She's running, she's holding something near,
something dear, oh so dear to her,
she can't imagine what would happen if -
god, please don't let them get him,
she'll run as long as it takes, she'll run -
she's listening only to the sound of his
breathing, in-out-in-out, feeling only
a soft, warm, vulnerable body bumping
against her own. she doesn't believe in god,
she only believes in him, but still she prays,
god, please help her save him, for he
is precious, not to the world, but to her,
to her, he is her world. his first footsteps
led him to her, but it seems everything before
and after has led her to him. the feet running now
behind them are nameless, genderless,
but they want him, and that is enough -
she'll run as hard as it takes because
while she's running,
he's living.