With his body aching all over, Adam opened his eyes and saw a bright light up above him. He realized his mask had been removed and that he was lying on a soft mattress. He sat up and the pain in his right arm increased substantially. The pain caused him to scream as he sat the rest of the way up. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Matt sat up immediately at the sound of his cousin's screaming. "What the heck?" he wondered. "Where are we at?"

"Huh? Oh Matt, you're woke," Adam grunted as he looked over to Matt.

"How the heck did we get here?"

"Where is here?

"I don't know, maybe that thing brought us here." Matt looked around, on his left there was Adam lying on a blow up mattress with ripped clothes and blood all over him. On his right there was a pile of couch pillows with Ryan lying on it. When he looked down he found that he was on a black couch with soft cushions. "This place is familiar."

"You can say that again," Ryan said as he sat up. "Look at the walls." When the three boys looked at the walls, they noticed photos hanging in frames. As they studied the photos, they quickly found that they were in the house of Matt's two brothers, David and Tariq. "What the hell are we doing here?" Ryan asked as he tried to stand up.

"I don't know," Matt replied. "But this can't be good. "

"Well you guys certainly aren't very good at your jobs," David said as he stepped in the room from the back of the house. "I can't believe that for these two years you idiots were the Legendary Warriors." The three boys were all in shock to hear him say that. "And then you didn't tell anybody that's why you guys were always running off. Adam, your mom would kill you two clowns if she knew."

"Listen dude, you can't tell," Matt began. "We didn't plan this and-"

"Yeah whatever save it," David said cutting Matt off. "You guys always have some lame excuse for why you're never there, but there's nothing you can say to cover this up. I already called Ummi and Adam's mom."

"What?" Adam said as he jumped up ignoring the sharp pain in his arm. "Why the heck did you do that? You idiot! I'm gonna' hurt you!"

"Sit down you idiot, your arm is broken. You won't be hurting anyone today. Besides, I didn't tell on you retards. They called me and Tariq to see if you guys were here because nobody could find you guys at school and after another attack from one of those bio-blunders they were about to have heart attacks. So when Tariq and I found you idiots we couldn't tell anyone so we just brought you here. Imagine our surprise when R.J called to see if you guys were alright after this monster attack made the news across the country."

"R.J called?" Matt asked.

"Naw, I just said that because he told me too," David sarcastically replied.

"Why'd he call you guys?"

"He didn't, he called your cell phone. He's on his way out here now, I told him to come out for this one. I told him if he didn't I'd expose all of you guys. So now he's on his way from New Jersey."

"Oh crap, that thing! We have to stop it somehow," Ryan said as he stood up. "Maybe with Zero we can stop him."

"That weakling?" Matt asked. " I'm stronger than him. Even you're stronger than him now!"

"Well he's not the one covered in blood who just got their ass handed to them," David said with a smile. "Maybe you guys need him."

"Yeah Matt," Adam said as he held his arm in pain. "Besides, with my arm broken I only have half my strength."

"Whatever, once I get a little more rest I'm going back after that freak and I'm gonna' destroy him!"

"Shut the hell up," David said as he walked over to Matt. "You idiot. Stop acting like you're so tough because obviously you're not! Now, either you can wait for R.J and y'all can go as a team or I can just expose you idiots. Right now, Ummi just thinks I went looking for you guys and made y'all stay here until the monster leaves and it's safe for y'all to go out."

Matt stood there with an angry look on his face as the other boys all looked at him. He balled his fists and then opened them. He knew he was trapped, so he gave in. "Whatever, I'm going to go wash up."

"Hurry up then, they need to wash off too, you guys are covered in blood and sweat."

"See how clean you are after fighting a giant monster," Ryan said as he walked past David.

"My arm still hurts," Adam complained.

"That's because it's broken you idiot," Ryan replied. "You're a weakling, your baby bones couldn't handle the fight."

"Shut up, you got beat up too," Adam responded. "I need to get to the hospital or something. "

"Unless you want your mom to find out what really happened we can't go to the hospital," David answered. "You'll just have to wrap up your arm and not use it for a while."

"Yeah but it still hurts," Adam whined.

"Even with superpowers you're a wimp Adam. God, you suck. Your mom needs to cut the cord, you're too old to act like a baby."

"Shut up you big eared loser," Adam angrily said.

"No Adam he's right," Ryan interrupted. "Every time you get a scrape or something Mom's acting like you broke your neck or something. She still kisses you on the lips and every morning you go to her room and say 'good morning mommy,' and give her a kiss like a little baby."

"Damn Adam, you're a big-time baby," Tariq came in. "And you run around in your pajamas calling yourself a superhero."

"Shut up fagot," Adam said as he got up. "Matt made this and it's called a costume stupid."

"Whatever you guys all look gay."

"You look gay," Ryan said. "I look way better than you."

Changing the subject, Adam questioned, "now what are we supposed to do?"

"R.J said he'd leave right away so depending on his speed he should be here in a little while."

"How long ago did he leave?" Adam asked.

"About four hours, so maybe in two more he'll be here, unless he flies really slow."

"R.J can't fly," Ryan stated. "He has to do that stupid ice thing, like skiing."

"Well whatever," David continued. "Once he gets here you guys can sleep and then tomorrow you guys can try fighting that bio-blunder again."

"That's no regular bio-blunder," Matt interrupted. He wiped away water from his face after just coming from washing blood off himself. He kept his tattered costume on because he didn't have his change of clothes. "His energy felt totally different. He's got some different source of power."

