Kye: Give me that 2X4 please?
Braden: (sexually) This 2X4?
Kye: If anything that would be a 1X2.

Oh burn! Enjoy!

Being involved in the dramatic arts isn't just for girls and gays.

Yes, I understand that, that statement is very blunt, but I happen to be a very very straight twenty-one year old male, and my major is that of theatre.

You see, back in high school, I was one of the lead quarterbacks for my school, but had to take a 'performing arts' credit to graduate. Lame, I thought so too. I mean drama was for pussies; at least that was my mentality at first. In the middle of September, at practice, I some how ended up 'fucking up' my knee, and was advised that I shouldn't play football for the rest of the year in order for it to heal up. It sucked some major balls, and at this point in time, I was in the dreaded drama class.

Well, to cut the story short, I ended up acting in one of the school plays, and I was bitten by the acting bug. I did end up going back to football, but I always made time to do the plays, and I won't lie, I love doing musicals.

Again, I am a very very straight twenty-one year old male.

This also happens to be my last year, the year I'll graduate with my degree, and hopefully go on and get a job, possibly become famous, who knows.

First rehearsal of the school year is here actually. Our thespian troupe is putting on 'Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street,' and of course I hit the lead role of Sweeney Todd. I am rather talented, if I do say so myself.

I took my seat in the house of the theatre (front row, dead center), and focus my attention on Mrs. Terk, she was one of the lead theatre arts professors in the state, and before teaching had directed over thirty shows and been in even more. She also happened to keep my ego in check. Which I had to tip my hat to her, that wasn't a very easy task. For the first rehearsal, she would stand on the stage alone and tell us about the show, give out the scripts, have everyone introduce themselves, then hand out papers that were a contract of sorts. Everyone in the cast had to keep a 3.0 GPA or above, and was only allowed to miss one rehearsal, unless there was an emergency. She ran a very strict program, but our shows turned out to be top notch, and always worth the time and energy. Plus, she was well connected, so some big names normally turned up, and these included people that could make your career go places.

Smiling down, and the crowd that had gathered, she looked down at her watch.

"4:45 pm, and I do believe that the entire cast and crew is here 15 minutes before the time I called for. Perfect, I expect this to happen for every rehearsal. If the call time in 6, I want everyone ready to be ready to go by 5:45, is this understood?"

A group of mumbled acceptance swept through the theatre; she gave a large smile.

"Good, now I would like you all to meet a very special someone."

This was new. Mrs. Terk glowed as a petite girl walked out from stage left wings, and stood center stage.

The girl exuded confidence, and clasped her hand in front of her, as she smiled out to the house.

Who the hell was she?

"This is Kye, she happens to be one of the top stage designers in the country under the age of twenty-one, and has spent the past summer working with some of the designers in the Chicago area. Also, she is one of the best master carpenters that the thespian competition had seen in years. With this, she had her pick of any college with a theatre tech program, and she has chosen ours."

You've got to be kidding me. This girl maybe stood 5'3" at most, her dark hair fell in waves, and she stood looking down at all of us, wearing a very feminine yellow dress; how the fuck was she suppose to built a set…use magic?

"Hello, I'm Kye as Mrs. Terk has already pointed out. I just graduate from Cyrus High School, down in Florida, and I looked at a multitude of colleges and universities, but the minute I stepped onto this campus and watched "You Can't Take It With You," I knew that this was the perfect college for me…"

And she kept on talking…priss.

When she finally stopped talking, most of the people in the house began to whisper. God damn, she wasn't that great.

Mrs. Terk smiled at the reaction from the others, and had Kye go and take a seat, which she planted herself right next to me. I couldn't help but scowl slightly, Mrs. Terk gave me a quick stern look.

This was going to be a joyous experience.

With the rehearsal process on its way, everything started getting kicked into high gear, and much to my annoyance, Kye had been at every rehearsal

And to make my eye twitch even more, her designs for the set were some of the best I've seen; oh, and did I mention that she also happen to be the center of the attention…all the time.

It's not like she was look at me, look at me. No, she was the opposite, she did all of her drawings, then a small scale replica of the set so the actors would know what they were in for, along with all the set pieces that would have to be brought in and out, and she knew her way around power tools more so then any other person I had ever saw. But did she ever play up that she was amazing…no. It was frustrating. Plus the fact that she never seemed to notice me.


