"Each of us represents a star in the sky. Sometimes, we shine with the rest. Sometimes, we twinkle alone. And sometimes, we fall and make someone's dream come true."



Here's To the Night We Felt Most Alive

There were cameras flashing everywhere that it was almost impossible to see. Photographers of all shapes and sizes were waiting, while the crewmen carried lights. The managers, agents, and the publicists were all there, giving last minute instructions to the press. There were celebrities, supermodels, and media personalities present, dressed in the latest designer threads that were either fashion hits or misses. Entertainment shows were lined up for an exclusive. Thousands of screaming fans scattered around the vicinity while the police secured the place. There were millions of viewers from all over the world, anticipating the arrival of Hollywood's crème of the crop. The red carpet beckoned.

Ah yes, just a day in the life of Dash Parker.

But it wasn't just any ordinary day, was it now? Why? Because today was the day of the Oscar's. Yes, the 80th Annual Academy Awards. For a movie star, the Oscars would probably be the most important day of their careers. That is, until next year's Oscar comes.

Dash Parker was no exception. He was seated in his limo, sipping a pre-Oscar champagne to calm the nerves. Not that it was his first time to attend, but it was the first time he was actually nominated. And that was definitely a big thing. At just eighteen years of age, an Oscar nomination for the best actor category is pretty amazing. Showing his transition from a teeny-bopper idol to a serious actor, the movie 'Meat' was Dash's most mature role to date. It was a very controversial role that made people question as to why he was doing it. He wasn't exactly pictured as a male prostitute, and everyone had doubts when Dash was cast. He knew he could do it, and he vowed to prove it to everyone. He shocked everyone when the movie came out and earned the industry's respect. He had already won the best actor award in the Golden Globes, and critics predicted that he would probably bring an Oscar home too.

"I've really made it." Dash thought, much to his amusement.

He was looking out the tinted window of his limo in disbelief. There were thousands of fans standing outside the Kodak Theatre and it was surreal for him to see that many people screaming his name and holding banners with his face on it.

"Wow!" he said out loud.

"What?" asked the beautiful blonde seated beside him.

"Look at all the people! I mean, wow! Just look at it, babe! Can you believe it?"

"What? You mean the fans? Whatever. As if you're not used to all this already. I just hope that I'll be like, the best dressed tonight." She said, not even bothering to look away from the mirror.

Adrianna Cartwright could not care less about the fans. Why should she anyway? It's not as if they matter to her. As far as she was concerned, they are not important. She had everything she could ever want; she was half of Hollywood's most beautiful couple, she was young, filthy rich, and a full-fledged star. But most of all, she was beautiful. She was seated prettily beside Dash, her couture gown occupying more space than her actual body. It was a gift from a famous designer, especially made for her. The gown, which showed of her 5'8 figure, was a light pink colour that had little diamonds embellished on them. Her blonde hair, handled only by the professionals, was curled at the ends, giving her a soft romantic look. Her make-up was impeccable as well, with shades of pink and peach accentuated her fair skin. Her eyes popped out seductively, and her lips were stained as if it had just been kissed. She looked every bit of a movie star.

"Oh my god, why can't they freaking hurry up? I'm like, dying already." She said impatiently, her voice high-pitched and whiny.

She looked at the long line of limos ahead of theirs and sighed. Of course, it being the Academy Awards, it was expected that each of the stars would have their own limos. It's a crime not to. A faux pas even. Adrianna didn't understand any of that. She even wanted to take separate cars if it wasn't for Dash and her managers insisting that they should arrive together..

"That's it! If I have to wait for another five minutes, I'm calling my manager! This is just ridiculous." She snapped. As far as she was concerned, she was young Hollywood royalty and she shouldn't be made to wait.

"Chill out, babe. We'll get out soon enough."

"How can you like, tolerate this kind of treatment, Dash? This is agony!"

"Champagne might calm down the nerves. Want a sip?" he said, offering her a glass.

"Eww no. My lip gloss will just get ruined, and besides I'm not even nervous."