"What? It didn't feel different to me," Adam added.

"Now that I think about it, it did feel funny," Ryan said. "But then again he looked funny too."

"Yeah what was up with that anyways," Adam asked. "Every time we hurt him, that green energy came up and then he grew bigger and tougher."

"Yeah, cause when I first found him he was just a little boy and then he punched me through the roof and the fight started."

"Adam, go wash the blood off your self so I can deal with your arm," David ordered. "I'll do some research on this thing, maybe there's something about him. He did look like something from my book."

"Your book?" Matt asked. "What book?"

"I'm in an advanced mythology class and I think I've seen him before."

"Everyone conveniently has a mythology class," Matt said. "What's up with that?"

"Well maybe they like to be prepared," Tariq said as he sat down on the couch. "Anyways, while David works on that, you bozos should go to sleep."

"Sleep?" Ryan asked as if he'd never been told to rest.

"Yeah, it's nighttime idiot. You guys were knocked out for a while."

"So why should we sleep then?"

"Because Ryan, if you stay up you won't have enough energy to fight tomorrow and you'll get your ass kicked again."

"Ah, whatever loser. I'm gonna' be doing the ass kicking tomorrow." With that, Ryan left the room. Matt and Tariq sat in silence until Matt decided to turn on the TV. The night was young but the Legendary Warriors were already taking off to rest. Their next day would be exciting and full of adventure.

On his way to join the other heroes was none other than R.J Storm, aka Zero. He was already speeding through Minnesota and he was quickly running out of energy. He'd already gone through Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania without a break. Creating the ice and speeding through on it was tiring. He only managed to make it so far without resting because he was in the Hyper Warrior state.

Spiraling up and down through the clouds in the cold, dark night, Zero finally made it into South Dakota. "Now I just need to find Badlands City," Zero said as he slid down past a sign welcoming him to South Dakota. "I just hope I don't run into that monster guy before I meet up with the guys. If he took out all three of them then I don't stand a chance by myself. Even though I am stronger than all of them. Plus I'm tired now so I'm not at full strength."

Zero soon landed atop the roof of a liquor store where he found a group of gangsters hanging out. "Hey," Zero said as he flipped off the roof. "Any of you know the way to Badlands City?"

Instead of answering the question, the gangsters took out guns and pointed them at Zero. "You freak," one of the shirtless thugs said. "You done stepped into the wrong hood now bitch! Your ass should of stayed in hiding. Your ass is 'bouta get killed now. We don't like goody-goodies and we don't really appreciate blue around here!"

"No wait guys," Zero said as he held his hands up. "I'm not here to fight or bust you. I just need directions."

"I'll give you directions, straight to your grave biotch!" At once the gangsters all opened fire at Zero. Quickly the hero created a wall of ice around himself to shield him from the bullets. But the ice was cracking, and Zero couldn't afford to use too much energy on the wall because he still had to find a way to leave. So when the ice thinned to the point to where he could see through it, Zero charged up his energy. He looked around and used his energy to create small ice hands behind his enemies.

Before they froze completely solid, the ice hands caught hold of the gangsters. Trapped in icy prisons, the gangsters were unable to attack Zero. Zero walked over to the gangsters while panting from his loss of energy. "Okay now," he said pausing to breathe. "How the hell do I get to Badlands City?"

"It's the...the next... town over, just take the 90 freeway down and exit at the 73," one thug sputtered out.

"I don't know freeways!" Zero said as he faced the grunting gangster.

"Just... just...go straight from here until you get to the next freeway and keep going that way until you spot a big science lab, then you're in Badlands."

"Ah, the science lab. That's where I got these powers in the first place. I'll recognize it when I see it. Thanks boys, nice doing business with you." Zero began to slide of when he heard one of the thugs yelling to him. "What?" he asked.

"Ain't you gonna' let us go?"


"What? But you said you weren't here to bust us!"

"I wasn't but you shot at me! Besides, I'm pretty sure you haven't been good little boys anyways." With that, the hero took off again. He headed to his cousins' house as fast as he could. But the use of his energy turned him back into regular form. Regardless, he was on his way to Badlands City.

An hour or so later he finally arrived at the proper city and called his cousins for further instructions to the house. After getting directions, Zero headed for the streets and looked for his cousins' house. It took him a while, but finally he managed to find the house around 12 am but David was still up doing research.

As he opened the door, David looked at Zero and said, "Bout time loser." But Zero said nothing. He literally just walked in and fell right on the floor and immediately dozed off to sleep. "Idiot," David said as he shut the door.

The next day David was still up doing his research and Tariq was at school. Adam and R.J were still asleep but Matt and Ryan had just woken up. They'd immediately turned on the TV to check the news on their latest foe. "After the attack from another bio-blunder almost half the city is left in ruins," the reporter announced. "Still no sign of where he or she or it is at the present moment. Firemen had trouble putting out the fires caused by it yesterday as well as saving the people trapped nearby."

"I kinda forgot about those fires," Ryan admitted. "I'm surprised we weren't burned."

"My brothers came and got us remember," Matt reminded him. "Otherwise we would've either burned, or somebody else would've found out our secret ids."

"Police investigators have found no actual leads on who was the one responsible for the attack," the newsman continued. "Or why they did it for that matter. After suffering a terrible defeat the city's costumed defender's have disappeared once more. Police chief Arnold Hayes says they may be to blame for the attack and that this may just be a wild scam of theirs. He says and I quote, 'those kids are finally showing their true colors. This supposed defeat is nothing but their attempt to cover their tracks.' That's all I have today, out in the remains of the Southern side of Badlands City, I'm Micheal Namswen for channel 4 news."

