"The world will hail him, honor him, and, in the end, worship him."


"The final poll shows that the new President of the United States is…. Ben Khalid!!!" The newswoman on the TV announced, a proud smile on her face. The picture shifted to show a beaming Ben Khalid embracing his teary-eyed wife. In the crowd behind them, people were howling with unsuppressed joy.

The picture shifted back to the newswoman, who looked slightly choked-up as well. Raising the microphone to her mouth, she said, "This is amazing, truly amazing. Ben Khalid, a previously unknown politician, made his way on the scene with a bang. A well-spoken and insightful man, Khalid has inspired hope in the hearts of millions and promised to, as he said, 'give our children a better tomorrow'. In a few minutes, Khalid will stand up to deliver his acceptance speech."

The camera zoomed in to focus on Ben Khalid, who was stepping up to the podium. His dark eyes scanned the crowd, seeming to see each and every person. Taking a deep breath, Khalid began to speak.

"Hello, citizens of America. Tonight, we have achieved what many thought was impossible. Tonight, we have achieved the first step toward peace and prosperity.

The results today are not due to any good nor bad decisions on either my part or my opponent's. It is not I who has won tonight. It is you, the people. You are the ones who have decided your own fates. In that, I commend you."

Khalid took a pause as the crowd roared its approval.

"Tonight, we celebrate our victory. Tomorrow, we must stand together and change the world for our children and our grandchildren. Do we want to leave them a legacy of anger and ignorance? I don't. And tonight, you all have proved you don't either. Tonight is the start of a new era, an era of peace."

The crowd screamed and hollered, and Khalid gave a modest smile.

"Tonight will be a night remembered for generations…"

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