Chapter One

I groggily awoke to the sun shining rudely into my face. I groaned and closed my eyes again, hoping to fall back asleep, but I had no such luck. I sighed and slowly got up and out of my warm, inviting bed. I shuffled into the bathroom and closed the door, going to the bathroom and then looking at myself in the mirror as I washed my hands. Wow, my hair wasn't actually too bad today. Usually I awoke and found it in snarled black tangles, wild around my face, and it usually took a good ten minutes after breakfast to comb it out. But today, it was just a little ruffled. As I made my way to the kitchen, I yawned and blinked again at the harsh light that shone out of it. I hated light in the morning… but, then again, I hated everything in the morning.

"Good morning, Lilly," my mother said cheerily. I hated cheer.

"'Morning," I grumbled, opening the fridge. There was some cold pizza from last night in there. I picked it up and opened the Ziploc it was in, yanking the pieces apart and then putting one of them in the microwave.

"Put it on a plate." My mother commanded, and I sighed, grabbing a plate, plopping the piece on it and stuffing it back into the microwave before my mother could raise any more objections. I pushed some buttons, and the microwave fired up, adding even more light to the room. The microwave beeped impatiently, and I reluctantly went over to it and opened the door. Grabbing the plate, I sat down cross-legged on the chair and slowly began to eat. My mother was looking at me as I chewed.

"What?" I snapped. I had no patience for this- ever.

"Your hair," she said, looking sad, "it's… so… limp-"

"Mom," I said, cutting her off, "stop. I am so sick of hearing this!" I glared at my plate, not really hungry anymore. Why did she have to do this every fricking morning? There was always something that she needed to nag me on. It was always nag, nag, nag.

"But, Lilly," she said, "I just care, and I want you to look your best. I'm your mother."

"I know that! I can do it by myself! I don't need you babysitting me! I'm fourteen, for God's sake!" I said, trying not to let anger bubble up inside me. "I think I can be a big girl and know when I look bad and when I look presentable!"

"Well, you don't wash your face, you don't brush your teeth-" Mom began, but I cut her off again.

"Yes, I do! You just don't want to believe me because you want something else to nag me on! I can't get one day without you hounding me!" I said, finishing my last bite of pizza and bringing my plate up to the counter. I began to walk away when my mother spoke up.

"Dishwasher," she said. I growled and spun around on my heel, marching back to the counter. I picked up my plate and, managing to get a hold on the part of me that wanted to throw it at her, put it in the dishwasher. I turned again and stomped out of the kitchen and into the sanctuary that I call my room.


A/N: This was the original start for my story In the Life of Lauryn Elizabeth. I don't know which I prefer… but I might make this a fantasy. We'll see. Let me know what you think! ;)