"Suit yourself."

Dash looked out the window again, observing the scene. Thousands of sweaty bodies compressed in a small space. Just to get a glimpse of him. Sure, they're there not just to see him, but to be part of that elusive Hollywood circle bewildered him.

"Amazing." He muttered to himself.

"So, what are you wearing to the Vanity Fair party?" Adrianna asked, eyes still glued to the mirror.

The Vanity Fair party was the most coveted exclusive party after the Oscars. Every year, a lot of stars aspire to get into the list although some have failed while others have succeeded. It was what separated the struggling actors and the has-beens from the brightest of stars. It was like securing one's place in the A-List. And almost everybody wanted to be in the A-List.

"I don't know. . ." he shrugged.

"What?" Adrianna finally looked away from the mirror and gasped. "Are you kidding me? Babe, we have to match. Oh god. What would the people think? We can't go there and like, be the worst dressed. You know that right?"

"Okay, okay." He sighed. "I'll have my manager call your manager to coordinate with the stylists or something. Happy?"

"Thanks, baby. You're the best."

Dash leaned in to kiss his girlfriend but Adrianna just freaked out.

"Can you not? Not now, Dash. You'll ruin my make-up." She said as she rushed to the mirror to check for any 'damages'.

"Ade, stop obsessing. You look fine!"

All Dash wanted was to cuddle with his girlfriend or some form of affection at least. He was so nervous about what awaited him and strange as it may seem, she was the only one who could really make him feel better. "If only she would stop obsessing over how she looked", he thought.

Finally, the long queues of limos were gone, and the driver parked the car directly in front of the entrance.

"Ready, babe?" he asked as he took a sip of his drink for the last time before offering his hand to her.

"How do I look?" Adrianna asked as she smoothed her hair one more time.

"Perfect as ever."

Adrianna smiled, contented with that. She didn't mean to snap at Dash, but it's just that Oscar season always stresses her out. Who can blame her, though? The pressure is on to be perfect and that's a lot for an 18 year old to take.

Dash's handler gave the go signal to the driver, who in turn nodded to the bodyguard guiding the door. Pandemonium erupted as soon as the limo door opened. The photographers shuttered away like there was no tomorrow and the fans screamed at the top of their lungs.

"It's show time." Dash said as he flashed his signature smile.

And out went the most beautiful young couple of the night.

Meanwhile in a small town called New Hope in Pennsylvania, streets were quiet, shops were closed, and the televisions were on. Who said the Oscars were only for celebrities? Not quite. Especially this one household in a little street called Amethyst Lane.

Jessica James looked forward to Oscars more than she probably should.

"What's the fuss, anyway? They're just celebrities." Her mother said in annoyance.

Her mother did not understand celebrities or their world for that matter. None of the people in her family does. Unlike Jess, they didn't obsess over the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

"What's the fuss anyway? They're just like you, Jess." piped in her brother Andrew, "pass me those potatoes, will you?"

"Because their lives are much more exciting than mine," she replied and took a giant bite of her dinner. She had a feeling she knew what was coming next.

"Well then make your life more exciting, kiddo!" her dad said as the rest of her family agreed.

She sighed. How many times has she heard this before anyway? It's not that simple. Do her family think she intentionally chooses to make her life crappy and boring? They would never understand anyway. They're all interesting people while she. . . well she's just Jess. An ordinary small town girl who turns to the glamorous ways of Hollywood for refuge. Is that such a crime?

Jess had always been fascinated with the entertainment world, but ever since a certain Dash Parker entered the scene, her fascination with everything Hollywood escalated. The same Dash Parker that Jess, along with million others all over the world, was crushing on.

"I'm full now. May I be excused please? I'll do the dishes later, promise!"

Jess breathed a sigh of relief. She preferred to be alone while watching the Oscars, much like a personal ritual. She went to the den and plopped on a beige sofa that has seen better days. It was worn out and lived in just like the rest of their furniture, and yet it was one of Jess's favorite places in the world.

"Has it started already?" Beth asked as she sat beside Jess.

