Chapter 31- The End

I am SO sorry if the last chapter was a disappointment. I know everyone was probably looking forward to some huge, detailed gruesome fight, but I just couldn't write it today….I'll go back eventually and re-write it. But I'll make it up to everyone!! The sequel is coming up, most likely tomorrow (YAY) but I will not be posting during this weekend at all. I'm going to Georgia for the weekend ( if nothing changes that is) so ill be quite busy! YAY!!! I love you all, and thank you SO FREAKIN MUCH to EVERYONE that has ever read this story and or reviewed! I would never have written so much if it weren't for you guys! I hope everyone will read the sequel! It's going to be called "Barking Habit"(unless I change it lol) :D


Things were different. So different. Unbelievably different to the point where life didn't feel like Leslie's life anymore. It felt like the life of a stranger, though a very happy stranger. She wasn't exactly complaining. She loved her new life, because every moment of it was full of Roman. Completely full of Roman. Every moment of her days had him in it; either she was thinking of him, or smiling at him, or her favorite, kissing him.

Her parents had agreed to let her live with the Grey's. Mostly because they didn't feel as if they could protect her anymore, though they didn't have anything she needed protection from. What was left of the cousins, Emile, Callie, Lachlan, Simon and Alex all took off. Where, no one knew, or cared.

Amy really did leave. Her parents were utterly horrified because of it, and when they asked Leslie where she went, she could honestly say she didn't know.

Teresa was having Lob Omen repaired, though Leslie didn't think she would ever come back to it. She had quit her job, respectfully, and Teresa had been completely fine with it. The whole town didn't have a clue about what truly happened. All they knew was the obvious; the majority of the Grey family had been killed in a freak car accident. As for everyone else who had been killed….the police weren't releasing any information. The Grey's knew it was because they were too proud to admit they couldn't understand where the rest of the bodies had disappeared to.

Mrs. Grey was devastated by the loss of her family. All she had left was Roman, Leslie, Prince, Christian and Aidan. She was a strong woman though. She held on through all her pain and smiled when she felt as if she couldn't bear to.

Sighing, Leslie tilted her head up towards the ceiling, squinting at the ceiling fan as it made its lazy circle over and over again, making a tinkling sound. She had been watching it for hours now, lying there on her and Roman's bed, spread eagle. She hadn't even changed out of her pajama's.

When the door opened, Leslie tilted her head to look over at the door, eyebrows raised, and smiled. Roman smiled back as he stepped in and shut the door behind him.

"Hey." He said softly, and climbed onto the bed, lying down beside her.

She wrapped her arms around him, blushing slightly when he rested his cheek on her chest and relaxed, closing his eyes.

"How are you feeling?" she asked him gently.

It was a question she had been asking him almost every day since everything had happened. He had just lost the majority of his family….but he was strong, and he was holding on. Once or twice had had broken, and she had held him while he cried. But today he seemed fine.

Smiling, he tipped his face back and smiled up at her, lightly kissing her lips.

"I'm good." He told her, his eyes twinkling, and then he sighed and relaxed again. "You?"

"Same." She murmured, her mind drifting lazily as she watched the ceiling fan.

She felt tired and peaceful as she held her mate in her arms, gentle trailing her fingers over the skin on the back of his neck, and she could feel the languid happiness that seeped from him into her.

"I love you." He told her softly, and she smiled to herself as her eyes closed.

"I love you, too." She sighed.

A soft knock at the door made them both look up curiously.

"Come in." Roman called, and then rested his head back down on her chest, sighing happily.

The door opened slightly, and Prince's head poked in, eye brows raised.

"Is it safe?" Prince joked lightly, smiling, and Roman chuckled.

"Yes." He replied, and Prince stepped in.

Both Leslie and Roman stared when they saw the bag slung over his shoulder. Prince glanced at the bag, almost as if he himself had forgotten that it was there, and then frowned slightly.

"Yeah…" he trailed off, and Roman sat up.

"You're leaving?" he asked softly, eyes wide.

"What?" Leslie gasped, sitting up with him. "Where are you going? Why? You can't!"

Laughing softly, Prince rubbed the back of his neck and leaned against the door frame. He was so tall and lean and nimble looking, built like a golden track runner. She still wasn't quite used to seeing Prince like that, but it was a nice change.

"I've already talked to mom." He said, lifting his eyes to meet there's seriously. "I'm leaving the Alpha position to you, Roman."

Startled, Roman went stiff and sat there staring at his brother, mouth open and hanging.

"Prince, I don't think—" Roman said quickly, shaking his head.

"If anyone can lead this family, it's you, Roman." He retorted, cutting him off and holding his hand up to stop his talking. "I've made my decision."

Swallowing, Leslie glanced between the two brothers. A look passed between them, something deeper than Leslie could understand just from seeing it, but she felt Roman's joy and love for his brother flood into her, and Roman got up. The two got up and hugged each other tightly, slamming each other's back with their fists in an affection guy way, and then stepped back.

"When will you be coming back?" Roman asked him.

Prince tilted his head, his eyes going distant as he thought, and then he looked at his brother and shook his head.

"I don't know." He said. "But I will."

He looked at Leslie, and she jumped up and hugged him.

"Take care of my brother." Prince told her, smiling sadly, and she nodded.

She would always take care of Roman. She smiled up at him, and he smiled back, wrapping an arm around her waist and kissing the top of her head.

The End