I can't concentrate

I think I'm going to die

I am really missing you

Without you I can't fly.

It feels like you are miles away

But our distance is only small

Damn I just want to be with you

Damn these thick walls.

I want to be with you

There are things keeping you away

Forever in your arms

Is where I want to stay.

Knowing you love me

Is the only thing keeping me sane

The thing is that our distance

Is putting me through pain.

Every day I sit and think

About you and me

Us together, no one else

Only us young and free.

This pain gives me strength

That is the beauty of it all

Even though the joy

Is only very small.

I want to be with you

Forever in your arms

But distance is creeping up on me

And putting me through harm.

How I long to be with you

On these cold and lonely nights

How I wish we could stop

With all these craggy fights.

I just want it to be us

Loving one another

Only us no one else

Just us with each other.

Until that day arrives

I will keep wishing

And putting up with the pain

That God keeps on dishing.

I love you so much

So I will wish upon a star

I will always be wondering

Where you are.

If you are safe

If you are glad

If you are happy

Or whether you are sad.

I will be missing you

And your warm embrace

Until the day I'm with you

I will miss seeing your face.