Claimer: MINE. :D

A/N: I was feeling angsty and poetic, and I had just read a really good poem. So my muse, lazy as he is, decided to pilfer the awesomeness of *estallidos over on deviantART and attempt to mimic her style. I probably butchered the hell out of it, but I guess that could be considered "giving it my personal twist". Whatev. Also, parantheses are FUN!


I've never been one of those people able to say
What I feel.

(sometimes I think it's a weakness
but now
with your silence
I pray for its strength.)

"Resistance is futile," the television drones
As we watch old reruns in your living room.
And I try not to think too much about it,
But I can't keep my eyes from straying to
The distance between us on the couch.

(who knew cushions could be like continents
that drift apart so slowly you don't even notice
and then suddenly there's an

You keep to your cushion, not invading my space

(it's almost respectful, except it just hurts)

And I follow your lead and
Don't crush your hand with mine.

When you leave
You don't expect me to say anything,
And for a moment, I'm grateful, because
That lets me lie

(by omission)

And not say


(don't leave me)

(I still love you)

Anything at all.