He felt so hollow inside as he sat on the curb beneath the crane, eating his peanut butter sandwich, the same lunch he had eaten every day for the past week. He sat there wondering if this was all he'd do for the rest of his life- pound nails into a bunch of boards until it made someone else's immaculate house, the likes of which he knew he would never have.

As usual, it started to rain, not a downpour or even enough to be uncomfortable, but just a slight, gentle sprinkle. Although it made him cold, and he knew it would make working conditions harder, he had to admit that he enjoyed the rain. It gave him a sense that the clouds understood him, even with a sense of sadness in the rain, above it all there were beautiful, immaculate clouds, with a silver lining and sun bursting around them as if to say: I know how you feel.

He looked at his watch. Yup. It was 1:30, and Mrs. Morris was right on schedule. He watched as she exited the little gift shop on the corner. Once again, the young man was inside waiting for her. She grabbed hold of his arm as he walked slowly across the busy street with the small frail woman like he had done every day for the last week and a half at least.

Jason took another bite of his sandwich. He wondered what Mrs. Morris would do if that boy weren't there to help her every day. It was a small act and only took about a minute, but meant the world to her, he was sure. Jason's thoughts were soon interrupted by loud beeping of a truck backing up on his jobsite.

Well, I ought to get back to work, he thought as he threw away his lunch sack. He paused for a minute before heading back to work to watch Mrs. Morris give the boy a wet kiss on the cheek like elderly women always seem to. The boy smiled and sent Mrs. Morris on her way. Though most boys his age would complain of doing that every day, or grow impatient of how slow she walked, that boy was always so glad to do it.

It made Jason think of his grandmother. He decided to go visit her after work that day. His life seemed so pointless sometimes, and he wondered if helping her out for a while would give him a sense of accomplishment and put him in a better mood.