By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had suddenly began on the very last day of the month of December on a long stretch of Arizona highway on which my friends and I were driving ourselves to this totally wild New Year's Eve at my best friend's house,only to have some strange and mysterious force cause the van to slow itself down to a complete stop and give me no choice but to get out of the van and see what was wrong with it.

But while I was giving the van the going over at least twice and found that there was nothing wrong with it,I had turned around and started scratching the back of my head just in time for a sudden flash of bright light to appear right in front of me and it was that very flash of light that had made me look up into the night sky and discover that a gigantic flying object had appeared in front of me.

And of course,I was about to turn myself around and let the rest of the gang in the van know about the UFO that I had just spotted,only to have me discover that I was unable to move my legs or any other part of me.

And while I was trying as hard as I had possibly could to get my own legs moving,that very UFO had kept on moving itself closer and glowing so much brighter that I had no choice but to close my eyes to make sure that I would not go blind from all of that brightness.

But then,as soon as I had finally opened my eyes,I had shockingly discovered that I had all of my clothes stripped off and been placed in some sort of examination room where a pair of grey humanoid beings were in the process of performing a total medical examination on my entire body with the strangest tools that I had ever seen in my entire life,only to have a beautiful female human being walk into the room and raise up both of her hands in order to cause the greys to leave and allow her to close her eyes and allow the clothing that she was wearing to melt completely off of her nude body.

And after she had placed herself on the same table and the both of us had began having some hot and steamy sex,the entire room was suddenly being filled with this mysterious mist and it had suddenly caused me to close my eyes and go right back to sleep.

And when I had finally opened my eyes and discovered that I was back in the van with the rest of the gang,I had placed my hand on my forehead and asked them about what had happened to me,only to have one of my best buds shrug his shoulders and told me that they had found me passed out next to the van.