How to do an Evil Laugh

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It is without question that the evil laugh is one of the most important skills any villain can ever hone. Most people think that laughing is an easy and unimportant thing to do, but if you are serious about going into a life of villainy, you oughta know better!

The evil laugh is one of the things that truly define a villain as s/he is, and can also be a key to recognition. If you work on your laughter, you can scare the wits out of anyone, especially the hero. By surrounding a hero (or other victim of your choice) with the sound of your crazed laughter without letting them see you, you can use this as an effective tool of intimidation.

There are many different kinds of evil laughter to choose from, appropriate for different occasions. You can either chuckle softly to yourself or scream with deranged laughter to the heavens! Here is a list of laughs you can start with.

Ha Ha Ha…

Hee hee heeh!

G' ho ho ho….

Heh heh heh….

He he he he he…


Ba ha ha hah!






You can choose from one or more of these, and be sure to practice every day! You want to master the maximum range of tones and inflections, the pronunciations and emphasis on different syllables, and of course, the decibels. (And let's not forget varying degrees of insanity)

In no time, your evil laughter should be second nature to you, and you should feel comfortable to laugh anytime, in any occasion, anywhere. As a villain, you're entitled to these bouts of insane laughter whenever you feel like it

Laughing evilly also enhances your reputation, especially at appropriate occasions, such as while you are standing atop a battlefield of corpses, while the hero is lamenting his love or sidekick (that you just brutally slaughtered), after you have unleashed Armageddon upon the world, or when you're secured in a straitjacket at a mental institution.

Evil laughter is a proven form of stress relief, not to mention that it tones up these abs!