There was only one thing that annoyed me about earth, that was the schools. It seemed that they were the jailing place of all the people and then 9 out of 10 times the mess ups began there.

How many of them are just waiting for the time to be up? Once that was done who would look out for the children? They didn't have a stable life and they were the ones who ended up dieing on the street.

The schools are not that bad. Give them a chance.

"How come when i try to contact you, your never there? Yet when i try being myself you pop in at the perfect moment?" I let the sarcasm drip in my voice. They always knew when something was going to happen.

Just part of being an angel, also being your twin brother gives me a little extra perfect timing sis.

" yeah, well, now you use the connection that you wanted to shut off before." My brother had been there for me only when things would have gotten bad. But, so had my friends. I know that he didn't like having me as a sister but still, did he have to keep me away?

I know that you don't think that i am there for you, but i am. I just haven't been able to figure you out. It seems that you are ment to be something other then an Angel.

"Oh, go jump off a cloud." I knew i was being bitter but i hated having him always reading my mind. They should have made it impoisble for my mind to be read.

I just want you to know that i will be looking out for you.

" I know, thank you but i don't want you to interfear with what i am doing okay? I know that this is my test..." It would have to be done by myself, there was no getting around it.

I know, just remember that i will know if there is something going on that is not right okay?

With that my brothers voice dissapered. It was going to be hard to be without him. He was my twin after all and we had never been seperated.

"I know, I'll pass the test and then we will laugh about this eh?"

With new determination i set aside the things that i would need for tommrow. When i went up to my room i saw that they hadn't completly screwed me over becasue my cloud was floating in the room. It was good that i still had my bed since i needed all the help i would get.