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Alice paced back and forth in front of the door. Waiting impatiently for Russell to arrive. Back and forth she walked, from the front door to the couch, where her brother lounged lazily and relaxed. His head leaning on his arm, that laid across the back of the couch.

Throwing her arms up in frustration, she stops in front of the couch. Ethan rolls his head back to look at her.

"What's up?" He pops the 'p'.

Her eyes snap to his angrily. "What do you think is bloody up, Ethan. He's bloody well late. I knew it. He's not going to turn up."

Turning his body round, so he can sit up comfortably he looks at her with a frown.

"Why do you really care? You don't really know each other, do you?" He asks, asking more with his eyes.

Biting her lip, she pauses.

"Do you?"

"Argh, Ethan. Russell and I have been hanging out for ages, he really is, was nice."

"Define ages." He studies his nails calmly.

"Errmm, few weeks, months." She bites her bottom lip.

Snapping his green eyes to hers, he nods his head. "You lied to me."

"No! No I didn't. I just neglected to tell you, I didn't want you getting angry with me. He's, was, only a friend."

Nodding his head, he rolls up to his towering height, before walking round to face her. He extends a hand to her face, cupping it lightly.

"It's ok. He'll be here."

Her face becomes slightly shocked. Was he being serious? Wasn't he going to throw a fit? Staring at him questionably, raising a slender brow at him. His lips twitch ever so slightly.


"Well…. I thought you would have a go at me, acting like some ape man."

He bursts out a laugh. "Ape man? Is this how you think of me. An ape?" He grins devishly.

Smirking back at him, Alice shrugs. "Maybe."

"I'll show you ape." He growls.

Pouncing for her, releasing a squeal from her, lifting her onto his shoulder he slaps a hand down on her arse. Running around the couch, he tosses her down on it. Breathing heavily he presses himself against her, his hands running to her sides. For a moment she worries he was taking things too far, until the tickles came.

Writhing beneath him she screams. His fingers poked at her sides, his evil grin spread wide across his face. The laughter was short lived as the door sounded. Both freezing, as if Russell had literally walked into the living room that moment.

Ethan moved first, his body sliding almost regrettably off of his sisters body. Standing tall he narrows his eyes to the door, a small smirk alighting his features.

"I'll answer it."

"Oh, no you won't, Ethan!" Alice exclaims, diving from the couch after him.

His stride longer than hers and with much more intent, he reaches the door before her. Wrenching it open, he comes face to face with a slightly shocked Russell. However he recovers well and offers him his hand. From her view Alice found it hard as to what her brother was doing.

Holding in a breath, she waits.

Ethan thrusts his own hand out, clamping it roughly around Russell's. For a moment they stare each other out. Alice behind her brother, waiting, watching. Her top teeth nibbling gentle upon her swollen lip.

"Pleasure to see you again, mate." Ethan says, with an extremely bright smile.

Russell grunts at first before nodding his head and saying, "Pleasure is all mine." Frowning, he removes his sore hand. "I assumed it would just be me and Alice." He looks behind Ethan to get a look at Alice.

His breath holding for a moment, before a light nervous smile lightens his face. He had missed her, she still looked so appealing to him, how he wanted things to return to how they were.

Seeming to notice Ethan steps in the way. "Well this is my home too. Sure you won't mind me being here." He steps aside.

Russell attempts to say something, but otherwise stays silent and walks through the door, heading over to Alice, where he stops a few feet back. Shuffling from one foot to the other, his hands in his pockets, he was nervous. What could he say? He had no proper reason as to why he had not been talking to her.

"It's good to see you, Russell." Alice says softly, before a door slams behind him.

Russell releases a long sigh, before bounding into her, wrapping his arms around her petite body, hearing a small 'eep' of sound from her. He holds her like that far longer than he should, but he doesn't release her until he has her arms around him. Slowly but surely he feels her move against him before her small arms wrap around his.

"I've missed you." He whispers in her ear.

Alice, however, pushes him back. Her eyes lift over his shoulder, a small nod, then she turns her attention to him. "I've missed you too. You staying for dinner?"

His heart was racing, he couldn't believe it, he had his Alice back.

"Of course!"


Ethan sat against the couch, his eyes like daggers in the back of Russell's head as both he and Alice play on the console. They had both been likes this for two hours, neither one of them talking to him. He wanted to jump in front of the TV, wave his arms about screaming to Alice that he was there. With them.

Rubbing his chin he catches Russell's sly movements towards his Alice, the subtle blush which Alice would give if Russell congratulated her on winning a game, rather than arguing about it. But what got his back up the most was the constant looks to one another, that spoke a million words. Each look sent Ethan into a grinding off his teeth and a death glare aimed right at Russell's back.

Having enough of being ignored he stretches his leg forward, rubbing his foot against Alice's back. She ignores it, shuffling forward a bit more. Sighing he pushes harder at her back.

