Gray Jeans

Summary: "Whose jeans are those?" Lillie questioned and I shrugged sheepishly. "Oh my god, don't tell me those are Grants'… Those are, aren't they?!" I nodded and she shook her head. "Why the hell do you have your ex boyfriends jeans?!" One-shot.


Gray jeans.

How could one thing mean so much?

It just wasn't possible for it to mean this much to me. They were just a pair of jeans; they didn't mean a thing, right?! Wrong. They pretty much meant everything to me.

They reminded me of the meadow and the river that he jumped into with that pair of gray jeans on. They reminded me of the day when we traveled to Rhode Island to go to his beach house for the summer. They reminded me of the dance when he wore them to be a rebel. I sighed as I thought of the other times that I had been with him and those jeans. I remembered when he left those jeans at my house, he had slept over and he had taken those jeans off to change into a pair of shorts. He had tucked them into the corner of my room and he forgot them the next day.

After that, he didn't return to my house.

He broke my heart and he never returned to get those jeans. He left me and that old pair of jeans behind as he crawled up towards the highest point that he could get. I cringed remembering the hurt that I felt whenever I thought of him. I didn't know what pulled me to get out the pair of gray jeans. I had been just doing my daily routine when I stumbled upon the gray jeans. They brought me back to the days when he was mine, when he was simple and entrancing in every way. Not when he was some jock who pretended that he was stupid when he got amazing grades. Back to when he was president of the science club and fascinated me in every single way.

Whatever brought me to find the pair of gray jeans probably meant something? I should have burned those jeans just as he burned my heart, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. Some part of me was still in love with him and those gray jeans. He loved them; I wondered why he never came back for them. He said that they were his favorite pair; I didn't understand why he would just leave it with his ex girlfriend if he claimed to love them so much.

It had happened in sixth grade.

Now some people say that sixth grade relationships aren't real, but I didn't care, we liked each other so much that we wanted to be together for as long as possible. That's what we planned, anyways. So through the rest of middle school, we were together and closer than ever. He made me smile constantly and gave me butterflies. But as soon as we entered high school, something inside him changed. He no longer longed for the academics, all he wanted was to become popular and sit with all the popular people. Not many people liked us back in middle school, but it didn't matter to both of us because we had each other.

But in high school it seemed that he wanted much more than just that. The whole freshman year I spent trying to fix our crumbling relationship. By sophomore year it just seemed that he wanted more and that's when he left the gray jeans at my house and my broken heart. It hurt more than I ever showed and as I patched up my heart, he worked his way through so many girls that I lost count. I never knew if he was still a virgin or now, I mean I had heard rumors that he wasn't anymore, but I still had some hope that he was still the same old boy that I had known and loved.

Now on the last day of high school, I was staring at his old jeans.

Pathetic, I know it.

It was graduation and all I could do was stare at his jeans. It wasn't something that I wanted to do, but I couldn't take my eyes off of them. They reminded me so much of him and his swagger and the little boy that I had loved with all my heart and soul. It seemed weird that that boy no longer existed.

"Valerie, are you here?" Lillie, my best friend, questioned as she ran up the stairs to see what I was doing. "Your mother said that you were up here for quite awhile and that I should go check on you… what in the world could you be doing here, hun?" She looked at the jeans that were laying there on the floor where I had dropped them, due to the shock that they were his jeans.

"Hi Lil." I managed to say, still in complete shock.

She looked at the jeans again, her eyes wide. "Those are guys' jeans, aren't they?"

I nodded. "Yeah I don't know what I'm doing with them," I finally moved to pick up the jeans, but Lillian was too fast, she grabbed the jeans away from me and examined them closely, seeing if she remembered them from anywhere. I looked at the jeans that she was looking at and smiled weakly as she met my eyes, her glance was questioning as her eyes swept over the jeans once more.

"Whose jeans are those?" Lillie questioned and I shrugged sheepishly. "Oh my god, don't tell me those are Grants'… Those are, aren't they?!" I nodded and she shook her head. "Why the hell do you have your ex boyfriends jeans?!"

I shrugged, trying to play it off coolly. "He left them here that day in sophomore year, the day before he broke up with me," my throat tightened as the words came out of my mouth.

