There is a town called Fleur Lumiere. The village isolated from most societies because of its natural barriers, high mountains surrounded by the north, a dense forest from the east and west sides, in the south was a fresh water sea that was formed from the snowy mountaintops because of this the town has never been bothered by raiders or thieves. The town is supported by the unique and beautiful flowers that grow there. The flowers are quite popular because of their wide range of use from cooking to having medicinal properties. The town's economy depended on these flowers and a ship would come by every week to pick up bundles of flowers and trade from the town.

Within this town lived a teenager named Cecil Arcs. Cecil's father was one of the medicine makers of the town and his mother was a house wife. He knew about the wide variety of uses the flowers in his town had. Unfortunately for his parents, who wanted him to follow after his father, Cecil was restless and longed to adventure outside of the town to explore the world around him and experience new things. He often visited the forest that surrounded his village.

One day he was on his way to the forest when his mother stopped him.

"Cecil, you're not going to the forest again are you?"

"Yes, mother , I am."

His mother sighed and gave him a look of disappointment. "You know how we feel about you going into the forest, Cecil."

"Yes, mother, I am quite aware how you feel, but you know how I feel as well."

"Fine," his mother said, "If you're going to the forest you might as well do errands while you are at it. Find some ingredients for tonight's supper."

Cecil sighed at the favor being asked, "Fine." He replied.

"That's a good child," his mother murmured, "remember to come back early. Your father will come back early to give you your lesson."

"Yes, mother," said Cecil, dreading the tedious lesson he will have to endure later in the day.

Cecil left the house and headed towards the east forest. He balanced between picking up ingredients and documenting the animals that lived in the forest. A little while in the forest he spotted a red and orange bird that looked like a cross between a falcon and a hawk on a branch of a tree. Fascinated by the bird, he decided that he would take a closer look at the bird. Cecil climbed the tree and was about to touch the bird, but when he came closer the bird started attacking him in the face. The bird gave Cecil scratches and cuts and fell to the forest floor. The bird returned to the branch it was on previously.

"Stupid bird," He yelled. The bird looked at him.

"Excuse me," the bird replied majestically with a female voice "but you are the one who is stupid, not to mention rude."

Cecil blinked unable to say anything.

"What nothing to say, rude and stupid?" The bird asked mockingly.

"Y-you can talk?" Cecil asked, surprised.

"Nothing gets by you humans, does it? Yes, I can talk," the bird sighed, "Humans were the only ones that were ignorant enough to ask that question."

"I was just surprised."

"Wow, I didn't notice," the bird said sarcastically. "You have a lot to learn about the world dontcha, stupid?"

"Yes, I know" Cecil snapped, suddenly angry.

"Why are you snapping at me?" The bird asked incredulously, "If anything I should be snapping at you."

"I'm sorry," Cecil mumbled.

"At least you have that much sense."

Cecil then realized that he was talking to a bird. He hesitantly asked "Um, how come you can talk?"

"Human aren't the only ones who have languages," the bird said impatiently, "You are incredibly rude, you know? First you try to touch me and now you are talking to me as though we are friends. Why don't you introduce yourself?"

"Oh," Cecil said surprised, inside he was incredibly flustered by the fact that he was being taught in manners by a bird, "My name is Cecil Arcs."

"Hmph," the bird replied, "Luxara,"

"What?" Cecil blinked in surprise again.

"Luxara, that's my name," she said stiffly.

They both stared at each other for a while. Luxara was the one to break the silence, "Well, if you have nothing else to say and you have learned your lesson, I will take my leave. Good day." She prepared to take off.

"W-wait," Cecil stuttered. "Um… what's it like outside of this forest."

"I wouldn't know." Luxara replied. "I have never left this forest."

"Really? Don't birds migrate, fly around for food?"

"Again with the stupid questions." Luxara sighed, "Why don't you look around you? This forest already has everything I need. There is no need for me to go do any wandering outside of this forest." Luxara studied him a little. "You want to know what is beyond you're little town, right?"

"How did you know?"

Luxara sighed again, "You live in a small village isolated by almost everything, you are usually in here, and you're asking me these types of questions. Kind of obvious right?"

"Then do you know a way out of the forest on the other side?" Cecil asked with his eyes aglow.

Luxara studied him once again, "Planning to run away are you? Yes, I do but I wouldn't recommend it to you. The forest is miles on both sides and there is nothing really suitable for human consumption. I believe the best bet is that ship that ports every week in your little village."

Cecil suddenly realized that she knew a lot of what had been happening that he never mentioned. "How did you-?"

"Because I observe that go around in your village, stupid. How else?"

Cecil stood silenced for a while to think. If he were to get on the ship then he could get out of the town and then travel the world but that was also very dangerous. The ship doesn't like to carry passengers and he didn't know what they did with stowaways. He definitely did not want to want to follow his father's path and his parents would not support his decision, he wanted live his life the way he saw fit.

"Well?" Luxara asked.

"I'll do it." Cecil said determined.

"Then I'll come to."

"W-what?" Cecil stammered.

"I'll come. Living here has gotten boring and I would like to see what other humans do. Plus I'm useful, more useful then you'll ever be." Added Luxara.

Cecil thought about it and then said, "Fine. You can join me."

"As though I need your permission." Luxara replied. "I'll meet you when the ship docks again. You figure how to get yourself aboard the ship in the mean time."

"Alright." Cecil gathered up his things and was about to head home till he looked back and found Luxara gone.

When Cecil got home, his mother and father greeted him. He handed the things he had gathered in the woods to his mother and went with his father for his medicinal lesson. At the end of the day he sat up in bed thinking about his parents. If he ran away it would be like betraying his parents and all their expectations of him. He thought how hurt they would be when they found him gone with nothing but a letter telling them that he was gone just to explore the world. How worried they would when he was gone. He sat up contemplating all these things, but the same words kept floating to his head 'I want to live my life on how I want'. These words strengthened his resolve but his doubts remained.