"Of course," Ryan angrily said. "Those freak'n cops would have to try and blame us. I haven't even been here in a while and when I come back they try to say we did everything."

"'That's just their cover up,'" Matt mocked. "That's just the cover up police use when they can't do their jobs right. This kind of crap is annoying."

"Seriously. We should go beat them up."

"No. We should go find that kid. Catch him by surprise and bring him in for questioning."

"Speaking of which," R.J cut in. "I have a question for you guys. Why didn't you guys call me for help yesterday?"

"Your weak self wouldn't have been much help," Matt retorted.

"I'm stronger than you," R.J protested.

"You took forever to get here," Ryan interrupted. "So either way there's nothing to argue about, you weren't there." Ryan was trying to ease the tension in the room. He knew Matt had a "slight problem" with R.J. And when R.J was the first to become Hyper Warrior and became stronger than Matt that really tore it. While he never said anything, Matt made it pretty obvious that he was determined to prove he was better.

So he wasn't about to let R.J out of this like that, no matter how much Ryan wanted him to. "You wanna' prove that fatso?" Matt said pointing out R.J's slight weight gain.

"Shut up," R.J replied. "Like I told you last time, we have more important things to worry about right now."

"Like I thought, you're a punk! You always have some crappy excuse. We don't even know where this guy is or how to find him. We have no current occupations so there's no reason we can't do a little sparring."

"I'm not a punk, and that just means we should look for a lead. There's more to this hero thing and superpowers than fighting."

"I know that, but there's also no room for cowardliness."

"You mean responsibility? There's no room for your irresponsibility! That's what there's no room for! You always want to fight, you have issues! Why don't you take your egotistical self and get out of here, we'll deal with this part and call you when we need someone to fight."

"Ah shut up you little wimp! I knew you'd be scared. I'll find this guy myself and when I beat him, you're next!"

"You can't be serious, you'll end up dead."

"Not if I go," Ryan added.

"Whatever, just don't be wimpy like R.J."

"Ha-ha, very funny," R.J sarcastically said as he turned his back on Matt and Ryan. "Ryan, if you guys find him call us, we'll be there immediately."

"Whatever," Ryan said as he picked up his mask to put it on. "Thunder, out!"

The two Legendary Warriors Black Lightn' and Thunder headed off, leaving R.J and Adam with David. They hadn't had time to fix up their ragged costumes so they didn't look their best. Not to mention they'd left without bathing or grooming themselves. They didn't have clothes to change into so a bath would've been pointless. Besides, they'd cleaned themselves up as much as they could the previous night anyways.

The two heroes spiraled through the early morning sky of Badlands City. Half the city was just like what they'd heard: a ruined wasteland. The buildings lay burnt and demolished, the people were dead and those who weren't were evacuated because of the fires. The streets were covered in ash and rubble as well as toppled cars and other vehicles. There was a grayish fog about the air in that half of the city and there seemed to be no life there.

"This looks familiar," Thunder said as he dashed up beside Black Lightn'.

"Nefarious is gone now, remember?" Black Lightn' said.

"Yeah but Omeganef was never defeated really."

Black Lightn' came to a stop as he reviewed the battle with Omeganef in his mind. He remembered how he was lying about the floor while Omeganef painfully crawled over. "Y-Y-you..." he struggled to mutter. "Y-y-you bastard. You're no good. Who do you think you are? Y-you're no hero! I am a true hero, my father was a true hero. I'm n-n-n-not done with you. s-s-soon, soon I shall make my return, I will de-stroy you. I will be the hero and everyone will know it."

"B.L you okay?" Thunder asked as he noticed Black Lightn' had stopped. "Dude?"

"Omeganef..." Black Lightn' muttered. "His energy signature was of a greenish color."

"You don't think it could be him do you?" Thunder wondered.

" it couldn't be," Black Lightn' said as he came to. "His energy is different. This was more like a fiery energy. And you saw this guy's face didn't you?"

"Yeah... so?"

"You said he looked like a little boy, Max was older than me."

"Oh yeah, I forgot."

"So we're back to square one, just who is this guy and what does he want?"

"Couldn't be money, and usually people say if they want power or they attack the one with whatever power they want. Maybe revenge?"

"On who?"

"Oh yeah, I didn't think about that."

"Hmm, maybe we should patrol as regular people."


"Because, you've seen him already right?"


"So you'll recognize him when you see him in regular or as a monster."

"I'd recognize him in hero form too."

"Yeah but in regular form he wouldn't recognize you, we'd have an advantage duh."

"Oh yeah, that's right. We're about to kick his ass and he won't see it coming. But how the heck are we supposed to get in regular form, we don't have our clothes."

"We'll have to fly to get them then."

"Alright let's go." The two heroes rushed off, heading first to Matt's home. They flew lower, just above the ground creating waves of dust and debris. They spiraled through the streets and piles of trash with immense speed. "I haven't flown like this in forever," Thunder admitted.

The wind blew on their faces as they dodged past busted up cars in the street as well as trash that fluttered in the air. "Yeah," Black Lightn' said as he flew through a truck's windows. "We haven't had a big enemy like this in a while either."

"What about those thugs in Ramadan? Or Eugene and his gang of bio-blunders? You don't consider them big?"