Lillie shrugged and tossed the jeans to the side, they landed on my bed with a soft thud. She spun around in front of me and grinned. "Do you like what I'm wearing to graduation?" She questioned and I nodded. She was wearing a blue dress that was a v-cut and it also had small buttons down the chest, it looked great on her. But then again, everything looked good on Lillie; it was just a fact of life. "I was thinking about wearing this green dress, but I thought that this looked a bit better."

"Yeah," I inputted half-heartedly.

Lillie eyed me. "Well, what're you going to wear? The dress that we got last week, right?! It's the same as mine; we want to match, yes?" She asked and I shrugged. "Valerie! Graduation is in an hour and you're not even ready?!"

I shook my head and she ran towards my closest, pulling things frantically. "Lillie, can you go downstairs? I think that I'll wear what we bought together last week, I'm not sure. Actually," I said changing my mind, "I think I know what I want to wear and it'll just take me a few minutes to put it on," I told her and she nodded before disappearing from my room. I closed the door and looked at the gray jeans on the bed.

They probably no longer fit Grant, but I was pretty sure that I could make them fit me. I looked at them and slipped off my other jeans before walking over to the bed and pulling the gray jeans up to my hips. They were to big for sure, but I wanted to wear them. I didn't care what anybody else would say about them, they meant something to me, I had to wear them. I almost tripped to my dresser. I clutched onto the side before grabbing a belt to hold up the pants. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed, so much had changed since that night and I feared everything for the worst.

I shook off my thoughts and grabbed a pair of heels so that the pants wouldn't drag. I didn't want to trip on the stage as I grabbed my diploma. That was just a no go.

I walked smoothly through my closest and finally found the blouse that I was looking for. It was something that I had always thought looked good on me and I thought that it would be appropriate for occasion. I touched up my eye make-up and lip gloss before walking briskly down the stairs. Lillie was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, once she saw me, I was sure she was going to turn me around.

"What're you doing?!" Lillie hissed and I shrugged.

"I'm wearing his jeans," I muttered and she looked at me as if I was crazy. I knew what she was thinking, jeans were definitely not appropriate for the graduation, but I didn't care.

"You are definitely not wearing that, are you honey?" My mother asked me and I nodded. She looked at the jeans with disgust and than her eyes met mine. "Whose jeans are those anyways? I definitely did not buy you those."

I laughed softly. "They're Grants'."

"Oh," she emitted.

She gripped her basket that she was holding in her hands and sighed before pushing past both Lillie and I and walking to the laundry room where she dropped off the basket. She wiped her hands on a towel. "Well I think that we should be going, shouldn't we Valerie?"

I nodded, and walked to the door before Lillie could protest about my outfit. "Let's go," I said softly and opened the passenger door before slipping in.

Lillie followed, groaning under her breath about how my outfit looked. She slipped into the back seat, folding her gown over her lap, clearly unhappy about what I was wearing. "I thought that you were going to wear that dress that we bought last week!" Lillie argued as I watched my mother come down from the house, my gown folded in her arms.

I looked at her. "I changed my mind," I said simply, although I knew that would not satisfy Lillie's needs.

"Are we ready?" My mother asked before Lillie could even argue again. She handed me my gown which I thanked her for and placed the key into the ignition before shutting the door. "I think we've got everything, I have the camera and your family is meeting us there, Lillie, your father wanted to apologize for not making it, Valerie."

I shrugged, like it didn't mean anything. "Whatever," I smiled at her and she shook her head before slamming the car in reverse and tearing out of the driveway.

The ride was silent as I turned on the radio and tried to focus on something else than Lillie's eyes burning holes in the back of my head. She was unhappy that I had changed my idea of what to wear, but this outfit had meant something to me and I had decided already that whether she liked it or not I was going to wear Grant's old jeans. I shifted in my seat, uncomfortable that she was staring that intensely. I shrugged it off as we rounded into the school parking lot. My mother dropped us off by the side and as we departed from the car, I spotted the one person I had spent my whole day thinking about. Grant. He was standing in front of the room that we were supposed to be in with a huge group of his friends that included some girls. A pang hit my heart, although I knew it shouldn't.

