You were never one for showing off,
or showing anything at all,
so I got used to the silence between words;
but now I am growing restless and we are getting closer to the point of no return.

Sleeping gently doesn't happen in your absence,
it is hard and dragging and with no rest at all –
so while you ride airplanes to places more glamorous than this
I'll sing John Mayer
until I am warm enough to pretend that you are here.

I've got no more questions, only uncertainties –
there's something pushing me towards you
and its way stronger than gravity.
its more than wanting you to come back and so much more than an addiction,
rather, a condition where everything goes black an white
and I can't deny that I am in love.

[[You are gone and I am still trying to understand where you came from
and why the clouds always come back when you're away]]