Dear love,

His is out of control, there's no reason anymore... Since I've met you've bewitched me.... Since that kiss you've poisoned me...

I have been to your mercy since it's happened, I'm tied to you , paralyzed in this world in which I don't have control on me. I see everything from her eyes, I don't think by myself, this is what destiny has decided. Why did she do this to me? Why did she condemn me to a life without your love? You used me, took away my life and then you ran away… what kind of world is this? What have they done to me?

You thought that it was the end of this story, when you got everything from me you ran away, you dumped me for pleasure, used me again and again abusing of my, making me confused. Then I believed freedom was alive, but I knew I was not prepared to face the world without you yet, because that's what you created in me… Fears, fear of knowing I won't be able to stand on my foot in this hell you've created in me… Was destiny the one who did this to me? Or maybe, you have confused it? I think, now, not everything's written in stone, now I know you can against it all… I ran through your garden until I finally got to the doors of the past, where everything has come to its end…

Now I can live in a world without you.

So Sorry,

Your secret admirer