"We've all faced tougher foes since then. Me and you even became level two. I've faced one of Max's accomplices, you've fought that creep lizard lady. Even Adam's gotten stronger. Just that weakling R.J hasn't improved. He's been too busy with his girlfriend."

"Still? What's up with him and her?"

"I don't know but when I went out there and helped those times his energy always seems to be the same. He isn't doing anything! I know they don't have as many bio-blunders as we do because this is where it all started but still, he could train in case something big does happen like Max returning."

"I guess."

"I'm not always going to help that coward out, I only help for others, not him. It isn't my fault he's so stupid and weak. He's too caught up in TV life, he wants the girl, the powers, and the life of a TV actor. R.J's just a clown, that's what he is."

"Oh." Thunder and Black Lightn' curved up into the air. They continued their trip to Matt's house to get clothes to change into.

Meanwhile, back at David and Tariq's apartment, R.J and Adam were up talking. They'd cleaned up the bed messes and were eating breakfast."So how do you plan to fix this?" Adam asked R.J.

"I don't know but Matt and Ray running off doesn't help. I guess Matt just doesn't want to admit that I'm stronger than him, he wants to be the leader."

"Well he has gotten stronger since last time we were all together," Adam added. "Maybe he is stronger now."

"No way, I can feel his energy! He thinks his is higher than mine because I suppressed it the other times and last night I was worn out. I keep my energy low around him so he doesn't be stupid and try fighting me. I don't know what his ego problem is but he needs to get rid of it soon. If he'd really gotten much stronger I'd sense it. I can tell you've gotten stronger though."

"I've been training ever sense Matt and Ryan got stronger, I needed to keep up."

"Well how about I help you train for reals?"

"You still train?"

"Yeah, duh."

"Matt said you stopped training once you got a girlfriend. He said you got fat and lazy."

"Damn Matt, he's so stupid. One of these days I will fight him, I'll kick his ass. I slowed my training but I haven't stopped training completely. Sure I've gained weight, but I am not fat."

"Hmm, maybe we should lay off the training though. Like you said, we may need our energy for the fight."

"Yeah you're right." R.J sipped his milk from his Corn Pops cereal and went to go wash his dishes. "You know, we should go patrol too. Knowing Matt, he probably rushed off all hotheaded not even having a plan."

"And Ray's just wanting to fight and make jokes about me, I know that's what they do."

"Yup, they're both idiots. But when we end up saving them, they'll have to admit that we're just as good as or better than them."

"I wish I could fix my costume before we leave. I have a hole on my back, my legs have big rips in them and my right arm's got a stupid white wrap on it."

"How'd you get your arm broken anyways?"

"I fell on it during the fight."

"But the gem supposedly enhanced our bodies. It would take some major falling to break our bones. It's like we drank five billion gallons milk for like nine thousand years or something."

"Well apparently that monster was working out for over nine thousand years."

"Does your arm hurt?"

"Kinda'. Not as bad as it should I guess."

"Would you be able to use it in a fight?"

"No, I can't really get energy to charge up, I don't know. I guess I damaged the energy flow or something."

"Damn, that sucks. We could use everything we've got."

"I'll still give what I've got. We're the Legendary Warriors, we don't let small stuff like this stop us."

"That's true, Legends to the end!"

"If you bozos don't mind," David interrupted. "I think I found something."

"Cool!" R.J and Adam rushed off into David's bedroom. He was on a website that cliamed to have info and a background story for the montser. Before they reviewed the site, they decided to contact Matt and Ryan to inform them of the news. Adam pulled out his phone and called his cousin. But to his annoyance, there was no answer.

Black Lightn's phone was ringing but he had no time to answer, he and Thunder were engaged in battle with a gang of drug dealers. As bullets raced by, Black Lightn' was closing in on the crooks. "No use running," he told the fiends. "I'm much faster than you!"

"And plus," Thunder added as he flipped to the ground. "There's two of us, you can't escape." Using his super speed, Thunder dashed out to the head of the group and punched the leader back into the crowd. "You're busted!"

Black Lightn' came running through the crowd, punching out crooks here and there. By the time he made it to the front, there was only one crook left standing. "Well Bob, how's it gonna' go?" he asked the thug. "Either I can pulverize you," he began.

"Or I can pound you!" Thunder said as he and Black Lightn' closed in on the crook. The man was shaking in fear with sweat pouring down his face. He looked this way and that, trying to find a way out. But he was surrounded, there was a hero on both sides, no chance of escape.

The two heroes both dashed in before the man could even blink. Thunder punched him in the stomach and Black Lightn' caught him by his collar. As the man let out a yelp, he fell unconscious in the hands of the hero. "Weakling," B.L said as he dropped the thug. "Well, I guess we should leave before the cops show up, they still don't like us. I wouldn't want officer Hayes to end up dead by a misfire."

"Those assholes need to layoff, don't they watch TV? After a while they're supposed to accept our heroics, we're supposed to be getting along now."

"Well they must've missed that episode. Anyways, let's get moving, we made it to the living part of the city but we haven't found the monster yet."

"Hey wasn't your phone ringing?" Thunder recalled.

"Oh yeah, it's problem that sissy R.J." B.L said as he pulled out his phone. "Where are you guys?" he said mocking R.J. He looked up his missed calls and found that it was Adam who'd called. He pressed the call button and waited for Adam to answer.

"Hello?" Adam said as he answered his phone.