I mean, I'm the fucking lead!

Today, she was walking around in her work clothes, with a tool belt resting lightly on her hips, and a large power drill in her delicate hand. The other men, well the ones that didn't bat for the other team, drooled as she walked past; a screw in her full lips as she looked at the wooden frame she had put together for the basic structure of the set.

Her hair had been thrown up into a ponytail, but some hairs had escaped the hold, and framed her face. The jeans she wore, look like they had been through hell and back, and then there was the matter of her top, a basic man's tank…black. I mean, not that I noticed or anything.

It was Saturday, and lunch break, but she seemed not to have noticed. Instead she stood center stage, scrutinizing her design; one hand on her hip, the other holding the powerful tool and turning it on and off in a rhythm.

"Excuse, Braden?"

My focus snapped to her, it was the first time I heard my name come from her lips. Her tone was her normal one, of sweetness and very relaxed.

"What?" My tone was harsh, but it didn't seem to disturb her.

"How strong are you?" She turned her eyes on me, and I was close enough for the first time to really see the striking amber color; they were large and innocent, Kye smiled up at me.

"Pretty strong, played football for a while."

"Well, that's nice. Do you think you can help me? If you know how to use a power drill that is." Stepping towards me, she waited expectantly. Her large eyes, almost dared me to say no, like she was waiting for it.

"Please, I'm a man, of course I know how to use a power drill. What do you need done?"

With her smile still in place she came even closer and handed over the weapon in her hand, "those two pieces over there need to butt against each other evenly, but due to there angle clamps won't hold them without making a dent. What I need you to do, is hold them together and drill please, I have to go get some more lumber. Here," she hand over three screws, her hand was so tiny compared to mine, "these will work fine…oh, and that drill packs some force, please be careful."

She didn't think I could handle it.

Well, I'll show her.

That drill packs some force.

Jutting the two pieces together, I tried to stabilize the screw, then I pulled my figure on the drill…the screw went flying, the drill hit the wood and made an indent in it, then I dropped the drill.

I heard a small giggle behind me.


I didn't turn around.

"Here, we'll do it together. Teamwork is the best way to do anything." Her voice was like little bells, and she knelt down beside me, picking up what I had dropped and producing another screw from her tool belt.

"Please hold the wood together…tight, no gaps." Scowling, I did as she asked.

"Just don't drill into my hands."

With an eye roll an a chuckle, I was responded with, "Trust me, I know how to handle a power drill quite well."

Bad, bad thoughts, my hands almost slipped off the wood, she didn't mean it that way.

Putting the screw in the place I had previously, she placed a small hand on mine. Then as if it were the simplest thing on earth, the drill was on, the screw was in. She did it two more times, then smiled up at me.

"Thank you. That helped me out, you might want to go grab lunch, I've got it from here."

With a scowl in place I nodded and stood up.

I was just shown up by a little tiny girl, I was slightly stunned.

For the most part, my lines were memorized, and I had the songs down pat. Rehearsals where becoming rather difficult, with the whole class doing different work out video's before each rehearsal to help increase out stamina.

Today we had just finished this intense aerobic one where some of the cast had to sit out. Of course, I wasn't one of them. Mrs. Terk, gave us a nice and very welcomed fifteen minute break; the majority just laid where they had been during the workout, not wanting to move. With an eye roll, I made my way to the back of the stage.

Someone was coming down from one of the lofts, that held the lumber…wait no, that was Kye.

She looked to be struggling a bit.

Everything happened in slow motion, one minute I'm watching her, the next I see the lumber become unsteady in her arms and fall, causing her to loose her balance. I really don't know how, but I ran and got there in time to help break her fall…not very gracefully, more of I caught her in my arms, and then fell from the running and stopping quickly, and then the catching the falling girl.

"Oh my god, oh my god." It was all she seemed to be able to say. Still on me, she turned to see me.

"Oh my god, Braden…please tell me that you are okay, I didn't hurt you. Thank you so much. I don't know how to repay you. I don't know what happened. Oh my god, are you okay. Why aren't you speaking? Oh no. Please be okay. Please say something."

With wide eyes, and her hair creating a curtain over us, I tried to steady my breathing, she felt good, "I'll say something when you give me time to speak."

