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"Crimson Snow: Beni Yuki"

:Christmas Eve 2008, One Apartment, Four Hours, Two Friends, One Killer....

The warm flesh cooled as it slid across the chilled window pane; fingertips dancing along the outline of the falling snow. Warm breath escaped parted lips from a breathy sigh and fell across the clear glass. Hazel Blue eyes glanced at the clock; it was already Four o'clock in the afternoon, she was two hours late. They had been planning this get together for weeks, long before Christmas was normally on people's thoughts. "She'd be late to her own funeral..." Tearing her eyes from the clock the black haired nineteen year old began watching the street below again. After a few more minutes a silver car pulled up and parked in front of the main steps. "Finally!" Roughly pulling on her black coat and slipping on a pair of sandals she flung the apartment door open and didn't bother to close it; the people in the other apartments were nice and wouldn't bother them. Nimbly jumping down the two flights of stairs down to the first floor she unlocked the bottom door (that no one other then her mother locked) and stepped outside. "Damn it's cold."

"Well if you actually wore shoes like the rest of the world you wouldn't be cold." rolling her eyes Jessica walked over to her best friend and took one of her bags. "It's not my feet that are cold right now, though they are getting there quickly. So if you don't mind lets get the hell inside!" the brown haired girl next to her laughed before following her up to the second floor. "So where are your parents again?" closing the door behind them and shrugging out of the now snow covered coat, Jessica answered. "They went to Florida to visit my other relatives. They even took Rocky." hanging her coat and Jennifer's on the wall hooks, she flopped onto one of the wood chairs that surrounded the small foldable kitchen table. "And they didn't take you with them? That's kind of mean...I was wondering where your dog was to." soft laughter erupted from Jessica who was shaking her head. "Who wants to be warm in the winter time anyway, I'd miss all the snow. Not to mention we have been planning this for what feels like forever. Between work and collage I never get to talk to you never mind see you."

"If you actually went to my collage then maybe that wouldn't be the case..." Jennifer said teasingly. Lightly hitting Jennifer on the arm, Jessica went into the small stand alone white pantry that was situated next to the stove. It was only a few feet away from the small table, and behind the table were the wall hooks and a little further to the left from that was the refrigerator and the apartment's front door. "What are you doing?" Ignoring her friend Jessica continued pulling things out of the pantry and stuffing them into her quickly filling arms. After almost dropping a bag of rice flour she had successfully placed everything on the table. "We are going to make a snack before we eat dinner. A special Japanese treat I've learned to make pretty good. Dango."

"That's right you have been trying to make a lot of Japanese sweets lately. Cool, but what are we having for dinner?" the only response she got was a shrug of the shoulders making her sigh. "We will figure that out when we get really hungry." They spent the next hour and a half preparing and making the dango; and less than ten minutes eating it. "That was actually pretty good." Jessica frowned at her friend behind her last bit of dango. "You doubted my cooking ability? Damn that's cold." she got a bamboo skewer thrown at her for that. "I guess dinner will be a late one since I'm full now."

"Doesn't mean we shouldn't figure out what we want now though." getting up from the wooden chairs the two friends walked over to the pantry and looked over its contents. "What the hell is half this crap?" Jennifer scrunched her nose up at the unfamiliar products; half of which she couldn't even pronounce. "Most of the things I need for my Japanese dishes. So what do you think for dinner then, it is your idea to look now." Jennifer laughed when she spotted a box of Home-style Bakes. "Hah, dinner in a box. Chicken pot pie."

"You my friend, are lazy as hell." Jessica said while taking the box from Jennifer and setting it next to the stove. "We can start making it at six, that way it will be done by seven o'clock. Right now though, we can watch a movie!" pulling a surprised Jennifer through the archway next to the stove, and walking through the small sink area and past the computer room, she stopped a few feet away once they were inside the small living room. It had dark hard wood floors that began at the archway which was the only thing separating the computer room and the living room. (If one were to take a few steps into the computer room there was a white door that led to the master bedroom which was really only a little bigger then the other bedroom.) "You rearranged this since I was last here." The room was rectangular shaped, more long then short. On the back wall to their right were two large windows, as well as on the wall directly in front of them. On the wall to their left was the apartments second entryway; a large wood door with a frail lock. (Past that door was a set of stairs that led to the front of the apartments, that no one used except to get to their mail boxes, and to the third floor. To the left of the stairs though was a small screened in porch that slanted downward and appeared to be falling inward.) There were two long white reclining chairs separated by a small table with a phone on it. The TV was against the right wall and only a few feet from the door; it was directly in front of the small wood table. "Since it's dark out now we are going to watch that horror movie I told you about." Jennifer groaned and seated herself on the reclining chair closest to the archway.

