You'll only hear of the highest 'crimes'

From the proud and petty

The primitive minds

The unholy God-forsaken towns

All so happy to kick you while your down

What brought this on?

You...your shit

but isn't this exactly where you'd like me

Praying for guidence knowing no way out

Being beatin by my own thoughts and wishes to help

Caught in a carnival trap

Spinning round and round

I'm sure I'll never get to the next stop

Not till the last breath is force out of my cold lungs

Not untill these blackined beating chambers stand still

Your just like broken glass to me

Sharp and cold

A dimond would never become of you

Hopeless, you starve for attention

I never new somehing so cliche

You exspress the things I...thought you were

So childish

Should I dare to scold you?

No....I'll laugh and let it go

I'm not you mommy

I'm not your best friend

Not even an aquantince

Your on your own

I know my place now

I know where I belong

Happily in my own skin

Just being me

Still I hate when people waste a good thing

A trusting soul

Your just a fucking abuser

Now look whos pointing the finger...?

God I wish I could say you knew better....but this proves you don't