This was written as a challenge set by my Creative writing teacher alll i was given was the first line and told two write a stroy in less than 1200 words


The moment I saw him I knew Casey Clark was nothing but trouble.

The way he held himself demanded respect. All the pose of a well-bred noble and the sneer of disgust as if I were the dung on his shoe.

I personally wanted to run from here, I didn't like him.

I noticed my mother giving me a warning look, the one that told me to behave. He was a visiting heir from the neighbouring land.

As I observed him things started to look weird from my perspective, his pale complex didn't match the calloused hands that could only have come from working long hours during the day. The fact that we had been ordered to make sure no sunlight entered the room got my imagination working.

He could be a vampire, or it could just be he had sensitive skin. I preferred my vampire theory, it was much more interesting.

While I had been thinking I had managed to zone out. My mother was glaring at me so I had mucked up somewhere. I noticed Casey had reached the dais so I figured I hadn't curtseyed like I was supposed to as he had passed. I doubt many people noticed.

I zoned out again as all the pleasantries were exchanged, this was boring and I wished they hadn't found me earlier. I had hidden my self so I could get out of this but I had been found. Maybe hiding in the stables wasn't a good idea.

I snapped into awareness, Casey was staring directly at me. This was not good. Had he noticed me not paying the slighted bit of attention? Would he embarrass me by pointing it out to everyone?

I really hoped not, my mother would kill me. I looked around and notice she was ignoring me. I looked back at Casey. My eyes met his and it felt like he could see my soul. Who would be interested in my soul? All it contains is the badness I got from kicking the overgrow rat my mother calls 'shcnookums'.

His eyes were really starting to creep me out, I sense some sort of familiarity but I probably was imagining it, though I have heard rumours of vampires being mind readers. Why would I feel familiarity then?

Did he kick rat like dogs too? The eye contact was broken as the king gestured for Casey to say a few words. I guess I must have zoned out for the third time. The next thing I remember is dancing with Casey. The skin contact repulsed me; everything about the closeness repulsed me, making my skin crawl. I avoided his eyes. I didn't want a repeat of earlier.

The dance didn't end soon enough for me, my instincts were screaming for me to leave him and run. My instincts have never been wrong before so I trusted them and excused myself from his presence.

Slowly my breathing returned to normal. I hadn't even noticed it increase, it was probably a reflex from the fear I had felt. I headed to a balcony to cool my flustered face.

"You should always appear calm and collected," reprimanded a voice from behind me. I turned to see who it was. Behind me my mother stood frowning in disapproval at the flush still adorning my cheeks. I really didn't want to tell her why; she would assume it was because of Casey.

Well it was but not it the way she would assume. I departed from my spot by the balcony before my mother could protest. I would get in trouble later.

I escaped from the stuffy hall to the gardens, the flush from my skin slowly fading in the coolness of the breeze. I could hear the music but it was quieter.

I wandered among the plants, their aromas surrounding me; I could no longer smell the roast pig.

I sat on the grass by the stream that meandered through the end of the garden. I didn't care that my dress would be stained. It would only anger my mother more. I wasn't the child who would cower in fear every time she raised her voice anymore.

The sound of the water flowing in front of me soothed my mind, I felt as if nothing could touch me.

This was ruined when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I didn't need to turn to know who this was. The coldness of the hand gave it away. This only added to my vampire theory. No one with hands as cold as his could be alive.

"A young lady should not be alone on a night like this." The words were smooth, I have to admit and I was tempted to ignore my instincts for once. But something made me rethink; something didn't feel right about his hand. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I shivered as a cold breeze touched my skin. It didn't go unnoticed by Casey, he removed his jacket and offered it to me. He was acting the perfect gentleman.

I got up and stalked off, I don't even know why. It was like when I touched a hot pan my hand withdrew before I even registered the heat. I had left before I realised what had been wrong with him.

He had no pulse. I hadn't even felt his breath on the back of my neck when he had stood behind me. He was either a very shallow breather or he didn't breathe.

My vampire theory was defiantly likelihood, it explained all of Casey's quirks. Did that mean I was going to die? Was he going to drink my blood and silence me from telling anyone his secret?

It wasn't as if I would be missed. No one would ever miss me, all I have ever been is a disappointment.

I stifled a scream as I felt two hands clamp down on my shoulders. The same cold hands. The fear built inside of my chest, I could hear the blood beating around my body. The solitary heartbeat. My breaths were short and jagged. The only breaths that moved the air around us.

I felt two sharp points pressed into the nape of my neck, I couldn't feel any pain. Maybe he would leave me.

I felt the hands move, caressing my cheeks. I knew I should run but my fear held me in place.

I hadn't expected the sudden twist. My neck snapped like a twig.

I was aware that, like Casey, I was no longer breathing. I saw his face above mine as he let me fall to the ground. His fangs glinting in the moon light.

I was not longer aware of the aromas in the air. The dark seemed to close in as my vision blurred. Casey's mocking face haunted the last of my vision.

I had known Casey Clark was nothing but trouble. Where did merely knowing that get me? A sixteen year old girl, no future, and barley any life left.

I felt Casey moved me, I felt it before I lost my life. I don't know if I was ever found. I was just another casualty of ignorance.


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