"Oh it won't be that bad...well OK even I got freaked out by it a little..." Jessica shrugged as she placed the DVD into the slot and hit the 'play' button. She seated herself on the reclining chair closest to the windows. There was a long light colored wood table underneath the windows that held picture frames as well as a few candles. "You do realize that we will probably have to stop the movie halfway through to start making food right?" Jennifer asked while throwing a green blanket over her outstretched legs. "Yup, you're going to want a break." with a sigh Jennifer resigned herself to the movie her best friend had chosen, already knowing that she wouldn't like it.

A little over an hour later Jessica turned the lights on and paused the movie. "I hate you." laughing at Jennifer response she motioned for her to follow. She struggled all the way through the food preparations not to laugh as Jennifer glared at her. She had known that this movie was borderline for her friends' tolerance level but it really was a good movie so she had played it anyway. "Set the oven to- what the hell?!" the lights in the apartment flickered and died leaving the entire place bathed in darkness. "Jess?" swearing as she walked into something she quickly went into the small sink area, on the opposite side there were three draws. The middle one, also the largest, was filled with knives and other large utensils too big to go into the small sliding drawer next to the sink. The one to the left held a small sowing kit and a pair of scissors among other things. But the one to the right had a fire starter they had used to light the candles inside the pumpkins for that year past Halloween. "Hold on I almost got it...there!" smiling triumphantly in the dark she held onto the starter and pressed hard to light it. A small yellowish light filled the darkness as the little flame danced from the end of the starter. Walking the few steps to the computer room she squinted along the desk opposite the computer table before finding a large maroon colored candle that was seated on a slightly dust clear dish. "Walking back to the kitchen she placed the candle in the center of the small table and once she was able to see two other candles on the table, she lit them as well. "Well, this is nice." Jessica said sarcastically. "This would only happen to us after you made us watch a horror movie."

"It's not like I planned this..." sticking her tongue out at Jennifer she tripped over a pair of shoes and was sent sprawling to the floor. "Son of a bitch that hurt...." Jennifer's shoulder shook as she was overcome with laughter. "I'm OK really, thanks for asking though." Jennifer couldn't even respond as she gasped for breath. "Hey, why aren't the streets lights on? They should be on..." Jennifer had stopped laughing and was looking at the expression of concern on her friends face. "Maybe it's a blackout; we haven't had one in years though..."

"No it can't be the lights are on in the house across from us, see?" parting the curtains that blocked the kitchen windows there was indeed feint light coming from across the street. "But then why is our power and that of the street lights out?" Shaking her head Jessica didn't answer. They both stood still as a loud bang came from the floor above them. "They are always banging things upstairs..." Jennifer nodded slowly but seemed wearier. "Well at least I have things in the pantry that don't need to be heated to eaten. But first..." ignoring Jennifer's questioning gaze Jessica walked back into the living room, which was still pitch black, and opened the back entrance. Walking about five feet to her left she opened the door to the porch and stepped into it. It was also pitch black. "No street lights are on over here either." hearing a soft shuffling noise she realized that she had left Jennifer without even explaining what she was doing. "Jen-" turning around, she screamed.


"What the hell is she doing?" with a sigh Jennifer took a small pink candle off the table and started walking over to the computer room when she heard a scream. "Jess?!" rushing into the living room she noticed the back door was wide open. Her eyes frantically searched through the pale yellow light but couldn't see anything from inside. Taking a step out of the doorway she felt the smooth wooden floors change to the rough carpet of the small hallway. Glancing down the carpeted stairs that were only two feet in front of her she saw nothing. Turning she was faced with a stack of empty cardboard boxes and to her left a large storage closet with a broken door. "Jess?" she called quietly while walking toward the open porch door. The candle flickered from the soft wind the moment she entered the small screened in room.

Gasping as she stepped on something she bent down to examine it. "The starter? But..." pocketing it she moved over to the long white table with the radio and a stack of paper on it. Looking at the table more closely through the candlelight she noticed a sticky looking dark substance along the left side of the table. "That's...that's blood!" turning around she rushed through the hallway and back into the apartment. With shaking fingers she shut and locked the door. "This can not be happening..." jumping as something shattered in the kitchen her eyes darted across the room. Swallowing thickly she moved slowly across the computer room and into the kitchen. A broken glass lay on the floor; the small shards reflecting the light of the candles. Looking at the table where it seemed to have fallen from she looked at the red writing on the pale blue table cloth. "Look behind you" turning sharply her eyes widened at the dark figure lurking in the archway between the kitchen and the sink room. Backing away, the figure lunged at her. Slipping on the glass and falling to the floor Jennifer hissed when the candles hot wax fell across her fingers. To late she saw the gleam of the attackers knife until it was embedded in her shoulder. Screaming she kicked at the person and struggled despite the pain.