Yes, my voice was gruff, and my hands were resting on her hips. I closed my eyes, and continued to try to steady my breathing. Vanilla, she smelt like vanilla, it was an inviting smell.

"Braden, I'm so sorry. Thank god you were here. Are you okay? I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt on my behalf. Can you please look at me?"

Opening my eyes, I was met with her innocent ones, "you caught me, saved my life, how are you feeling?"

"Well, I feel like I just had a 45 minute work out, now I have a barely five foot girl laying on top of me." I tried to look bored, and she laughed at. She has a nice laugh. I smirked in spite of myself.

"I happen to be a nice five feet and two an a half inches, thank you very much. Nothing on your, what? Six foot and three fourths?"

How the hell did she do that? She smiled as if she had read my mind, "I've been working with measurements for about eight years now, I'm not to bad with guess-amating the length of something…but I always use a tape measure or ruler, and I always triple check. Well, this has been great time of fun, but I should get to the saw, and cut this wood. Thanks again with the saving my life thing."

With that, she pushed herself off of me, and picked up her fallen lumber, then she was out the door.

She was like nothing I'd ever met before.

Every thing was coming together; which was good considering the show would open in less then a three weeks time. It was Sunday, a tech day, which I had never really attended until this point in time. Sure, I had helped out…but Sunday was football day. Why was I here now?

Kye was about to begin painting her, well, fucking awesome set. And I happened to give up my normal Sunday with the guys, watching football to help her out. Granted it seemed like most of the other straight males in the cast had come as well, and then there were the normal techies who always seemed to be around.

She smiled over at everyone, explaining the painting concepts, which sounded difficult, then she put us into teams with one tech person being in charge of each different group. Except, she didn't put herself in charge of a group, in fact, she went off and did something completely different. I couldn't believe it.

Grumbling, I picked up the paint roller, and began applying the white base coat. I was the star of this show, and I was painting the set. All because of some infuriating girl. I have no idea why I even came.

"Braden, I'm glad you came out to help." Her voice made me jump, I turned around quickly holding up my paint roller, and happened to splatter her with white paint. She laughed. For the first time, in a long while, I blushed.

"Fuck, Kye, I'm sorry." I tried to whip it off, which only ended up making it worse. Then I continued to babble like an idiot.

"Braden…would you relax, this is what happens when you deal with set. You get a little messy sometimes, hell I put no effort in to what I look most of the time anyway, I always end up covered in saw dust or paint." She laughed again, and stood up on tip toe, and ran her thumb right under my bottom lip, "See, you got paint on you as well."

I had to give a small chuckle, and I noticed some of the guys darkened expressions, "You should get back to work soldier, I've gots me some details to paint." And she left, with a strange grace about her, one that I could only assume came from moving set pieces on and off stage in the dark and not being noticed by anyone.

By the time it was the lunch break at one, I'll admit to being a little worn out; it was slightly more difficult then I had first thought it to be. The repitive motion, then the having to lift and move, then paint, then lift and move, then second coat, then once more…for five hours. Kye would come around every now and then to help out, and give little tips. Her positive and up beat attitude was addictive, and it was during the break that I went to look for her. She was the one who would grab food, and continue working, and I found her with work goggles on, making cuts on a piece of wood with a table saw. With the cuts being done, she picked up the piece of lumber, that was longer then herself, and several other pieces and set them on a table.

"You're really good at this." It was a statement. She looked up, somewhat surprised.

"Oh hey. Just making some final cuts, nothing fancy. One of the set pieces I was working on needed more support, don't want anyone getting hurt now do we?" Kye took off her goggles and smiled at me, her hair covered slightly in saw dust, and paint smudged on her face; she looked like she was in heaven.

"Well, can I help with anything?"

"Nope, I'll do it after lunch, I'm famished, and I here a good ole PB and J calling my name. Thanks again Braden for coming, I know you're more into the whole acting center stage spot light deal, but it means a lot to me that you are helping with this." It was a slap in the face, but at the same time she was grateful that I was there and that made my chest swell up a bit. With a pat on my arm, she left, and I couldn't help but follow.

"What do you mean I'm 'more into the whole acting center stage spot light deal?'" Sure my voice held some harshness to it, but when she turn and looked up at me, she smiled and shook her head.

