I remember the time when I accidentally wore all blue and I looked like a bunch of swatches of fabric had been sewn together haphazardly.

"Look, I'm the sky," I said and spun around in a circle with my arms held out.

"You're not the sky," he said and laughed, but he didn't know that it hurt me.

(I've liked nights with their darkness and lack of blue skies the most ever since that time. I think it's because the daytime sky wouldn't let me be sky, too.)


We stand out in his front yard and stare at the night sky and hold hands. A streak of light flies through the black and lights up our eyes for just a moment.

"Quick, a shooting star. Make a wish," he said. I wiggle the fingers of the hand that aren't grasping his and frown.

"Shooting stars can grant wishes if they like it enough. But they're not required to," I say. It is the first thing that pops into my mind and I know it is right.


The moon is a cresent and it is very bright. To its right are two specks too large to be stars but not big enough to be aircraft. They are Jupiter and Mars in the night sky, staring down at us. I stare out my window at them, thinking that if I stare long enough they will come into focus and I will be able to see Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto and I will also see the red, bubbling surface of Mars.

But they stay small and blink on and off unil after one in the morning when I blink out and fall asleep against the cool glass of the window.


The other day I heard him say that he thought one of the most beautiful things in the universe was a single star shining from a blanket of black, all alone and yet undaunted.

I wish that I could change my name to 'star,' even though I know he will never think of me as the most beautiful thing in the universe.

Author's Note: I've decided that I am going to start putting the author's note down here at the bottom. It seems like it makes more sense, no? Oh, well, anyhow. This one is mainly about the night sky, because it truly is beautiful. I wrote this in the middle of the night, and, yes, I was staring out my window at Jupiter and Mars next to a cresent moon.