"The person was suddenly struck in the side of the head with a pot that had been until a few moments ago, resting innocently in the dish drain. A dull metallic ring was heard as the pot was once again brought down on the fallen attacker's skull. "Next time make sure your victim is unconscious you fucker!" Through the last remaining candle Jennifer could just barely make out Jessica's shape. "What do you say we get the hell out of here?" helping Jennifer to her feet they both sidestepped the downed person on the floor and quickly jogged down the flight of stairs to the first floor. Yanking on the door dandle Jessica was surprised when it didn't budge. Trying again, harder this time, she frowned and shook her head. "It's not opening, something has to be blocking it!" taking the forgotten starter out of her pocket Jen brought it's light up to the windows on the door. "What the hell is that?"

"I have no clue, but it looks too fucking heavy for us to move on our own." turning to her left Jessica walked a few feet to the door of the other apartment and knocked. What she wasn't expecting was the door to creak open as she knocked on it. Sharing a grave look with Jennifer she pushed the door open and was greeted by darkness. "Jen, the starter?" handing it over to Jessica they both walked into the quiet darkness. "Hello? Is anyone home?" the rooms it seemed, were set up in the same manor as her apartment. They walked across the kitchen and into what looked like the living room. "Jen lets go back out." Jessica stopped suddenly and moved the light away from the room but not before Jennifer got a glimpse of what was in the room. Blood was everywhere and there was what looked like a body propped up in a chair. "Oh god..." Jennifer's upper arm was grabbed and she was led out of the apartment. "I'm also going to assume that the noise we heard earlier upstairs wasn't the neighbors, we have to go back to my apartment." Jennifer began to shake her head. "Jen we have to go back! We're trapped here; the only other way out is the other stair well..."

Both made their way back up the steps quickly but quietly. The door was still wide open and as they peered inside the body was still laying on the floor. Jessica put a finger to her lips and neither spoke as they walked through the kitchen, Jennifer in the front and Jessica behind her. A startled gasp caused Jennifer to turn around. "Jen run!" Jessica screamed while looking at the knife that protruded through her stomach. "Run..." she whispered around the blood filling her mouth. Closing her eyes Jennifer ran. Hearing what sounded like a body slumping to the ground she quickly slammed the wood door behind her. Nearly tripping down the slightly more slanted steps of the second stairwell, she reached the bottom and skidded to a stop before another wood door. Unlocking the deadbolt with shaking hands and undoing the bottom lock she stepped into the bottom floors porch. Unlocking the flimsy screen door and then a large white door she felt a rush of cold air hit her. Stumbling down the steps she almost made it to the second set of concrete steps before something tackled her to the ground. She ended up rolling over the side of the concrete steps and landing in a heap at the bottom. Opening blurry eyes she could see lights on in the houses across the street, if she could make it to one of them...

The snow made soft crunching sounds as a pair of boot treaded over it. "Don't you know that your supposed to check and make sure the killer is dead before you do anything else?" Her heart pounded in her ears and she weakly started to crawl towards the lights and away from the dark figure. "I don't think so." the person laughed and Jennifer suddenly felt a heavy weight on the center of her back that pressed her further into the icy snow. "Why...why us!?" the weight was slowly forcing her to take shorter and shorted breaths unless she wanted to suffocate. "Why? Because you are the only ones who didn't lock your bottom door." Jennifer's eyes went wide as she realized that they had never locked the main bottom door when she had gotten there that night. "I almost passed over this house since all the others were locked up nice and tight, but something called me to this place. I sure am glade I decided to come here, aren't you?" the weight suddenly lifted off her back and she managed to crawl a few more feet before a searing pain erupted in her lower back. Jennifer screamed so loud she thought they must be able to hear her two blocks over; and yet no one came to investigate. "That's what I always loved about places like this, nobody cares what's going on outside of their own homes as long as it's not happening to them."

The beeping of a watch made the person stop halfway through pulling the knife out. "Well, looks like time is up. My show is going to start in an hour and I need to be home before then so I can clean myself up. It was fun, really." pulling the knife up at an angle made more blood spew from Jennifer's parted lips along with another scream. The white snow around her was stained scarlet with her blood. "Time to die, goodbye." her fingertips stretched out towards the road that lay only centimeters from her; with one last strike the knife was thrust into the base of her neck. Her bluish-green eyes took on a dull look and her eyelids closed halfway before he breathing stopped. Blood dripped from her fingertips onto the untouched snow of the road.


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