Alice's car on the TV crashes. Which follows was not what Ethan expected. She throws her controller on the floor behind her and whips her head round to glare at Ethan, her cheeks flushed an angry red.


Ethan's eyes widen, in the corner of his eyes he catches as Russell smirks a little.

"Don't take that tone with me-"

"Well don't bloody well be so annoying and kick me while I am trying to win a game."

"Alice, it's just a game. You have been at this for hours, don't you think it's time for Russell to go home."

Alice frowns, before it dawns on her, by the frustrated face of her brother. Bowing her head slightly, she goes to say something.

"I don't have to be home by a certain time, you know Alice." Russell decides to speak up.

Ethan levels him with a glare, to which Alice catches.

"I would prefer it if you left." Ethan says, standing, before leaning down and helping Alice up.

Russell stands too. "Well, do you want me to go Alice?"


"Well it's not up to her."

"Hang on mate, doesn't she live here too, isn't it her home as much as it is yours."

"But I'm her brother and she does as she is told."

"Ah yes, forgot you're the overprotective brother."

"Well I know what's good for her and what's-" He looks Russell up and down. "not."

Alice gets between them, placing a gentle hand on her brothers chest and a gentle one on Russell's, both turn their attention towards her.

"Stop it. Please. I have had such a nice time, I would hate for it to be ruined by a silly argument. Russell, we can meet up again soon, ok. It's probably best if you did leave."

Ethan pushes her hand off his chest, throwing himself back against the couch, flicking the channel over. Alice rolls her eyes, knowing she had just angered her brother. Deciding to show her guest out she walks Russell to the door, wishing him a safe journey back and not to worry. After their goodbyes she returns to the couch looking down at her brother who slams the remote down at his side.

"Planning to meet up again? Away from this place?" He snaps, standing to his towering height. Not awaiting an answer. "I bloody well think not. He was practically salivating while watching you beat the shit out of him on that bloody game."

"Was he?"

"Don't you dare. Don't you even dare!" He shouts. Watching as she jumps and takes a step back, he grabs her arm. "You'd rather be with him, wouldn't you."

Alice stares at him for a moment. She had never noticed it before, being too scared of her brother. But here, now, she could see her brother was insecure. Sighing she raises a hand and strokes his cheek, watching as he flinches.

"You silly boy. I'm with you, am I not. Russell is just a friend. You have me."

Ethan sighs to himself, leaning his forehead against hers. "I haven't though, Alice. You still don't belong to me completely."

Alice steps back. "You mean sex."

He rubs the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Yes….and no. I mean making love, pledging your love to me completely. No, let me speak Alice. You have absolutely no idea how much I fucking love you, so don't say sex in that derogative way. I don't want to fuck you, as you may think I do." His hand cups her cheek delicately. "I want to show you how much I love you, I want you to share your first time with me. I won't ever pressure you to do it, but I cannot feel safe with you being near that boy. For all I know, you could run off with him, but if you gave yourself to me willingly, then I will know that you want me and only me." Ethan pauses. "I know this sounds fucked up." He runs a frustrated hand through his hair.


Ethan's eyes clash with hers. His heart racing against his chest, it literally hurt to breathe at this very moment.

"It doesn't sound-" She grins. "fucked up, as you put it." She takes a step towards him, cupping his face as she kisses his lips lightly. "Far from it. I'm just scared."

His hand dart to her face, holding her face as he steps closer too, his breath coming out raged. "Don't be. I will be so gentle with you-"

"No. Ethan please, listen."

He nods his head, kissing her lips quickly. Both, brother and sister embraced, both holding each others faces. So close, as if they were one.

"I know it will hurt, but that's not what I am scared of. Believe it or not. I am scared of being found out, I am scared that you are my brother, I am scared of the repercussions of us having sex."

"Repercussions? Baby, no one will find out, if they do we leave. I will always be here to protect you."

"Ethan! Listen!" She snaps.

He remains silent, licking his lips quickly, nodding his head. Kissing her nose lightly.

"What if I get pregnant?"

He pauses, staring deeply into her eyes. "Honestly?" She nods her head. "I would love it. No hang on baby." She stays silent. "But, if you don't want one, we won't have one, easy." He smiles.

He couldn't believe they were talking about this. It had been years he had desired to sleep with his sister, to take her virginity and spread his seed within her. Even though he wanted a child with her, he knew it would be too soon and too frightful for his dear Alice. He would wait. He was too possessive to have her share her love anyway.

"It's ok, I promise." He murmurs against her lips as he kisses them gently.

At first she remains still, but after a moment or two she responds. Moving her hands down his chest as he pulls her into him, kissing her deeply and sweetly. His tongue duelling with hers, the kiss getting heated. For a while Ethan enjoys the kiss, however he soon stiffens and pulls back, but she moves forward to continue the kiss.

"No, Alice, wait. Stop." He pants.

She looks up at him, confused.

"Do you mean now?"

She flushes brightly.

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