"I saw 'You Can't Take It With You.' I saw you in it. When you come on the stage, the attention goes to you, it's just the kind of guy you are. Me on the other hand make a point not to be noticed, I'm like a ninja, you'll never know when I'm around."

"Like that could ever happen," I mumbled under my breathe, her smile widened.

"I heard that." With that, she grabbed my hand and dragged me out to lunch.

The last rehearsal before opening night, was one filled with all the tech, a tech run. The set was complete and caused your mouth to drop slightly, Kye had some natural talent, a gift, whatever you wanted to call it; and she had all the scene changes running flawlessly, all being done in under twenty seconds, but she wanted under fifteen by the end of the night.

To see her in action was amazing.

From head to toe, she was clad in black, and moved delicately across the stage so no noise was heard, but at the same time moved like lightning. She requested to do several scene changes with the lights on, so she could film them and see where changes could be made to make them more efficient. This girl knew how to put it all together.

"So what did you think?" Kye had created a habit of sneaking up on me, I turned and saw her pretty face, smiling up at me.

"Impressive, I don't think I could manage it." Yes, I have had several slices of humble pie over the past several weeks. Giving her a sheepish grin, I ran a hand through my hair, which was a bad idea, considering I was in full make-up and costume.

"I don't think you could either." With a smirk, she turned and bounded back stage.

Opening night, the house had been filled to maximum capacity, and the show went off mainly with out a hitch. Everything for the most part ran like a well oiled machine, and at the end we received a standing ovation…the full cast took bows, smiled, and waved at the audience. If only the audience knew what went on behind the scenes, to see what truly made this play. In my six years of doing this, it was the first time that thought had crossed my mind, and as the curtains closed for the final time, I held my ground till the audience could be seen no more, then I went off to find the only person I really wanted to talk to.

Kye was sitting on the fly rail, kicking her legs back and forth, as if this had just been a walk in the park for her.

"You were fantastic, and your crew, it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Simply amazing." I picked her up and swung her around, her arms around my neck, and when I placed her back on the ground neither one of us let go of the other.

"You were pretty amazing as well, I mean doing the whole acting and singing thing, I guess you were okay," Kye smiled up, with laughter in her eyes, and she moved a hand to my cheek, "Did I ever tell you that it was your performance last year that made me want to come here?"

I spluttered, not the most attractive thing to do in the world, but I couldn't help it, I wasn't expecting news like this. She went on like she didn't notice, and her fingers softly traced my jaw line, almost absent mindedly, as if she just needed something to do with her hand.

"I saw the passion you had, the love of it all, and I figured that if that could come through, I don't know, after watching you on stage I knew this would be the place for me. Silly, huh? But I'm glad, I do lov…"

I couldn't help myself, she was there in my arms, with a slight blush rising to her cheeks, as she told me that I was the reason she picked this college.

I kissed her.

I kissed the most amazing girl in the entire world, and she kissed me back.

I felt her smile against my lips, then she deepened the kiss: she ran her tongue over my bottom lip slightly, giving it a light nip which caused me to press her even closer to me, with that her hands went to my hair, then she laughed against my lips. Pulling back, I gave her a questioning look.

"The kiss was amazing it's just…" Kye smiled and gave me a small kiss, "I'm kissing Sweeney Todd."

She giggled, and I made some sort of face, then had to laugh along with her.

"Wonder how many girls can say that," she smirked at me.

"Wonder how many guys can say they kissed a girl who handles power tools better then them." I gave her another kiss, a small one, and smiled as she mumbled into my lips, "I can handle power tools better then most people in general."

"You are quite cocky."

"And you know cocky."

"I saved your life."

"After all this time, you bring that up now," she shook her head and smiled up at me,

"I'm just saying, I think you owe me." Resting my hands on her hip, I smiled, being around her, was the same feeling as being center stage.

"And to what, Braden, do I owe you?" Kye, rested her arms around my neck, her bright face causing my mood to lift even higher.

"Will you like to on a date with me, after I get out of character, and help clean up everything."

"I think I could manage that. Then my debt to you will be paid off?"

"Oh no, cause I'm going to ask you out again and again and again."

We smiled at each other like idiots, she helped stabilize me, keep my ego in check.

"I wouldn't want it any other way."

*Curtain comes in, fade to black, and they live happily ever after…the end*

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