"What did you clowns want, you almost ruined the fight."

"You guys were fighting the monster?"

"Yeah," B.L responded sarcastically.

"Did you win?" Adam asked, still unaware of his being mocked.

"Yeah, he's good now and we all went out for donuts to celebrate."

"Dang it Matt, this is serious."

"Well then don't be stupid. What did you want?"

"We got something on the giant."

"Really? What happened, what's his story?"

"Well, apparently he's some mythological man-beast thing from some goth nonsense."

"What? That's a lie, I've never heard of that."

"You're not goth duh!"

"Yeah but one of my weird friends is and she tells me about her books she reads and all the stuff she believes in. She never mentioned some fiery green monster thing that doesn't die."

"That's because he's not a monster. He's just a kid. Well sorta."


"Yeah, he's hundreds of years old."

"What? That's impossible, it's crazy!"

"Just listen. It says he was buried alive in a desert somewhere in Egypt with his gem."

"So we're battling some kind of mummy?"

"No. But the gem helped him just like how the red gem strengthened us and made us this way, he was done the same. But I guess his is stronger, he lived for all this time and he's still kicking butt. The thing says he was betrayed by someone and he will one day get up to seek revenge on that person."

"Of course, like all mummies."

"He's not a dang mummy! And I guess really he's not such a bad guy, I mean if you look at it, he's really just a victim."

"Funny cause he didn't seem like it when he was smacking us round yesterday, oh no. He was just a helpless child, an orphan in fact."

"He is an orphan!"

"Oh, well still."

"There's like no more except a few artist's renderings of his descriptions. There's a book but we have to order it and it won't come for a few days, even weeks maybe."

"Dang it. So there's nothing on his weaknesses, maybe what language he speaks?"

"Uh, no. I don't know what language, it wasn't too long ago so maybe it's Arabic he speaks."

"Don't you speak Arabic Adam?"

"Not anymore."

"What do you mean not anymore?"

"I forgot?"

"What? You idiot, how do you forget a language? Didn't your dad used to speak to you in Arabic?"

"Yeah but, we don't anymore."

"You're Egyptian, you used to be running around speaking Arabic pretending you knew something actually. Now you're telling me you forgot everything?"


"You doofis, I can't believe you can't speak Arabic anymore. You almost had something in common with him, we almost had communication. Thanks for ruining that."

"It's not my fault, my dad stopped doing that cause my mom didn't like being left out of our conversations."

"Whatever. So what, we're just supposed to wait until the book gets here to do anything?"

"Uhh, let me ask David," Adam said as he turned to his other cousin.

"Tell him to get his ass over here," David said. "Ummi's looking for him and she thinks he's outside. But she said call him in."

"He says to come back," Adam told B.L. "Your mom is looking for you."

"Dang it, she's always looking for me. Whatever I'll be over there in a few." Black Lightn' hung up his phone and turned to Thunder. "Let's go," he said. The two flipped into the air and sped off towards David's house. But just as they'd taken off they were nearly crashed by a speeding blue fireball that flew in between them.

"What the hell was that?" Thunder asked.

"I don't know," Black Lightn' said as he stopped in midair. "But we're about to find out, let's go!"

"Yeah!" The two turned Hyper Warrior and flew after the speeding blue fireball. As they neared the fireball, it grew into a person. They could make out the figure of a large male, around age 17 to 22. They saw the man was shrouded by a blanket of flames. "Who the hell is this guy?" Thunder yelled over the roar of the wind.

"His energy seems to be a bio-blunder, I can tell that!" They sped up to capture and question the flamming blue bio-blunder. Just before the heroes could reach the man, he formed the flames into a large blue phoenix that surrounded him and he flew out of reach.

"This guy knows we're after him," Thunder shouted. "But he won't escape!" Thunder turned Hyper Warrior level two and flashed in front of the flame covered bio-blunder. "Stop or be stopped!" The man gave a little chuckle and came to a stop right in front of Thunder. He absorbed the flames and crossed his arms.

Black Lightn' caught up and observed the bio-blunder. He was in a black costume with blue boots and gloves. He had blue flame designs on the sides of his legs and arms and he wore a dark blue phoenix insignia on his chest that had it's wings spread and head facing up. His costume had a blue mask that was connected to it and covered the bottom half of his face while his spiked, black hair hung down to his eyes in the front and rose up in short spikes everywhere else.

"Hey blueboy," Black Lightn' began. "If you're trying out the hero thing, we've already got it covered."

"And if you're some super villain guy," Thunder added as he balled his fists. "Your ass is about to get kicked!"

"You idiots," the man said with a smirk. "You watch too much TV. Get out of my way before you get hurt."

"Who the heck do you think you're talking to?" B.L demanded as he charged his energy. " I am Black Lightn', the living legend of the Legendary Warriors!"

"And I'm Thunder, the latest and greatest of the Legendary Warriors! You'd better watch it buster!"

"Yeah, yeah," the man said insouciantly. "You two losers need to take the pajamas off and go home, your mommies are worried."

"WHAT?!" the heroes asked in shock. "You must be suicidal, no one talks to us like that!" Thunder said.

"Yeah," Black Lightn' said as he floated forward a little. "Keep talking like that and we'll kick your butt into next year!"

"Ha! From what I've seen you only know how to get your asses kicked!"

"What?" Thunder said clenching his teeth. "That's it firefly, you're in for it now!"

