Press play:

It begins with a dream

And ends with happily ever after.

The End.

Roll credits.

Too bad it always ends the same.

It's a rented movie.

Spend six dollars to see

The same story replayed

Over and over and over.

I want to see some new action

Where the hero dies

And villains run the world.

Where the only ending

Is a new dark beginning:

And the sequel actually is

Better than the original.

People die.

Coins rust.

Everything we've ever owned

Will one day turn to dust.

Love breaks hearts

Trust tears people apart

Harsh reality

Or just reality itself?

Humanity brings us together

Imperfection tears us apart.

Is escaping our only acceptable reaction?

Escape to another world:

Where princesses are always super sweet.

Where kings rule Great kingdoms.

And you know every word

To life's happily ever after.

An over-played chick flick

Calls your predictable name.

And I'll live my life:

The life that was never meant to be replayed.