With all the chaos in my life, I have found it necessary to place some order in it.

This is what I believe……

I believe there is a god.

I believe in the one true romance, the HEA and life after break-up.

I believe in 25 year marriages and loving husbands and wives.

I believe that everyone is inherently good until proven a jackass. That men are nice but that SOME can be dicks.

I believe that looking at the one beside you is not creepy if they're sleeping. If you don't just stare at them once a day you're not appreciating them.

I believe a little bit of minion-ing makes everyone's lives easier, not everyone is a leader so if you're good at what you do, why rosy it up?

I believe that for a relationship to truly work, both sides have to take. If someone gives of themselves and you decline every time – you're not being selfless. You're saying that what they have to give is not worth it.

I believe there is a god. I know I' repeating myself but I didn't give this enough attention. Yes science is great. Whoop-de-fing-do. It doesn't explain everything and then it gives the bullshit comment that it doesn't have to. I believe that god is the missing piece in science. Why electrons spin a certain way for life to exist is just a little too perfect for a mathematic function.

I believe one good celebration helps – a lot.

I believe in Christmas. Not in it as a religious holiday, but as a holiday that makes me feel normal because it is good and innocent and pure and everything I endorse. It is about family and friends and being close to one another. It is about having fun, and not being a drunken loser. That's why I'll defend this celebration with my life.

I believe in my gut. I believe not only does it know food, it makes good decisions, and that going with my heart over my gut is a bad decision. Always.

I believe in trust. I believe I have trusted, am trusting and will trust again and that I made the right decisions in trusting the people I did.

I believe I've hurt people lately by not trusting in myself.

I believe that I stopped trusting myself because I wanted the people I love, yes LOVE, I love you guys like a part of my family (the dudes I've been neglecting lately), to respect me. So I changed to what I thought they would want me to be.

I believe this list will sting.

I believe you all should continue reading but if you stop now, I'll understand. Some things are not meant to be read in one siting.

I believe that no human is infallible, and that I have put too much faith in the opposite of this.

I believe you should love people for who they are, not who you want them to be with just a little tinkering. A person is NOT CONVERTIBLE.

I believe the good guys will win – at the end of the story.

I believe that war is stupid, but necessary. It culls numbers. Cold, I know, but I'm past questioning myself at this point.

I believe a top hat makes me look sexy. That without a shirt I am pudgy, but in formal wear I LOOK HOT.

I believe people should hug more. Starting with me. When I finish typing this I'm gonna hug people.

I believe in endorphins. Sex is good. Chocolate is good. Sky diving is good. Running (will kill my jeans) is good.

I believe in chick flicks as a source of education. They teach people how not to be an ass.

I believe that the rain will wash away your tears, and that the wind will blow away your stress. Nature provides coping mechanisms.

I believe global warming is both our fault and a natural thing but that bastards that don't save drowning animals are sickos.

I believe murder is a crime.

I believe rape is a crime.

I believe abortion is a choice.

I believe the death penalty sucks balls. You can quote me on that.

I believe a 2 minute egg will not take 2 minutes and that you can walk away from a boiling kettle.

I believe in imagination. Too many things these days suck all the imagination out of people, such that 13 year olds create a myriad of flat characters and call that imagination. A flat character is still a flat character.

I believe in 'cricket cricket' and 'purple penguin conga line'. In ASAP, in peacock feathers and small yellow train sets. In long division and walking to places. In 'falling' on toothbrushes ands cutting borads over heads. In being a ball magnet. In walking safely to primary school.

I believe in the iron clad heartless piñata and that woman and that dress.