"Go home loser, your mom is probably looking for you," the blue man said. B.L studied him with a certain familiarity. It was as if this wasn't the first time he met him. Somewhere before, definitely. There was no doubting it, his voice was too familiar. "Wouldn't want to have to hurt you two," he spoke.

That was it. No more doubt, Black Lightn' figured it out. "Why don't you take off the mask," B.L began with a smile. "Tariq!"

"Tariq," Thunder exclaimed in shock. "That's your gay self?"

"I'm surprised you idiots could figure it out."

"I'm Black Lightn' the living legend, what'd you expect?"

"How the heck did you get superpowers?" Thunder asked.

"None of your business. It doesn't matter, all that matters is that I am now the strongest hero and I'm taking over your stupid little group."

"You wish," B.L said crossing his arms. "Not only will no one follow you, but you're not the strongest. You might be stronger than R.J, he's been slacking off with his girlfriend. But I doubt if you're even stronger than Adam. We've all taken our powers to the next level and beyond. Hyper Warriors, there's no way you could be stronger than us."

"Psh, think what you want. I'm going home."

"Wait," Thunder said. "What the heck is your name?"

"Duh, Tariq."

"I meant your superhero name, so people don't know who you are."

"Blue Phoenix. Now, I'm out. I just came from the gym and I need to rest a little."

"Whatever, our training is so much better. But go home, we're going to look around a little more before we go home."

"So you guys are out looking for that monster? I guess I can stay with y'all then."

"We should stop and get something to drink first," Thunder said.

"Where at idiot?" Black Lightn' asked.

"There's a Seven Eleven nearby, let's go get some SoBes."

"I don't even have any more money," Black Lightn' said.

"And I'm saving mines for books."

"Well I guess I'll buy you guys your own then, but I'm thirsty so lets go already."

"I don't know, I'd look kinda stupid having my little cousin buy me a SoBe," Blue Phoenix said looking around.

"Dude, you never turn down a free SoBe," B.L joked. "Besides, no one will know he's buying it for you. You'll be the one going in since me and Ryan don't have regular clothes."

"Why don't you guys wear your regular clothes under your costumes?"

"Because it'd take too long to take them from over the top and then put them under the costume, the crooks would get away by the time we were dressed."

"That's why you guys should do like I do."

"And what's that? Put them away somewhere after you change into your costume? We already do that."

"No, when we get down to that alley I'll show you." The three all flew down and B.L used his electricity to disable a security camera on one of the buildings. After making certain that no one else was around, Blue Phoenix was ready to change back. He crossed his arms and smiled as a blue flame rose up from the ground and surrounded him until it reached to the top of his head.

When the ring of flames disappeared there stood Tariq Storm with blue jeans, a long sleeved, blue flames collar shirt and black shoes. The blue phoenix insignia on his chest faded away after a few seconds. "I know, cool huh," he said with a smirk.

"Oh shit that was tight!" Thunder said with excitement.

"How'd you learn to do that?" B.L asked admiring the technique.

"It just happened when I got my powers. I don't really remember though. But it's pretty convenient."

"Does it work with just clothes?" Thunder asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Like can you just see some cool clothes and just do that and be wearing them?"

"I don't know. I'll have to try that sometime. Anyways, give me the money."

Thunder handed his cousin ten dollars. "Get me the tsunami kind."

"I guess I'll have the Lizard Lightning," B.L said.

"Alright, wait right here." Tariq put the money in his pocket and walked out of the alley. As he walked to the store he passed by a homeless looking boy of eight years. The boy had no shirt and torn pants. He had dirt all over his body and his hair was dark brown and slightly curly. His eyes were hazel and his face had a sullen look to it. With his hair dangling over his eyes, the boy kept his head hanging down looking at his green glowing gem on his necklace until he passed by Tariq.

The boy looked up with green glowing eyes. He balled his fists tightly as he stopped in his tracks. He looked back at Tariq and then kept on walking. He passed by the alley without seeing the two heroes inside. They were in the darkness leaning against the walls. That is until Thunder recognized the boy. He immediately stood up to get a better view.

"What's up?" B.L asked. "Is Tariq coming back already?"

"No, that's that boy."


"That boy from yesterday. It's him."

"Who? What boy?"

"The monster, it's him!"

"No way! Is he seriously just walking around?"

"Who cares let's go fight him before he turns into the monster again." Thunder rushed out before Black Lightn' could say another word. As he stepped out of the alley, Thunder jumped to tackle the boy. But the boy turned his head and immediately created a force field from the green energy that surrounded him. The energy sent Thunder flying back into the alley where he slammed into the wall.

"Not this again," B.L said as he transformed into Hyper Warrior two. He flashed out behind the boy who was already transforming into his monster form. "Rematch!" B.L said as he attached several mini-sized versions of his static detonators to the boy. After he placed the bombs, B.L kicked off the boy's face and flipped into the air. In the air he charged up a blast and detonated the bombs.

The smoke cleared and the boy was changing back to his monstrous form. "Okay, now you're gonna' pay!" Thunder said as he climbed from underneath a pile of rubble. Thunder began charging his energy up to transform into Hyper Warrior two. "Haaaaaaaah! Let's do this you creep!" Thunder sped past Black Lightn' and punched the monster in the face before he could change to his full height. The monster stumbled backwards before Thunder flashed behind him and slammed his knee into his back. Black Lightn' watched as Thunder threw punch after punch to the monster's abdomen as he grew larger by the second.