"No," she said, unsure as to why her sister was suddenly interested, "why are you here?"

"I'm going to watch the Oscars."

"You have your own T.V. in your room."

"I like your company." Her sister replied matter of factly.

Jess just rolled her eyes at that comment, believing that Beth only really wanted to annoy her. "Whatever."

Even though she was her big sister, they never really shared the "sisterly love". It was partly because Jess thought of her as a competition. A standard she could never reach. Although she would never admit it, deep inside Jess was simply jealous of Beth. Ever since she was young, she was always under Beth's shadow. Bettina James was the apple of their parent's eye, the pride and joy, the perfect daughter and even the whole of New Hope seems to be in love with her.

"Jess, can you please get me some chips? And a diet coke. Pretty please?" It wasn't a question, but more of an order.

"Why don't you get it yourself? I can't miss this."

"Please? And you should do it. You could do with some exercise, you know. It's time to get movin', baby sis!"

Leave it to Beth to order her around AND insult her at the same time. Weight has always been a sensitive territory for Jess. Even though she was thin when she was a child, over the years she grew bigger and bigger when she reached her teens. Much like every other teenage girl in the world, she didn't like being reminded that she was fat and that she needed to exercise.

"Bettina the bitch strikes again." She muttered silently as she got up to get the chips and diet coke. She was still in a foul mood when she returned to the couch, especially since Beth didn't even bother to say thank you.

As soon as she heard the words red carpet, though, her thoughts about Beth quickly disappeared. Her mind was completely occupied with thoughts of her biggest fantasy. . . that dream of hers to become famous. She loved the perks that came along with it. For one, she would always look good because she could afford to be. She would be thin, and admired, and loved. She could buy anything she wanted. She wouldn't have time to go to school. Everyone would want to be her friend. She'd never get lonely.

A good couple of minutes (and a bag of chips) later, the moment of truth arrived. The A-Lister's were pouring out of their limos here and there. Although Jess expected Dash to arrive with Adrianna, it still broke her heart a little when she saw the two of them together. There, in her little television screen, was perfection personified. Dash, arguably the hottest guy that ever existed, and Adrianna, the epitome of a modern day goddess, was the most beautiful couple she has ever laid her eyes on.

Awestruck at the sight of them, Jess couldn't help but feel envious of Adrianna. Who said you couldn't have everything? Adrianna seemed to disprove that. Her looks alone could make even the most confident girl insecure. How could anyone look like a talking, breathing, and living doll? More than Adrianna though, Jess's eyes were focused on Dash. Undoubtedly, he was the guy of her teenage dreams.

"Look at him. God, I think I'm falling in love." She said out loud, completely forgetting that she wasn't alone.

"Who? That guy with the blonde?" asked Beth, "Yeah, he's hot. But he probably can't act to save his life."

"Yeah? Well he won best actor at the Golden Globes and he's probably gonna win it tonight too." Jess defended.

"Okay Perez Hilton. He's probably gay then." Beth concluded.

"He is so not! What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Oh please. Look at him. Totally gay."

She was so fixated on the T.V. screen that she didn't even care what Beth had to say. He was so perfect that Jess couldn't believe he was actually human. His blonde hair looked so soft and shiny that she couldn't help but wonder how it would feel like to comb her fingers through it. His eyes, twinkling as he posed for the camera, were a startling shade of blue. His smile, so full and yummy, was curved into a smile. He moved as graceful as a man could as he waved to the crowd. He blew a kiss to the crowd outside the theatre and everyone went wild!

She closed her eyes and sighed.

"I wish I was part of that world. . ."

Hello there. Yes, I'm back. This is my NaNoWriMo entry this year. So excited to be doing this all over again and getting back into this world. This story was formerly called as When The Actor Can't Act for a lack of a better title and as you can already see, I've changed it up a bit. So ladies and gents, here we go. To Catch A Falling Star. Might be a long shot but stick with me and I promise you'll be in for quite a ride. Feedback always appreciated. Much love, J x