Summary: Things don't go as planned while two girls take a road trip during winter.

The pure white snow fell in large flakes from the sky, and clung to the windshield making it difficult to see. Earlier that day the forecast had called for light flurries; nothing like the storm that had suddenly developed halfway through Massachusetts. The cloudy blue sky had darkened to a deep grey that could have almost been called black; the friendly clouds of earlier had parted and unleashed a monstrous amount of snow. The temperature had dropped low into the fifties and frost was creeping up the sides of the windows. "What in gods name made us decide to leave today of all days!" soft puffs of breath escaped the pink thinly pressed lips of the cars current driver. She had long black hair that barely touched her waist and deep hazel blue eyes. Her thickly wrapped body shivered even under the layers of long sleeved shirts and jackets; her hands nearly going numb while gripping the steering wheel. "Well it wasn't supposed to be this bad..." the passenger murmured back quietly. She had medium length brown hair and glasses that hid her bluish-green eyes. She was wearing a light blue windbreaker and a blanket was draped carelessly across her lap; her gloved hands played idly with the frayed edges. "This is just another reason not to watch the news. They never tell you what the correct fucking weather is going to be!" snarling, the driver loosely flexed her stiff fingers with a groan. "Jess, do you want me to fish out your gloves? I don't want to crash because you lost your grip on the wheel."

"Very funny, but no. I don't need to crash because I can't concentrate on the road while you shift through the bags." ignoring the fact that her best friend Jennifer had just flipped her off; Jessica continued to stare straight ahead into the dark abyss of snow. "This is the last time we go on a road trip in the middle of winter." with a laugh Jen reached over and turned on the radio. "There isn't going to be anything good on, if we can even get anything through this white hell..." Jessica grumbled. "Then what do you suggest we listen to besides static?" her friend answered after a minute of flipping through the dead stations. "I have a stack of CDs right underneath the radio and you're asking me what we are going to listen to? Right...I think the snow can block brain waves too." receiving a dirty look from Jen she laughed. "I hate you." after another few minutes of silence the sound of Kagrra filled the small car. "Hm...Mix CD number three, I think."

Jessica continued to drive for another four hours before her eyelids began to droop and the lines on the road (what she could see) blurred. "I think we need to stop soon. What town is near here?" Jessica yawned widely as Jennifer searched through the map. "You're not going to believe this, but there is nothing anywhere near us, not for a while anyway." with a swear Jessica turned down the music. "There is no way I can keep going right now, and you're just as tired as I am so we are going to have to pull off somewhere and sleep for a while."

"As in sleep during a snow storm and freeze to death in the car, kind of sleep?" rolling her eyes skyward Jessica responded. "If you want to put it that way then yes, freeze to death in the car, but you are forgetting that we have heat in here." Seeing a small turnoff (the kind made for you to turn around) Jessica pulled off the highway and positioned the front of the car towards the road before turning it mostly off. "Great...the only thing between us and the cold are walls of metal and a car heater that doesn't work half the time. If I die I'm coming back to haunt you." Jessica waved her off while she shifted through the CDs after unbuckling her seatbelt. "You are making us listen to Evanescence while we try to sleep?" shrugging a shoulder Jessica reclined her seat and laid back. "Are you going to go to sleep or what, which was the entire point of stopping you know?" Jennifer heaved a sigh before repeating her friends' actions and reclining her seat and turning the cars inside light off. "It's quiet..." Jen said a few minutes later. "The CD player is on, no it's not."

"You know what I meant." a few minutes later Jennifer opened her eyes. "Did you hear that?" she whispered. "Besides you talking, nothing." she leaned over and hit Jessica on the shoulder. "I'm serious, it sounded like scratching." Jessica rolled over and looked at her through the dark. "You mean like scratching from the story 'the Hook' type of scratching?" barely able to make out the soundless nod in the dark Jessica sighed before a loud scratch like sound came from the door behind her. "What the...?" the sound stopped before getting louder as it seemed to make it's way around the car. A loud bang made both girls jump. "Who the fuck is out there?!" Jessica yelled. "Shuhhh! Don't yell!" Jennifer hissed. Another bang echoed outside the car closer to Jessica's side. The sound of something pulling at the door handle reached their ears too late. "I didn't lock the door!" Jessica screamed as the door was pulled wide open and something dragged her from the car. "Jess!?" The door slammed shut and the car was filled with only the soft sounds of 'Haunted' by evanescence. With wide eyes Jennifer sat there in shock for a few moments before the sounds began again. Tossing the blankets aside she quickly opened up the glove compartment with shaking hands and grabbed the gun that was stored inside.

Her door slowly started to open before she yanked it shut and locked it. Screaming as the glass was broken she jumped across to the driver's side and crawled out of the car as a hooded figure clawed at her from the other side. The air was frigid and the snow had already piled up with slick ice covering the top. With harsh breaths Jennifer ran towards the highway; her cold hands gripping the gun tightly. A sickening crash made her look back only to see the car roll off the side of the road and into the ravine below. Turning, she tripped over something and was sent sprawling to the ground. Sitting up her hand was covered in something dark and sticky; as her eyes connected with the body before her she realized it was blood. "Jess!" she could barely make out her features but the blood that stained the white snow around her assured her she was dead. No one could survive loosing that much blood.

Hearing breathing coming from her right Jennifer scrambled to a standing position; both of her hands empty. "Shit I dropped the gun! I dropped the fucking gun!" running onto the road where the ground was slippery, she made it over fifty feet before something smacked into the back of her head. Falling face down into a pile of fresh snow she looked around blurrily and noticed the gun lying next to her. Groaning she reached for it only to have a boot step onto her outstretched arm. "No, that won't do. We can't have you ruining the fun." the light of a flashlight burned her eyes and all she could see was a shadowy shape standing in front of her. "W-who?" her voice rasped. "Who am I?" the person laughed. "You don't know me, oh by the way Happy Birthday Jennifer." seeing her confused and horrified look the person elaborated. "It's past twelve; it's your birthday now! Congratulations, you made it to nineteen!" the figure moved to the side as another person picked up the gun still lying in the snow. "You know if you had run into the trees to the other side of the highway we probably wouldn't have been able to find you so easily, you might even have made it out of this alive." the person spoke with a familiar voice. "Oh god, Jess?" Jennifer's voice trembled. "So you figured it out." her voice was filled with amusement. "But you're dead!" the other person laughed. "With Halloween only a few months ago there was plenty of fake blood leftover in the stores."

"Why, why would you-" Jessica cut her off. "Because I could." she could see the cold smirk that lit up her best friends features; her hazel blue eyes almost seemed to glow. "As much fun as it is to talk with you there is a schedule to keep, shall we?" the last part was directed towards the other person. "No!" Jennifer screamed as her legs were grabbed. Kicking at the hands that grabbed her she was rewarded with the gun striking her skull again. She was flipped over onto her back and the other person, who she could now see was a man, began to drag her limp body through the snow. "Oh, before I forget. Happy Birthday Jen." she screamed into the night as they disappeared into the falling snow.

~The End~

TO MAKI-CHAN: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Muwahahaha! I was undecided as to how this fic was going to go, I was originally going to keep myself dead and just have some random stalker person kill you but then I decided that was no fun at all. After all, in your last birthday fic I turned into the undead and ate you, so this had to top that! Much love, your psychotic best friend!