As the monster's size increased, the ground began to shake. The pavement cracked beneath his heavy feet as he grew taller and heavier. His tails sprouted and whipped cars through the air and sent them crashing into the apartments and stores nearby. Thunder stopped punching and landed beside his cousin as the monster's skin turned to it's black, metallic form and the monster grew beyond the height of the buildings nearby. He now stood at a terrifying two stories and his black spikes upon his head were longer and sharper.

The monster's green eyes glowed with intense fury and the heroes were in for a real fight. The terrified citizens about the messy streets fled the scene with loud shrieks and shouts. Cars swerved out of control as the horrified drivers tried Desperately to escape the battlefield. People climbed walls and gates to get away, no one wanted to see this battle. Even the people that normally stared out the windows to watch and cheer were fleeing. This seemed like a fight the heroes may not win and no one wanted to see that.

"I'll try and distract him," Black Lightn' shouted to Thunder as he began floating up into the air. "You try and get these people out of here.

"Damn man!" Thunder replied. "I always get stuck with that stupid job!"

"Just go!"

"Damn it!" Thunder flew off with a trail of dust and gray energy. He flew through the streets shouting and guiding the people to a way out. "Come on people, move quickly!" he shouted as he rushed through the streets flying past the people. "There's a giant monster destroying the city, come on people! Get moving! Come on! I can assure you, getting crushed isn't fun! Move along!"

The sky darkened as rain clouds moved in to cover up the sun. The streets were almost cleared of the citizens. Some people weren't fortunate enough to make it out and were killed in the rush. Some people were killed by the monster, some were trampled by the crowds or ran over. Thunder did his best but even he couldn't manage to save them all. From helping people out of buildings to catching flying cars that whirled by, Thunder had his hands full trying to save as many people as possible.

Black Lightn' was busy himself trying to keep the monster under control. He caught it's swinging tail as it tried to slam the ground. Next he had to blast a large billboard that fell after the monster's second tail cut through it's legs. As Black Lightn' flew through the crowd to rescue a little boy who'd fallen, he noticed a familiar face. It was a thin, young teenage girl, around the age of 17. She had light skin, long blond hair with beautiful bluish gray eyes. She was running alongside another girl from Matt's past. This girl had long curls of brown hair. Her eyes were a dazzling greenish blue and she had a smile that could light a room.

Black Lightn' was so stuck on those two that he'd forgotten about everything around him, including the monster. As Black Lightn' watched the two run from the Seven Eleven store, he was smacked out of the air by the monster's crushing tail. He was slammed into the ground with great force, creating a large crater and making a loud boom. When he looked up, Black Lightn' noticed the brown haired girl had tripped. He hopped to his feet to run over and help her but was beat to it by her friend. "Come on Lynn," her friend shouted as she helped her up. The two ran off and Black Lightn' stopped in his tracks. It was them, he thought to himself.

In the next instant Black Lightn' was smacked again by the other tail of the monster. This time he crashed through the Seven Eleven walls. When he stood up he looked around the empty store. "Where the heck is Tariq?" he said aloud to himself. "He was just here! Dang it! Whatever, that monster's all mine now, I'm gonna' destroy him!" Black Lightn' blasted through the wall and flew through the hole.

"Hey ugly!" came a shout from the sky. Black Lightn' looked up at Thunder as he charged up to use his his Sonicrevolver attack. "Have a little bit of this!" The blue energy gun shot out several large energy blasts that zipped through the sky creating a large boom sound that shook the buildings nearby. The blasts all exploded on the monster and knocked him down on the ground, even putting holes in his metallic skin.

The ground shook, tossing cars and small buildings into the air. Black Lightn' was almost hit by a tractor as he flew up so as to avoid being thrown into something by the street as it tore up and shook about. Several buildings were now set ablaze, filling the sky with smoke, making it hard to breathe and see. The sky was dark with smoke and flames, the streets were torn and filled with debris.

Black Lightn' created an energy field around himself as he flew up to find Thunder. Lightning struck past the hero as he flew up and rain began to pour. The loud boom soon followed while Black Lightn' looked down at the mess. He witnessed the horror of the scene with regret. I never saw this coming, he thought to himself. We don't even know who he's trying to get revenge on. And nothing we throw stops him. Maybe we do need all of us to stop him. Maybe with help from Tariq we can finally win. But where the hell is Tariq?

"Well, that didn't work out how I'd hoped," Thunder admitted. Black Lightn' had made his way next to his cousin up in the sky where the smoke was thin. "So what now? Do we call Adam and R.J now or what? Hey what happened to your brother anyways?"

"I don't know," Black Lightn' said as he crossed his arms. "But this is not gonna end well. Even if we manage to somehow win, this is gonna' cause serious damage. This whole city is gonna' be blown to bits before we're even halfway done. And as you saw, we're not able to save everyone. Too many people are gonna' die."

"So quit floating around and do something," Blue Phoenix shouted as he dashed past the two heroes. With a trail of blue flames, Blue Phoenix spiraled forward to attack the monster as he stood up. Blue Phoenix's arrival brought hope back into Black Lightn's thoughts. He was a little more at ease knowing there was someone else there in case he failed. When he looked up, Black Lightn' noticed that his brother had gone almost out of sight in the smoke. But he could be seen blasting fireballs at the monster trying to keep it down. Black Lightn' and Thunder looked at him and back at each other before they sped after him. Blue Phoenix changed his energy to the form of a large phoenix and shot it off at the monster as a powerful blast.