I shrugged it off and slipped on my gown, hoping that Grant wouldn't notice his old jeans hoisted around my waist. Lillie followed me as we found our way into the room, ignoring the chatter that surrounded Grant and his group. Lillie looked over as I ignored the stares of the group as we entered the building and into the room. I brushed past a mass of people to find a few seats where Lillie and I could sit until graduation.

"He was staring," Lillie whispered beneath her breath.

I looked at her, completely surprised, unsure of what she was talking about. "What? Who was staring?" I questioned and she averted her eyes from me to look at the door where Grant and his group of friends were entering. "Grant?" I whispered and she nodded.

"He was staring," she repeated as Grant and his friends took some seats farther away from us. "I mean really staring, Val, I don't even know what he was staring at."

"Hey!" I argued.

She laughed as she brushed a hand nervously through her hair, a familiar gesture that I got from her whenever she was nervous about something. "I'm kidding," she giggled. "But he was really staring and soon everyone started to stare, it was so weird," she commented as she blew out her breath.

I shrugged. "You get used to it after awhile."

She fell back in her seat and sighed before running her fingers through her hair again. "They've stared at you a lot?" She asked and I shrugged, because it wasn't true, this was the first time that they had stared at me, and I just didn't want to give it away to Lillie that I was just as surprised as she was. Grant hadn't even glanced at me once before since he left me that day heartbroken.

"Whatever," I laughed it off pretending it didn't mean anything. "It's whatever," I repeated more to myself than to Lillie. "It's our last day of high school; I don't have time to be worrying about Grant and his friends staring at me."

"It must be those jeans," Lillie remarked.


"It must be those jeans that you're wearing," Lillie repeated. "I mean for serious, he didn't even glance at you before,"—I knew that she didn't mean it but that hit hard—"and now all of a sudden he's staring at you. It has to be because you're wearing his old jeans." She decided and I rolled my eyes.

"You're a dreamer." I told her.

She giggled. "Whatever, I just think that it's weird that all of a sudden he's staring at you."

I rolled my eyes again as I grabbed a program that somebody had left behind at the seat. "Whatever," I laughed it off again. "So what're we planning tonight? How many parties are we going to hit today?"

Lillie pulled out a notebook that she was hiding somewhere in her gown. I breathed out in relief, I was glad that that was turned her attention away "Okay, so what we're planning on doing is first we're going to go and see how Natalie's party is going. Then we're going to leave that around six thirty and we'll see how Nathan's party is going. Then we'll leave that after an hour and a half or so and then we'll venture over to Heather's party."

Heather, that named sounded familiar. I glared at Lillie. "Grant's ex-girlfriend?!" I screeched.

"Yeah," Lillie said as she folded the notebook back into her gown. "Every senior was invited and also there were some other underclassmen that were cool enough to be invited. I thought that we should go and check it out for our last high school party."

She said it like we partied a lot or something.

But really come every Friday or Saturday, we were sitting around together watching movies or doing homework or something that definitely was not a party. We usually sat around discussing how we were going to finish a project on time or how we could get help from a teacher. That was not party talk. I had never really been to a high school party and Heather was infamous for typical high school parties. Natalie and Nathan's parties, who were friends of ours, were definitely not typical high school parties, they were just get together's with friends where we all sat around and watched movies and played board games.

Huh. This would definitely be interesting.


"Valerie Claire James."

There was clapping.

I stood up as my name was called with Lillie smiling, clutching her own diploma. I looked around the crowd and my eyes met with my mothers as she smiled at me, the corner of her lips twitching up as she watched me walk across the stage. I posed for a picture, smiling with no teeth and took my diploma before walking back towards my seat. I brushed past Grant as I walked back to my seat, noticing that as I brushed past him, he made me shiver. I tried think happy thoughts, but nothing was making me happy.

I felt completely numb.

It wasn't a good thing either. I had never felt this way before. I brushed a piece of my hair back and felt eyes on me. I looked up and realized that Grant was looking straight at me, but not really at me, he was looking at my jeans. I moved quickly back to my seat where Lillie placed her hand up to me for a high five. I couldn't do it. She let her hand drop the side as she looked at me skeptically. She would never understand. I wasn't sure who would understand the feeling that was building up inside me.

As graduation came to a close, every senior stood up screaming that they had done it, that they had finished high school, but I didn't move. As caps came flying down from what appeared to be nowhere, I sat in my seat, completely frozen.

