Who's Turn?

Can't you see
it's just you and me
Walking on a Friday night
oh, God, it feels so right.

It's almost like when we met
we knew that our future was set
and yet neither of us knows
so therefore no one goes.

And all of our friends say
One should take the other away
Yet here we stand, frozen in fear
but I'm tired of this, the time is near.

We both feel it and know it's there
We both act like we don't care
I'm done fooling around with you, boy,
'cause my fragile heart is not your toy.

If you can't find the guts to ask
Keep your emotions in a little flask,
I'll do it for you 'cause I know I'm right,
and maybe two hearts will become one tonight.


A/N: This isn't a favoriteā€¦ I don't think that it's my best, eitherā€¦ but I love the last line. That's one of my favorite lines ever. :)

December 6, 2008