The monster stood after the blast knocked him back. He opened his mouth and green energy started to gather. "This is trouble," Thunder said as he stopped beside Blue Phoenix. Suddenly things didn't seem hopeful at all anymore. But Black Lightn' knew he couldn't give up. He knew what he had t do. Black Lightn' charged his two hands and placed them together to form a diamond. The monster released a blast of hot energy that destroyed everything it came near. The blast split and shot rays in multiple directions, destroying several things at once, even creating large craters in the earth whose lowest points could not be seen. One of the rays shot out towards the three heroes and it was moving at an impeccable speed. Blue Phoenix and Thunder prepared for impact while Black Lightn' was still charging his blast.

The ray of burning green energy flew ever closer to end the fight. But in a last second attempt to save his brother and cousin Black Lightn' flashed in front of the blast and swung his arms out to the side, stretching his blast until it was a large wall that blocked the blast. But even in Hyper Warrior level two he was struggling to keep the awesome force of the compelling blast at hold for long. His own blast was far stronger than anything he'd ever done, and it was putting a strain on his body. His muscles ached as every ounce of his energy was poured into the energy wall he was keeping up.

Thunder and Blue Phoenix flew forward to aid him. They'd just began charging up energy when Black Lightn' yelled to them, "Stop!" They were confounded beyond imagination. Why on earth would he want us not to help? The two both thought. "Get away from me!" Black Lightn' shouted. "I will do this on my own! Get away now!" The two other heroes hesitated and tried to move forward to help anyways but Black Lightn' redirected some of his energy into a blast that he managed to shoot at them without looking.

The other two heroes dodged the blast and began slowly floating backwards. "He's serious here," Thunder said almost stuttering as he watched the blast crush a building before it even hit it.

"Yeah, well I don't care how mad or stupid he is," Blue Phoenix said charging up his energy regardless of Black Lightn's threat. "I'm not letting my little brother get killed by that thing."

"He won't, he can do this! You haven't been here but I've seen him at work when that light goes on his mind and the battle is won before he even acts out his plan. I know he's capable of doing this, I've seen him overcome many enemies even with ease at times that I thought would never be possible. It's his thing, he's always like this. If we interfere, he'll really get hurt or worse because of the distraction!"

"Better hurt than dead!"

"He'll be dead if we don't let him concentrate all of his energy on the attack instead of on us!" Lightning from Black Lightn's blast flashed all about the dark and rainy sky as Thunder awaited Blue Phoenix's response.

Blue Phoenix thought about Thunder's last statement and reluctantly agreed to not interfere with the battle. Meanwhile Black Lightn' had continued pouring all of his energy into his blast. His eyes were glowing brighter than ever before and his veins were standing out on his arms and face, His muscles ached as his energy channeled out from him. But still, he gave his all.

But even that seemed to be barely enough to halt the blast temporarily. As he pushed out his energy, he slowly made the transformation back to Hyper Warrior one. His hair returned to its normal all black color and his muscles began to shrink back to normal. Soon he'd begun to return to his normal state but his blast grew larger with every minute. His eyes changed back to their normal blackness and his muscles were their normal size.

Still Black Lightn' clenched his teeth as he shot out every ounce of his energy. I have to do this, he thought to himself. No way can I fail now! I can't give up! I am stronger than him! Stronger than R.J I am Black Lightn', the living legend! "I give it all!" he shouted as he forced the rest of his energy out. His eyes turned white and energy shot from them as well as his mouth. The resulting blast was blinding to all around except for him. The blast was so powerful that it shot the other two heroes hurtling through the air. All of the buildings within the city crumbled instantly. The rain poured harder on the shaking ground. The blinding wall of energy began to move forward, pushing the opposing blast back at it's owner.

The energy wall flew fast to destroy the monster. But the monster wasn't ready to lose yet. He lifted both of his tails and shot out lasers that flew around the wall and struck Black Lightn'. He shouted in pain as he once again struggled to keep up his energy wall. The monster's blast raced back towards Black Lightn' as the lasers rapidly drained him of his power.

It seemed that all hope was lost. Black Lightn' was quickly losing his energy. The other two heroes were far off in large craters filled with water. And they were now drained of some energy after being knocked back by such an attack. Still they raced to go help Black Lightn' as soon as Thunder felt B.L's energy reducing. But they were beaten to the scene by the self proclaimed "coolest hero" Zero.

Zero sped in on a frozen bridge of ice from behind the monster. He sped on the side of the monster with ice spikes around his arms that he used to cut but of the tails as he skied pass with great speed. Both of the sharp tips of the tails simultaneously fell to the ground with a loud thud and a splash of blood and water. Zero then transformed into Hyper Warrior two and unleashed a fierce wave of icy blasts that froze the monster instantly.

Immediately Black Lightn' put both of his hands up and shot another blast into the wall to give it a final push towards the monster. The wall absorbed the ray of energy and transformed into a spiraling blast of electric energy that grew stronger as it ripped electrons from the air, creating a loud crackling sound as it grew. Zero barely had time to move as the blast soared past him. It was almost as if it were aimed at him but he managed to move in time to only get zapped by a straying bolt of energy spinning around the blast.

Ignoring the burn in the right arm of his costume, Zero added his own frosty power to the blast just as it struck the monster. The resulting blast was almost deafening, as it tore through the monster and blew the heroes out of sight. Huge ice shards flew about the air as the monster was released from his icy prison only to be blasted into the sky above and ripped apart by the fulgurant flashing blast.