Lillie was screaming in my ear as cheers were coming from every direction, yet I couldn't move. So this was what it was like? This was what high school was like when it was over? It didn't feel like it. There was something about it that made me think that high school was not over, that all of my problems were still there even though I had finished what produced all the problems. There was no way of avoiding what couldn't be avoided and I was sure that he was going to confront me sometime.

Like at Heather's party.


Not thinking, I grabbed a drink from the counter and smiled at the people who were looking at me. Natalie was at my side as she herself grabbed a drink as well.

"This is much better than my party," she commented as she looked at the grinding bodies in the family room. She laughed, showing that she was being sarcastic. "I didn't know that you liked these parties, Val, what's up with this?" I looked at her brown hair, the words sticking in my throat, I could barely explain to myself why I was here, how was I supposed to explain it to her?

"It was Lillie's idea," I found myself saying, because it was quite true.

Natalie shook her hips and then shook her head. "I understand that," she laughed as she sipped at her drink. "Lillie loves to party," she grinned, showing that once again she was being sarcastic. "Where is that girl anyways?"

I looked around the crowded house and I shrugged. "I have no idea; I think that I saw her disappear with Michael sometime after we got here. I'm not quite sure." I told her and she shrugged. I watched as Heather moved across the crowd, her body grinding with complete strangers. I found it weird that I was here in her house when I barely knew her. She was one of those people that were perfect no matter what they said or did. That's why Grant went out with her, when they broke up, the whole school exploded.

I was shocked, needless to say, that they broke up. I had expected them to get married. They were perfect together and nobody really knew why they broke up. Grant broke up with her without reason and left her at the curb alone. She was confused and hurt and argued with him and even threw a fit with him in a plea to take her back. He refused and she moved on to many other guys. I was sure that that was never going to make Grant take her back and I was correct.

"Cute jeans," Natalie pointed out, breaking my thoughts.

I looked at the gray jeans that were still around my waist and I nodded. "Yeah they are cute, aren't they?"

"Oh yeah," Natalie said, her voice without sarcasm this time. "They look really vintage and that's totally cute and everything. I hope you don't take offense to this, but they kind of look like guys' jeans, but that just makes them cuter."

I laughed nervously. "They actually are guys' jeans."

Natalie eyes widened. "Really? Whose jeans are they? Where'd you get them, I'd totally buy a pair of those!"

"They're, uh, my ex boyfriends, he left them at my house," I tried to sum it up to a few words but realized that I couldn't. "He never came back fro them, so I decided that I could just wear them and stuff, no biggie." Natalie looked at me and then looked at the jeans. She smiled as she studied the worn patch where Grant had fallen and ripped up the jeans. I placed my hand over it, feeling like she was stealing a part of me.

"Whose?" Natalie pressed.

"They're mine," an unfamiliar voice entered my hearing range and I turned around, my eyes locking with Grant's bright green eyes. I cringed at the look in his eyes, but I couldn't look away from them.

Natalie's eyes were on me, but I couldn't move. "You and Valerie used to go out?" She questioned and Grant nodded for the both of us.

"A long time ago," I replied for him and I shrugged, breaking the stare contest that I was apparently having with Grant. "No biggie," I said easily and smiled as I said that, hopefully it was coming across that it didn't matter that he had broken my heart. He probably didn't even know what had happened so long ago.

Grant didn't say a word. "Oh, that's cool," Natalie said breezily and looked at me questioningly.

"Can we talk?" Grant whispered in my ear.

I looked at him as if he was completely crazy. Why in the world would Grant want to talk to me? He was Grant Silver; he was the ruler of the school. I was Valerie James, resident loner of the school if you didn't count the three close friends that I had. I usually liked to be alone, keeping people at a distance ever since Grant showed me how easy it was to lose somebody who meant so much to you. I nodded numbly and Grant took me by the wrist and pulled me away from Natalie without a word.

I could feel her eyes on me as I watched the people around me. They were oblivious to what was going on around them; how I was being kidnapped by my previous love to talk about something that I had no idea about. Well I hoped that I would have no idea and I could just tell him that and then leave. I wasn't really one for awkward situations. I had never handled them well and this one was definitely an awkward situation.

