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Hiding in plain sight is a phrase often used by people when they have been searching for an object that has been in front of them the whole time. In fact, humans just happen to hold the distinction of having one of the worst set of senses of the developed creatures on this earth. The amount of distractions in a human being's life allow other extraordinary, not of this world things to "hide in plain sight", so to speak.

For example. Going to a circus to see the Bearded Lady, many people would immediately assume she was a fake, that every evening after the circus had closed she would retreat to her dressing room and peel off her beard for another day of wowing tourists. Seeing the withered "mermaid in a jar", people would recount the stories of how it was actually half a monkey sewn onto a fish. If you were, for example, a very hairy lady or a down on her luck mermaid, what better place to hide your differences than in plain sight in the flashiest, happiest show on Earth?

People just wouldn't take any notice.

Circulating in print these days is a book by Drusilla Pratchett titled "Unseen". It is described by the authoress on the jacket cover as an "autobiography of my days in the circus business". Parts of the book are written like a tongue-in-cheek encyclopaedia, comparing the tricks and trade of the circuses of old with Pratchett's own, supernaturally fantastic show. Critics have heralded the novel as "a whimsical, kid's story for the adult mythology buff...a clever work of fiction".

(It is not fiction)