup. The light fixtures that hung down from the domed ceiling were rounded, some light oranges, others pale yellows. The small, round tables that sat about the middle of the room and lined the glass windows were wicker, as well as their chairs, with sweet smelling candles setting atop their hemp woven table mats. The shades on the large, floor to ceiling windows were made of bamboo slips. Glass cases stood by the main counter, each of them holding their own assortment of sweets and treats to chose from, and behind the counter was a giant chalk board with all the choices of the shop, paintings of wide open, flowery fields, and tubes of coffee beans.

It was a place that Leslie Cast had spent a lot of her time, weekdays from four to ten, and on the weekends she stayed from seven in the morning to ten at night. She had always loved her job; it was one of those jobs that no one could complain about, because all the employees were nice, and the customers friendly.

"Hey, Les!" cried one of Leslie's co-workers, Amy, as she came out the back room with a box in her arms.

She was a funny girl, full of spunk and fire, who could tell a joke like nobodies business, and was always making the customers laugh. She had bouncy auburn hair that she always wore up in a ponytail that spiraled curls down her back, and was extremely tall, nearly five eight. Leslie had always been a little jealous of Amy, who had always been pretty since they both got the job when they were fifteen. Leslie, on the other hand, was around five three, with a very tiny, fragile frame and wavy, caramel hair she always straightened in the mornings.

Grinning, Amy dropped the box down onto the counter, just as Leslie handed a customer back their change and flashed a smile to them.

"What's that?" Leslie asked her friend, laying down the tongs she had used to pick up a bagel.

"It's just a box of straws." Amy shrugged, opening it up and revealing the skinny, paper wrapped straws piled upon one another. "Teresa needs us to restock the straw dispenser."

Frowning, Leslie turned to look over at the small, tin box on the bar across the room, narrowing her eyes at it.

"I hate that thing." she grumped.

Once, she had gotten her finger stuck in it while restocking it and an elderly man had to come over and help her pry her finger loose. Ever since, she and the tin straw dispenser had not gotten along very well.

"Well, how about this?" said Amy, laughing lightly, crossing her arms on the counter and smiling at Leslie. "You go over there and handle those customers by the window, and I'll restock the devil dispenser for you."

Leslie looked over by the window, curious. They waited on customers that stayed in the shop to eat, or were just too lazy to go order at the counter. A couple sat at one of the wicker tables at the corner of the room, right by the window, the bamboo blinds lifted all the way up. Leslie had seen the two of them come in together, the guys arm wrapped around his date protectively. He was a very handsome guy, with a mysterious demeanor that radiated from him. His skin was so tan it was nearly caramel, and his hair was a deep, blue-black, with choppy, spiky strands. From what Leslie could see, he was very leanly muscled and tall, with a small soul-patch on his chin.

His date was a brilliant blond, her hair perfectly maneuvered and situated atop her head, her lips full, pouty and ruby-red, and her bust nearly revealed beneath her low-cut shirt. She looked like the kind of girl someone would see portrayed in some expensive magazine.

Leslie pondered for a moment, debating between getting her finger eaten by the devil tin straw dispenser, or dealing with two egotistical customers. She chose the latter, wanting to deal with anything other than that wretched contraption.

"Deal." Leslie agreed, grinning at her friend, who made a triumphant gesture with her arm.

"Sweet!" Amy said excitedly, lifted up the box, and walked off with a spring in her step.

Laughing at her, Leslie shook her head and walked over to the customers. The man, she saw, was starting very intently at his date, clasping her hands in his firmly on the middle of the table, and was murmuring something to her in a deep, fierce voice. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes glittering, and Leslie knew he must be one of those sweet-talkers.

"Hello." Leslie greeted them politely, smiling when they both looked up, as if surprised. "My name is Leslie. Would you two like anything?"

The girl, who seemed a little younger than Leslie was, paused for a moment, thinking rather hard on the matter, bit her lip. Leslie waited patiently, keeping her smile in place, while the guy looked up at her. His eyes were a dark, midnight blue, flashing as they moved up and down her frame. When she caught his eyes, he gave a light, derisive snort, turning his head away. At first, Leslie stared at him, stunned, and then rolled her eyes, looking back at the girl.

"I heard this place has really good bagels." said the girl suddenly, flashing a bright smile. "What kinds do you have?"

Leslie smiled and named off the kinds that they had in stock, the girl listening intently, biting her bottom lip, and before Leslie could finish, she spoke up.

"Ooh, the cinnamon bagel sounds nice." she giggled.

"Sure." Leslie smiled.

She looked over at the guy, her chin raised some, and asked in a very clipped tone, "What about you?"

"I'll have four of what she is getting." he retorted, refusing to look at her, his voice low and smooth.

Both Leslie and his date looked at him, a little stunned, and then quickly brushed it off.

"You like to eat?" his date asked him lightly.

He gave a shrug, scratching the tiny square of black hair on his chin casually. Leslie smiled at the girl, telling her she would be right back, and turned on her heel, quickly heading back to the counter. Amy had finished her job with the devil dispenser with ease, and was leaning against the counter with a lazy grin on her lips.

"He is pretty hot." Amy grinned, her green eyes twinkling excitedly.

Raising an eyebrow, Leslie glanced over her shoulder, eyeing the guy. He was talking to his date again, his hand cupping her cheek. Snorting, Leslie rolled her eyes and turned back around, grabbing the tongs and scooping up five cinnamon bagels, placing one on a plate and four on another.

"Oh, please." Amy snickered, tilting her head towards him. "You know you want some of that."

Leslie tried very hard to ignore her friend. She hurriedly arranged the four bagels, but her eyes lifted on their own to gaze at the guy sitting there. There was no way she could deny that he was unbelievably handsome, with his golden tan and shaggy hair. Even as she looked at him, though, admiring his looks, she could see that he was just not her type.

"He looks like one of those conceited, egotistical guys." Leslie muttered, picking up the two plates and starting around that counter.

"Yeah, but he is still damn sexy." Amy laughed, and Leslie shook her head at her.

The girl looked up at Leslie as she brought the plates over, her red lips spreading in an excited smile.

"Wow, those smell good." she said happily, and Leslie gave her a smile.

"Everyone loves these." Leslie told her, setting the two plates down on the hemp table mat. "I hope you enjoy."

"Thanks so much!" the girl giggled, looking up at Leslie.

Leslie nodded to them both, and then went back to Amy. For about ten minutes, her friend went on and on about how sexy the guy was, while Leslie put out some more bagels for display, occasionally laughing at her outrageous comments about wanting to rape him.

Eventually, the couple got up to leave, the guy gathering their plates, having eaten all of his bagels and half of hers, and headed over to the counter after dumping them. His date headed outside, waiting for him on the sidewalk.

"Hey, there." Amy grinned, coming up to the cash register and taking his money.

He glanced up at her, an eyebrow raised.

"Hey." He replied slowly.

Leslie looked up from beside Amy, closing the glass door of the display case and brushing off her hands. At the same time, he glanced over at her, his midnight blue eyes glinting a little, his lip twitching oddly, and his jaw clenching tight and tense.

"Did you enjoy your food?" Amy asked him cheerily, opening the cash drawer and plucking some dollars from it.

"Yes." he replied. "It was very good."

"Well, then." Amy smiled brightly. "You should come back."

He nodded, taking the change from her, and turning around towards the door without another word, his steps smooth and long.

"Have a nice day!" Amy called happily, waving largely, as if she were flagging him down.

Sighing, Leslie shook her head and rubbed the back of her neck. Her friend was so weird.