Grant pulled me into one of the side rooms and closed the door behind me. He sat himself down on the bed while I stood up awkwardly. He breathed out in relief as he sat down on the bed and looked at me, pointing to the chair that was at the desk. It was decked out in frilly colors like green and pink. "Sit down, Val," Grant said smoothly and I shook my head. It finally clicked that this was Heather's room, Grant was sitting on Heather's bed, and I was standing in the room of Heather Wyatt's.

"No thanks, I'll stand," I told him, eyeing the chair as if it was going to jump out at me.

"Don't be stupid, Valerie," Grant said and I looked at him, frowning as he stood up and pulled out the chair for me to sit down. "It's been a long night and I'm sure that you're tired." He knew me too well.

I sat down and shifted my weight uncomfortably. "What is it?" I asked finally after a few minutes of silence passed. "What made you talk to me all of a sudden?"

Grant looked slightly surprised as he sat down on the bed again. He studied my feathers and I was pretty sure this was the first time that he had looked at me since the day he left me so long ago. I mean, really looked at me. He made me feel even more uncomfortable as I shifted and shrugged as he studied me again. He looked at my pale shirt and then shifted to the gray jeans that I was wearing. "It's those jeans," he muttered as he took in every little bit about me. "I didn't think I'd ever see them again."

So Lillie had been right. He was looking at me again because of those jeans. Those gray jeans. I looked at him and shrugged. "I just thought that maybe I'd wear them or something for old times sake."

"I left them at your house so long ago," Grant sighed. "I thought that you would have gotten rid of them or something."

I shifted in my seat and shrugged again. "I thought that they were gone also," I laughed nervously to fill the space. "But then I stumbled among them and decided that I should wear them as my last high school outfit. I mean… the jeans have a lot of meaning to them, so I thought that I would wear them. To symbolize my whole high school career, and my life before high school, you know?" He probably didn't, but it didn't matter to me.

"They were my favorite," Grant claimed.

"The jeans?"


"I know," I said as I looked at the wall behind him. It was strange for me to be sitting here, talking to somebody who I had loved so much that had left me behind. I knew that this confrontation was going to happen; I just didn't know it was going to be this awkward. Like I had said before, I was not one for awkward situations.

Grant didn't say anything as he looked at the ground in front of him. I noticed that he wouldn't meet my gaze although I was looking directly at him. "I'm sorry, Val." He whispered, so soft that I thought I was hearing things.

"What—what are you sorry about?" I asked shakily.

Grant looked up from the ground and looked straight into my eyes. "I don't know what I was thinking when… when I left that day, the day that I left those gray jeans at your house."

I didn't smile; I didn't say a word as he stared at me. I hadn't expected him to apologize to me for something that had happened years ago, although it still hurt every time I thought about it, which I tried not to think about it that much at all. I took a deep breath and shrugged. "It's in the past, the past is the past Grant, let's not speak of it." Even though that was against my will, I still forced myself to say it.

"That still doesn't make what I did right," Grant said as he ran a hand uneasily through his light brown hair. "What I did to you was wrong, Val, I had no right to hurt you that way over nothing. Over popularity, it was stupid and you deserve an explanation."

"It's alright," I tried saying, but the words were stuck in my throat. I stood there helpless as Grant pulled me down memory lane, somewhere that I didn't want to go at all. I didn't want to remember the pain I went through when he left me, or even admit to him that I had felt tremendous pain when he did leave. I didn't want him to know the troubles and struggles I had gone through just to wake up each morning knowing that I was alone in the world. He understood me completely, something that Lillie did not. Something that no one else really had either.

"I didn't know what was going on with me freshman year," he whispered, I knew he was trying to figure out what he was going to say as he talked instead of planning it out beforehand. "I mean, it was so weird entering high school and stuff and it was so different than middle school. In high school, it really mattered that you fit in; it was nothing like middle school where we were allowed to be so different than everybody else. You spent so much time trying to fix our relationship as I strayed away from you, I was going to parties, and trying to put as much distance between us as possible. I know it sounds wrong, but all I wanted was to be cool… to be somebody, I wanted to change when I got into high school and that's what I did. I made new friends that you disapproved of, and I had a whole new life and I barely had time for you, but you stayed with me throughout everything and I don't even know why."

