And I am so bright that you hate it
hate it

Like a sunburst
that leaves your fingers raw and red

When you try to catch

Catch me, you Silly Thing
I won't change you

You could be
but you won't

And I don't need to waste my time
waste my shine
when you can see me anyway
from your long lost distance

I might seem
just as you seem
and we seem together

Because I am so bright
so right
that your eyes blind
your mind binds
and you can't even see yourself

What sadness I see
when I shine so bright
that I whitewash

They bask
they stoke
they feed me fuel
higher, higher
brighter, brighter

You worship
and you are lonely in your bitter dark

yours only
possession in the singular
(what is possessed cannot share with you)
so it is only you
in the dark

I couldn't light it up for you if I tried
so sad
so sad that I am pure brilliant heat
and you hate me