I froze; I could feel the tears coming into my eyes. I knew he was trying to explain this whole situation to me and himself.

He continued, "When sophomore year came, it was so different. All of my new friends were ragging on me because I was still with you and it was then that I decided to call it off. I couldn't balance a life between the two that I led. I loved you… I loved you so much, but I just couldn't do it. I needed to be somebody, and I regret that so much, Val. You have no idea how much I regret being selfish and not even thinking about you and all your hard work of trying to keep us together. I didn't even pay attention to whatever you tried to do and it was so stupid of me, there is no way you could ever forgive and I'm not asking for your forgiveness, I just want you to understand why I did it. That last day that I slept over, I knew I was going to end it, but I just didn't want too. So I left the jeans… I left them to see if you would ever… you know, come over and give them back to me because if you did I would have explained this all to you and fixed everything… hopefully. That was my plan at least."

"Stop," I murmured. "Please stop."

Grant looked at me, as I squeezed my eyes shut to block out the memories, or at least to stop the tears. "Val," he sounded closer than he had been before. "Val, are you okay? Please I didn't mean to upset you, I just… I just had to tell you, I couldn't go through my life without telling you, okay?"

I couldn't calm myself down no matter how hard I tried, the tears kept coming and soon, I was sobbing into Grant's chest. I remembered how hard I tried to keep my feelings for Grant locked up and realized that it was too much. I couldn't handle it. "Its—its okay," I tried saying, my voice shaky as tears were pouring out of my eyes.

"It's not okay," Grant whispered as he cradled me to his chest. "It's not okay and I just realized it and for that I'm so sorry for what I did to you, Valerie."

I knew that I should have been beating him up, but my heart just wasn't in it. I stayed there in his arms, where I cried for the most part of it, but not all of it. When I had reduced the tears, I looked up at him and said, "I cried almost everyday after you broke up with me for months," I hoped he hadn't heard that clearly, but he was nodding to me.

"I didn't mean it," he whispered, "I just wish I hadn't been such a fool."

"We all do stupid things," I decided as I wiped at the last wave of tears. "You were young and foolish it's possible for you to make mistakes like everybody else, Grant."

"It's not okay," Grant argued. "What I did to you will never be okay, Valerie, how can you be so understanding when what I did was so horrible? I don't even deserve your understanding, I was such a terrible person back then… how—how can you even possibly forgive me?"

"It was a mistake," I said as I pushed myself deeper into Grant's chest. "We all make mistakes. But its okay, Grant, I understand,"—even though I didn't understand and I wanted to convey my feelings of hurt to him, I knew that was not what I should do. I knew that I just had to forgive him because it was what I wanted to remember in the long run—"I understand fully."


"I mean," I said finally, knowing I couldn't hold it in any longer. "It hurt so much at first, knowing that you had left me alone, but I got used to it and Lillie was there to help me out and everything… I just don't want to remember you as that person; I'm glad that we're sorting this out."

Grant nodded. "I'm glad that we are too."

We stayed silent, his arms wrapped tightly around me, my arms around his torso and my head buried in his chest. I found it quite strange that we were in this position, but then again I didn't mind, if this was the closest I could get to Grant, I would take it. After awhile, I felt Grant shift and I looked up at him. "What is it?" I asked softly.

"You forgive me?"

"Of course."

"I… I never stopped loving you, Val," he whispered, so soft I thought that I had heard him wrong. "I tried to hide it and everything by going out with a lot of girls and being with Heather, but I just couldn't help the fact that I loved you."

I stared at him. "Really?"

He nodded. "Of course… so—so what do you say, Val? Can we try again? I promise that I won't hurt you; I promise that I will never do anything ever again to even cause you to cry. I would never want that, and all I want now is to be with you and be there for you when you need me. If you don't want to… to be together like that, I'll just be there for you as a friend if that's what you wished."

He looked nervous as I stared at him. I thought back, back to the days when we were together, when we had been so happy. He had always made me smile, he had a tendency for making me smile and giving me butterflies. Then I thought to the painful break-up and how horrible it felt for him to just leave me behind for what? Popularity? Friends? A prettier girlfriend? Being accepting by people that you would leave in four years? I didn't understand. He had made his choice and I was about to make mine.

I opened my mouth to answer.


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